April 30, 2009

Results of my IgG testing

I saw my doctor and he said to continue on with my GF, dairy free, egg free, asparagus free, cranberry free diet from the results of my IgG test.

I was looking for more information on implementing a rotation diet, so I spoke with the moms at GFCFkids@yahoogroups.com and their advice on the testing was that the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Doctors usually say to rotate the 1's and take the 2's and up out of the diet for 6 months. This is the protocol for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Adults should take out 1's and up for 6 months and do a trial re-entry of the offending foods back into the diet at that later date.(I won't do a re-entry of foods until I test again and I may wait longer than 6 months) Most of the testing that the GFCF moms deal with are from Alletess Labs and they only have 1s, 2s, and 3s on their tests. I am trying to see if I can get someone to send me the email that Alletess Labs sends with their results of their IgG testing.

The email that I received from the doctor on Biotek Lab says to eliminate 4's and up and rotate the other foods, unless your practitioner tells you otherwise (he did tell me otherwise) . I will not do that. I will stay on the diet I am presently on and add foods back very slowly that are zeros and I haven't had because of my kinesiology testing. I am doing very well at this point and I don't want to ruin my progress.

I will stick with the doctor's advice and GFCF moms, as usual, and eliminate the 1's and up, eating only the zeros. and still keeping a close eye on my food/symptom journal when adding in foods that are a zero on my IgG but showed weak in my kinesiology tests. I may wait a while on that though, it seems as if the "Rare Foods" Diet has really helped me at this point! So I will continue with that for now with the zeros on the IgG test.

Lupus Hope Cookbook blog

I have added a link to another blog that I started called the "Lupus Hope Cookbook " http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com . One of the issues many people I have talked to, and myself included, run into is cravings for a certain food that you aren't supposed to have because of food allergies/intolerances.

I have added this cookbook to help myself and others to cope with these cravings. I will also mention if you have severe cravings, make sure you get tested for food allergies/intolerances as these severe cravings can be your body craving... for instance, say, milk or wheat like a junkie craves a drug. If you have severe cravings your body is out of balance somehow and you need to cure that first.

My 2 cravings, most times, are sweets and chocolate. Thankfully both showed well (zeros) on my IgG test and strong(muscle tests) on my kinesiology tests. My cravings are not overwhemling so I am not concerned.

Also I have some friends that want to get healthier on a better diet so please enjoy the recipes. Use the recipes in place of you old favorites (Dana, there are hazelnut truffles for you to replace the "Hazelnut cream/ Nutella" Nutella has MILK in it!)

If you have a problem, as I do, with gluten and dairy, make sure you pick gluten free/dairy free chocolate to make the treats with. There are chocolate chips and chocolate bars in the grocery stores or health food stores for this.

April 22, 2009

Testing for allergies... and the "Rare Foods Diet"

Hi! I am anxiously awaiting the results of my IgG blood tests for food allergies. I will finally have something on paper, although I heard negatives on the test are usually definite negatives. Positive results can be false positives :( That upsets me a bit...

I decided since something was still bothering my body (I am still getting rashes on my forarms and calves and stomach and a few red face episodes) that I would try the next step in Sherry Rogers book that is "The Caveman Diet" of the "Rare Foods Diet" or sometimes called the "Paleolithic Diet" or the "Paleo Diet".

I found a great link for info www.drcranton.com/elimination_diet.htm .

I seem to be feeling even better on this diet! I am wondering what my blood test will show. Maybe by doing the caveman diet, I have eliminated any lingering foods that I am not supposed to have? I will let you know about my progress...

I would have never guessed that I could be so structured in my eating and have such a resolve to eat/or not eat whatever is necessary for me to feel better and even possibly be well!

OK now time to 'fess up... I still have a hard time keeping up with my exercising...it got cold in NY again and I HATE the cold! I should also find an exercise class so I have to go. I love the idea of Tai Chi and QiGong but I have a hard time putting it into my daily routine. I know that when the weather gets warmer I love to be outdoors...I heard it will be warm Fri and Sat...I am WAITING!!!!

Have a great day! and "Here's to... Your Health!"

April 7, 2009

More great books on healing...

" Arthritis..Reverse Underlying Causes of Arthritis with Clinically Proven Alternative Therapies"2nd Edition
by Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN HNC and Eugene Zampieron ND, MH (AHG)

"Dr. Mercola's Total Health Program" by Dr. Joseph Mercola

"The Ageless Woman" by Serafina Corsello, MD

Happy Reading!