July 31, 2012

Lupus Hope Will have a Short Glitch and then We'll be Back

We'll be moving this weekend...then hopefully by next week/weekend I'll do more posts. Can't wait to get back to "juicy" posts. Full of fresh and new researched healing information! I may try to sneak in a couple of posts between now and when my internet gets disconnected....

Fruits and Veggies and the nutrients within...

Skip the wheat if allergic/intolerant or a Celiac...

from Jay Kordich

July 24, 2012

Has Montel Williams Found the Fountain of Youth?.. today on the Dr. Oz show

                                                              Photo by Carly K.

Click on the link below to see the full episode. It is also on the Dr. Oz show today,
Tuesday July 24th, 2012.


July 20, 2012

Fred Pescatore MD (Holistic)

Photo by Carly K.

Fred Pescatore MD is located in Manhattan NY.

He has a very informative e-newsletter. Here is the link to his website. Please join!

He's also on FaceBook. Quick and easy healthy and holistic tips.

July 13, 2012

We Will Be Moving Soon...

We're just about coming into the home stretch of moving into our next home. Please be patient with me...I'm just sooo busy right now. Once we move I will be sharing many tips on making your home as toxin free as possible for the least money spent. Also how to be as self sufficient as possible and going back to old fashioned living in modern times. I am really looking forward to those posts! My goal is to keep myself and my family (and you all too) as healthy as possible in your home.

Eat Food that Can Go Bad...


July 10, 2012

Venus Williams announces she's a Raw Vegan

Venus Williams and her decision to be a raw vegan following an autoimmune diagnosis.


Little Nuggets of Wisdom....

Being that I am in the process of moving, and my kids are off for the summer from school...it's way too busy of a time for me lately. I don't have the luxury or the endurance to pack and entertain the kids AND do research for my blog articles right now. One item is going to have to get cut back a wee bit.

 I think what I will try to do on this blog, is give little "nuggets of wisdom"...I find them each day...everywhere I look and I will share them here. I will post them, you can meditate on them if you choose...or research the items for yourself. Hope you enjoy this! Hang on for the ride!