March 30, 2010

Wheat Grass Juice and fluid in the ear

Here is my update on my first shot of wheatgrass juice...that night/the next 2 DAYS + I got fluid in my ear...I know the moms of autistic children would understand about the fluid in the ear reaction. It is a classic reaction to a wheat or dairy allergy (it is also why many young children have so many issues with ear infections). Well looks like wheat grass is NOT for me...I may try it one more time to see if that definitely was the problem, but it was also a little painful...of course it could have been worse I could have gotten a migraine/joint pains/and tummy troubles...

On another note I had my meeting with Denny Waxman about macrobiotics and will post it on my blog soon!

March 27, 2010


My First Shot of Wheat Grass Juice!

Hi All! It's Saturday morning and I tried my first shot of wheat grass juice! I grew the wheat grass from hard winter wheat berries/seeds. See the picture above..

Well I washed the wheat grass, put the wheat grass in my Blendtec blender with a little water a couple of small ice cubes..and pressed "whole juice" then I strained the wheat grass juice through fine sieve.

I was afraid to drink it, because I am allergic/intolerant to wheat/gluten and so I might not be able to tolerate the juice. I had my husband test me with kinesiology (muscle testing for food allergies/intolerances) and I tested strong.  Well to my surprise I didn't mind the taste at all.....the smell was worse to me than the taste.

Also I didn't feel nauseous afterwards, (some people say this happens to them)...I actually kind of liked the taste... I am clearing my throat a lot...and am very nervous that I may have tummy troubles, or my joints may stiffen up or I will get a migraine headache in 1-3 days...those are 3 of the things that happen when I eat a food I am intolerant/allergic to (usually this happens by accident /cross contamination). I will be busy today though, and will not have time to dwell on it.

I will let you all know how it goes....have a great day!

March 26, 2010

Become a "Locavore"

Ten ways to become a "locavore" and eat locally. Food that is local is fresher, more nutrtious because it doesn't have to be shipped long distances ....and speaking of shipped, it also saves on gas, fuel and pollution. Let's work together to save the earth and eat healthier too! Whole Foods is a store that tries to get vendors and suppliers as locally as possible. Show them your support. Have a GREAT weekend!

"Sun dried" tomatoes and a Raw recipe

Sun dried tomatoes are as easy as buying organic tomatoes, the meatier types are plum and roma  tomatoes. You can flavor them if you like or marinate them after they are dried. Then put in a dehydrator (for raw food) or low oven and dehydrate til the texture/dryness you like is achieved. They have a chewiness and sweetness that is unparalled! These are great added to a raw wrap with nut pate or guacamole see the delicious recipe video below. My husband and I had a wrap like this last weekend for lunch it was delicious and my husband said "I can't believe how delicious it is...I thought the collards would be bitter...but they're not!"

Fresh.... the movie

" you're supposed to leave the Earth in better shape than how you found it for future generations.." imagine if everyone felt this way and made it their mission!

Above is a quote from the movie Fresh. My local Whole Foods will be having a screening in a few weeks. I will do my best to make it and see the movie. We all need to be educated about where our food comes from and what is involved in raising/growing that food.

March 25, 2010

Food Allergies and Intolerances Video

Amazing things can happen when you eliminate food allergies/insensitivities... click on the link to watch the video below!

Metametrix Blog

There is SOOO much useful information out there to educate us on how to be healthier. I  found this blog while looking at the Metametrix site. They have great articles and research and information from top doctors and researchers.

Many Naturopaths and Holistic Doctors use many of the Metametrix tests to determine their protocols for patients. The Cardio Ion test that I had done, that Sherry Rogers read for me, was done through Metametrix. I highly recommend the Cardio Ion as it tells so much information aboout your body and what is lacking(deficiencies) or if you have toxins in your blood/body.

It is important to get an intense blood panel run (don't just get the basics) especially if you are on a vegan or raw food diet. So much can go may be eating a great diet but it won't be absorbed if you have leaky gut/digestive issues. You can feel fine with small deficiencies for a long time but better to catch them early before your health goes down hill.

For instance so many people have B12, D3, K2 deficiencies and thyroid issues. It is almost a guarantee that everyone that gets tested will have an issue...the Cardio Ion is about $800-900 but isn't the investment worth it for your health...?

A Metabolic Tune Up

My silly kitty with 3-D glasses courtesy of my daughter

This is part of what Sherry Rogers said I need a metabolic tune up...the article is written by Mark Hyman MD Great minds think alike!

Also something from Dr. Crinnion on the subject

My Phone Consult

My Witchhazel Bush

I had my phone consult with Sherry Rogers MD. She told me from reading my Cardio Ion and looking at my other blood work that my cell walls are damaged and that my mitochondria are poisoned and therefore starving. She recommended many supplements to rebuild my cells and also Detox Cocktails and a Far Infrared Sauna to detox further. She also really believes in enemas for colon cleansing and detoxing.

Also CoQ10 is not being produced properly by my cells , because ATP is not being produced properly either, causing me to be more fatigued than most...fatigue is my biggest issue! I get through my day but by early evening, most times, I just want to curl up in bed....

See the following excerpt about CoQ10 from curezone:

Coenzyme Q10™ is found in every cell in the human body and is key to the process that produces 95% of the energy consumed at the cellular level.
 It participates in this important role by acting as part of another class of substances, known as enzymes. These important compounds are proteins found in plants, animals, humans - ALL living things. Their role is to facilitate, to act as a catalysts, in countless chemical reactions that take place in the human body. In essence, they make reactions happen without themselves being consumed in the reaction. When calcium is turned into bone, and enzyme makes the reaction possible, but the enzyme itself does not end up becoming part of the bone. When we digest our food, when we flex a muscle, when our heart beats, in some way an enzyme is playing a key role.

Enzymes consist of two parts, a protein portion made up of one of a variety of amino acids, and a cofactor portion that is either a mineral (like calcium, magnesium, or zinc) or a vitamin, the vitamin is called a coenzyme.

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring molecule that has a structure similar to vitamin K.

As part of an enzyme, it acts as a catalyst in the vital biochemical pathway that leads to cellular energy production.
Specifically, every cell must have a special substance known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which provides all the cell's energy. The energy obtained from the food we eat is used to make this fuel for the cells, and when a cell needs energy, it breaks the bonds that hold the ATP molecule together. When this chemical bond is broken, it releases energy equivalent to approx. 7,000 calories, more than twice the energy a person consumes in an entire day. However, the body, at any given time, only stores enough ATP to sustain vigorous activity for 5 - 8 minutes. Thus, ATP must be produced constantly, and for this ATP to be produced, there must be a ready supply of CoQ10.

This explains why, in particular, COQ10 is found in high concentrations in muscle cells and especially in the muscles that form the heart - because the heart is constantly in motion, it creates a great demand for energy, and at the same time, a need for the CoQ10 to create it.


For my Mercury and Lead and Cadmium issues she said to read her book "The High Blood Pressure Hoax", that it says how to detox heavy metals in that book. She also said I should detox plastics/phlalates from my body as well as any other toxic burdens I may have...

I love it when doctors write books and have seminars/talks so you can see where they're coming from before you go to see them. Something has just drawn me to Sherry Rogers from the beginning. I had gotten her book "Pain Free in 6 Weeks" and she just seems "right on the money" with so many of her  beliefs/protocols.

I will also be posting something from Mark Hyman next on metabolic tune up. Check that out too! Right after I had my phone consult  with Sherry Rogers, Mark Hyman posted more info for me to try! Too Cool!

March 24, 2010

Dunkin Donuts and French Toast

Before I was diagnosed with food allergies these were some of my favorite junk foods:

Friendly's ice cream
Haagen Dasz ice cream
Chocolate candy

and my 2 favorites were Dunkin Donuts and French Toast

When talking about allergies you may learn that the things that you crave the most you are probably allergic to.

I remember going to Dunkin Donuts one morning with my husband and my kids and we all had 2 donuts for breakfast...after I ate the donuts, I told my husband that I felt so tired and bad... I was thinking it was the sugar and I told him to NEVER let me do that again! When I think what was in the donuts besides all the processed crap and chemicals and preservatives AND wheat/gluten/dairy and eggs ALL of which I was allergic/intolerant to! Eating a donut was like eating poisin to my body. French toast also has wheat/gluten/eggs and dairy!

Please pay attention to what you crave...try to go without it for a bit and see if you can't (too addicted) or if you feel better without it (yeah!)

Gardening and the Sun....

Many people with Lupus also have sun sensitivity. This can cause extra aches and pains, a flare up or even skin sores to appear. This is one of my symptoms that confounds me the most...why does this happen? what makes our body do this?..if anyone received answers from their doctors/website info please comment below or email me at

 Here in NY we were teased a bit with 60-70 degree weather(now it's back in the 40's and 50's)...I wanted  to send out friendly reminder to cover up with clothes/hats/umbrellas and/or use sunscreen. Also try not to go out in the sun from 10:00am- 2:00pm if you can avoid it.

As soon as I felt the nice weather, I wanted to get out in the yard and clean up and then get into the garden to clean up too. I did wear a hat and long sleeves and long pants and had no adverse reactions. I don't like the idea of sunscreen too many chemicals so I try to cover up instead...

I am not a person that loves to sit in the sun and tan...never was . But I get REALLY sad when it is spring or fall and there is a cool day and  I would just love to bask in the warm sun, but Lupus does not allow. I would love to know why though, what is different in the skin/bodies of Lupus patients? If you all have any answers please let me know Thanks!

March 23, 2010

Green Chefs Raw Recipes

I had a good laugh at the description line underneath this blog, here it is...

"G Living The Darker Cooler Side of Green..A Modern Green Lifestyle Blog Created by a Bunch of Twisted Dark Green Juice Guzzling Space Monkies"

It looks like they have all types of "green" cooking, these are the raw food recipes and they look delicious and elegant too!  Check out this blog!

Juicing and Wheat Grass

Cover the soil completely with wheatgrass berries for thick and lush wheatgrass
then top with a thin layer of soil.

All  "signs" lately are leading me to "juicing"....friends, books, internet sites/articles...even saw Kris Carr "Crazy Sexy Cancer" drink her green juice in a fancy wine glass, You Go Girl!

The idea behind juicing is that there is no pulp/ fiber for your body to digest, so it makes for easier digesting and the juice can get right into your bloodstream and feed your cells.

I am now starting to grow wheat grass to juice. I have never tried wheat grass juice but heard excellent things about it health wise. I also heard it has a gross, gag worthy flavor to it (I do find kale and other green juices yummy so I'll let you know my take on wheat grass juice and how I do with it).... I will go slow because I am allergic to wheat and am intolerant to gluten. I have heard that many people are still able to tolerate wheat grass juice even with wheat or gluten issues. I have decided to go for it!

At this point, while I wait for my wheat grass to be ready to harvest, I am making a green juice
(kale/  celery/ carrots/ daikon  or  kale/celery/carrots/ pear/ fennel) in the morning and carrot juice in the evening. I will probably work up to 3 or 4 times a day if time allows.
I am making the green juice by washing the veggies and putting all of the veggies/fruits in my Blendtec blender and then straining it through a very fine sieve. I will make a nut milk bag soon (I have the fabric), you can use a "nut milk" bag to strain the juice from the pulp also.

The carrot juice I make with my Jack Lalanne juicer. I have been very happy with this juicer too. The only thing is it won't juice greens very efficiently, epsecially wheat grass...

2  great books that I have found on this subject are :
 "Wheat Grass, Nature's Finest Medicine Medicine" by Steve Meyerowitz.
"The Wheat Grass Book..." by Ann Wigmore

March 19, 2010

ANDI Scores at Whole Foods

A new Whole Foods just opened a little closer to us. We used to have to drive 45 minutes to get to the old one, now the new one is 20 minutes away YAHOO! I look at Whole Foods or any health food store or the farmer's market as my "pharmacy". When I went in for my first shopping trip at the new Whole Foods I asked where the Brazil Nuts were. The associate helped me and then explained the ANDI scores. At Whole foods they will post the rating of  the nutrient density of the foods with single ingredients. See the explanation a liitle more in depth below.

PS the most nutrient dense foods are all the Dark Leafy Greens! Eat that Kale!

March 18, 2010

Aloe Vera and Orange Juice

See Cautions below

I tried aloe vera and grapefuit juice (didn't have oranges) and it was OK, pretty slimy, I have a great peeler (called a soft skin peeler) that worked great on the edges and the first side but then I couldn't hold it to peel the second side. Wish that I had made a video of me trying to peel the aloe vera leaf, you guys could have watched it and LAUGHED! Well just imagine me fighting with a gooey, slimey, slippery thing and trying to hold it still so I can peel it....Minh makes it look so easy in the following video. ENJOY!

Also 10 Great Reasons to Take Aloe Vera

Soft Skin Peeler (Zyliss or Progressive are 2 brands)


Stop The Thyroid Madness

I take ferritin lately from my doctor (holistic MD) in Manhattan. Was just looking up how to order more and I found this article, looked interesting so I passed it on to you. Well back to shopping for my Ferritin supplements...

2 studies I'd Love to See Done and Get the Results to

1) How many people with Lupus (and MS, and Diabetes, Hashimoto's and other autoimmune diseases) have Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance (underlying) that causes many of their symptoms...

2) How many moms that have Lupus (or other autoimmune diseases),  have kids with Autism...(either when born or get it later after vaccines)
Maybe the moms pass down the genes that are unable to detoxify the mercury and toxins...(See Mark Hyman's work and Dr. Datis Kharrazian's work)

What causes the celiac disease or the food allergies? (my research says gut bugs/parasites/candida, heavy metals, nutrtional deficiencies)
How many Lupus patients have crazy levels of heavy metals and pesticides and other toxins that they must get rid of ?
How many Lupus patients and people with Autism lack the genes to detoxify their system of heavy metals and toxins ?

Sprouts, Seeds and Wheatgrass Juicer Site

Check out

A friend of mine recommended me to this website, her daughter stayed at the Hippocrates Institute recently.

For Those of You that Enjoy Matzohs...

I haven't tried this recipe yet. It is NOT a healthy recipe but a recipe for a special occasion. Living Without has a great weekly recipe newsletter, sign up to get it if you'd like. Most recipes are gluten free, dairy free and many times egg free too(or they will tell you how to make an egg substitution in the recipe if possible.)
I really recommend the "Living Without" magazine too. I subscribe to it, but you can also check it out at your local library first.

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day! /Celiac Disease and the Irish!

Happy St Patrick's Day All! Just a note to say if you are Irish you have a greater chance of having Celiac Disease, the second population that is diagnosed are Italians/Europeans. In both Ireland and Italy, children are screened for celiac disease at a young age. Here in America you have to beg to be screened for Celiac Disease.....Read the following article. The information about the Irish and Celiac Disease is in paragraph 5.

March 15, 2010

Lupus Advocacy Day

In this article are ways YOU can make a difference...without leaving home!

The Library!

I don't know how many of you share my love of the library. If you haven't been to your library lately GO! Have fun! Learn!

My mom started my love affair with the library when I was little and it has just grown and grown.

First new find at the library "The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program" by Ann Wigmore.
I looked this book up because a friend of mine told me that her daughter (22 years old) went to stay at The Hippocrates Health Institute for their 3 week program. When she had completed her stay,  her Crohn's Disease was healed! And she is in the best shape she has ever been in! She must still adhere to the diet (she gets a little wiggle room) I think it was 90 % diet and 10% GF food extras (no junk food allowed).
Basically the book follows a vegan raw food diet. There are chapters about enzymes, cleansing organs, juicing (especially wheat grass- if you are a celiac or have an allergy to wheat check with your doctor or health care practitioner- many people that are gluten intolerant can tolerate wheat grass juice) . Indoor gardening and recipes and much more! I highly recommend this book.

Another 2 books that I found are "Sweet Gratitude"  by Matthew Rogers and Tiziana Alipo Taborra and "I am Grateful" by Terces Engelhart and Orchid from Cafe Gratitude, a raw food restaurant.
Both books are great but "Sweet Gratitude" with the desserts and the photos, it blew me away. I made the Lemon Cheesecake from the book. It was divine!

One thing I did add was 3/4 tsp of finely grated lemon zest, and I left out the lecithin...but it was still fabulous!

One caution about "Sweet Gratitude" is that they use a lot of Irish Moss(carageenan) and  Soy Lecithin in their recipes. In small amounts they are probably fine...but...I choose not to use them unless absolutely necessary....Get the books to look at them from the library then if you would like to add them to your home library go ahead and purchase them! This way you save money!

March 12, 2010

2 big and easy nutrition tips for today

1)Get the processed foods out

 Does the food you buy come in boxes, bags, cans, jars? Cookies, soups, chips, pretzels, etc? Try to stop buying foods like this from the store. Shop the perimeter of the store buy whole foods like fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds, meat if you eat it (buy organic meats and eat less meat )

2) Get the greens in

 Shop for kale, chard, spinach, collards, romaine lettuce, other lettuces are great too but stay away from iceberg lettuce(no nutrition in it)

I like what I heard Christina Pirello say on one of her cooking shows, "when you think you've had enough some more." Dark green veggies are some of THE MOST healthful nutrient packed foods on earth! Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health tries to get 2 heads of greens a day in his diet! (If you are on a blood thinner DO NOT overdo greens ask your doctor or pharmacist!)

Holistic Healing and Lupus Blogs

Hi Everyone!

I would like to ask for your help. If you read any other Lupus blogs or sites that are about Healing Lupus with diet, nutrition, lifestyle, supplements etc. Please let me know the titles of the blogs by commenting below or send me an email @ .

Just for fun... one of my daughter's ferrets

I am a follower of the 2 blogs, and another site that is holistic in nature, all below,  please check them out if you haven't yet....please also help me to find more holistic healing Lupus blogs/sites! Thank you! Stacey Becker has many great articles about Lupus, I bought her e-book she says she was cured by an Indian Medicine Woman.....not something the rest of us can do....but in her defense her articles and her book give many great insights on how healing/reversing Lupus is VERY possible, by healthy and allergen free diets and lifestyle changes.

March 11, 2010

I wish I could feed everyone!

I wish that I could find a way to let you all try the diet that I am on, even just for a few weeks or even better a month. Well I would probably need to feed you the foods in an elimination diet first, I guess, because unless you were allergy tested first we wouldn't  know what you are allergic to...I think if you could try a diet without allergens you would feel better and want to eat this way forever!

I do teach cooking classes and try to teach people what I have learned about nutrition and food allergies and how what you put in your mouth can help your body.... or hurt your body....

Here is a partial list of doctors and others that believe that your diet can make or break your health...look them up and research them for yourselves if you'd like! I will add more as I think of them...Please don't listen if your doctor/s says it doesn't matter what you eat (like my rheumy said to me) Of COURSE it MATTERS what you eat, even if it's only to lower your blood pressure or unclog your arteries, or lower your cholesterol.
Be healthy!

Dr. Andrew Weil MD
Dr. Mark Hyman MD
Dr. Timothy Brantley MD
Dr. Dean Ornish MD
Dr. Sherry Rogers MD
Dr. Neal Barnard MD
Michio Kushi
Alissa Cohen
Kevin and Annmarie Gianni
Christina Pirello

A Vegan Cruise

Here is a link to a vegan cruise that I found out about. It is a little late notice for this year, but they have it every always looks like so much fun...just thought I'd post it just in case anyone would be interested..

Super Quick Soup

I need to make a video on how easy this is...took me 1/2 an hour at the most, and was sooo easy.

Cooked 2 cups of quinoa in 4 cups of water for 15 minutes simmer , covered (you can rinse the quinoa before cooking if desired)

As the quinoa is cooking...washed 5-6 carrots and 5-6 celery stalks and cut in half and throw in the food processor with the s-blade.
Peeled 2 shallots and added them in the food processor with the carrots and celery. Process.

Cut out large vein stem from the middle of collards. Roll collard greens and slice to make long noodle like strands.(Chiffonade)
Drained and rinsed a can of Eden aduki beans.

Get a soup pot hot and add the food processor veggies with a little avocado oil , cook for 5-10 minutes.
added the beans, cooked quinoa and water to cover well and salt,  brought to a boil and added the collards. Wilt the greens 5-10 minutes and you've got healthy and nutritious soup!
Then I put away the extra for other meals during the next few days, or you could freeze it also.

It's that fast and easy!

I try to keep the ingredients simple as I am allergic to so many foods but you can add any beans, greens, veggies, spices etc that you like...

Raw Spirit Fest

One of my silly cats...

This is a festival of all things "raw". I was hoping there was going to be a Raw Spirit Fest this spring but no luck... I haven't attended one yet but heard they're a BLAST! Just thought I'd give everyone a head's up that there will be one  in Sept 2010. Check out the link

March 10, 2010

Hashimoto's and Iodine a bad idea???

Check out this newsletter if you have issues with your thyroid. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I have found Dr. Datis Kharrazian to be very knowledgeable.. He wrote a book called "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests are Normal.."  I highly recommend his book and his newletter.

Lupus Hope Healing Plan Blog

All the pertinent information about my healing plan for my Lupus. Gives information on my diagnosis, my old symptoms and what I have done and plan to do in the future. I have done research on doctors and alternative medicine through books and visiting some alternative medicine doctors. I have also researched nutrition and visited nutritionists and read MANY books on nutrition. I started this blog to pass the knowledge on that I have acquired. Also in this blog are many of the books I have read to gather my information. Enjoy!

Check out my recipe blogs..

I add new recipes to my recipe blogs from time to time. I had a delicious raw linzer tart with my green tea this morning after a salad of course... I will be posting even more recipes soon....  SUPER healthy recipes! Recipes that will cure cravings... to be eaten sparingly...

Search Engine Added

If you are looking for something within my blog please enter it in the Google search bar right under the Lupus Hope Sunflower. Search away!

Meme and the Coumadin....

Orient Point, NY

My mother-in-law (grandkids call her Meme instead of grandma) came to visit a week ago (she lives in FL). We LOVED having her. Her husband (my husband's dad) passed away in December and she wanted to come and see the grandchildren and children in the NY/PA area. We had a nice visit!

After a few days, though, she began coughing...she thought she was getting a cold...well we were at the Emergency Room 3 times in a week and the diagnosis finally was pneumonia. They sent her home from the Emergency Room with antibiotics, but the rough part is that she takes coumadin... and also and other medications for her high blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation (can cause blood clots) she takes about 5 medications in all. A great idea she had was to have a laminated card with all of her medications for the pharmacy (some she mail orders so the pharmacy doesn't have a record of those.) it was great for her to have this list of her medications to show the hospital staff as well.

Well it seems that the coumadin interacts with sooo many other medications and foods....
I asked her to get me a list of foods to keep track of from the Walk in Clinic that we took her to fiirst.

On that list is all the healthy  foods that I try to eat in BULK! If you are on Coumadin, all things that have high levels of Vitamin K  should be eaten in the same quantity each day to make sure that you don't affect your INR level(the number that shows how thin or thick your blood is)

All of the following  foods are high in Vitamin K (Vitamin K helps your blood clot)

Green Tea (also teas with sweet clover , sweet woodruff or tonka beans)

Canola Oil, Soybean oil, and mayonaise

Limit Wine, Beer and Hard Liquor to no more that 1-2 drinks a day

Asparagus, Avacado, Broccoli ,Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Coleslaw, Collard Greens, Endive, Garbanzo Beans, Kale, Lentils, Lettuce, Liver , Mustard Greens, Sauerkraut, Soybeans, Spinach, Swiss Chard and Turnip Greens

The kicker...these foods are some of the healthiest on earth and my mother in law is afraid to eat them ...she AVOIDS them almost all together because she is on coumadin!

Dr. Mercola said that Vitamin D3 is all the rage now but the next vitamin that is going to have a "hey day" is Vitamin K. Dr. Mercola said we will be hearing about Vitamin K from everyone in the near future and how important it is for your health. Dr. Sherry Rogers says to add on to the Cardio Ion test a Vitamin K2 test (I wished I had heard about this before I had theCardio Ion test..) Keep your eyes peeled for news on Vitamin K being the new "Wonder Vitamin".

March 7, 2010

Dr. Joel Fuhrman on Raw Food and Cooked Soups/ Also My Dietary Change Quiz

My Beans and Greens Soup

Dr. Fuhrman also talks about changing people's diets and how it can be difficult for people to change their diet and can even cause anxiety. Also see below for my Dietary Change Quiz.

Is there a Dietary Change in Your Future? QUIZ!

This is from a previous post... but I meet people out and about and on-line everyday that have a VERY HARD time trying to commit to changing their eating habits. Just recently it was my dental health technician. She cleaned my teeth and noticed that my mouth looked healthier, and that I'd lost lots of weight...I told her of my incredible changes with my diet. She was very curious and very interested but was afraid to take the "leap" she has 2 children and a husband, this always makes things more difficult, but I have a husband and 2 children too, and although it was, and is a little harder to go to someone's house/ go out to eat, I feel it is worth it for my health.
I had originally made up this test because I was on 2 Lupus lists that were only medication based and no one wanted to change their diet at all, they would just take tons of toxic medications to mask the symptoms of their Lupus and never get to the ROOT CAUSE to try and heal their body! There is a time for medicine if your symptoms are out of control, but you don't want to rely on medicines for years as they will not cure lupus, they will only mask the symptoms...

Enjoy the post/quiz!
A Dietary Change in your future???
I want to have healthy eating, nutrition and health classes, this is a test I thought of to give my students...if you want to take it...go would shed light on your most difficult obstacles. Good Luck!

Also look up Wayne Dyer's book "Excuses be Gone" he has a TV program that is a seminar about the book on PBS lately. I watched it and it was great...we all have excuses not to make a change for the better and Wayne Dyer shows us how silly all of our "excuses" are....

1) If you could definitely be healthier (and even possibly leave diseases/health problems behind)how likely would you be to change to a healthier diet?

least likely 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 most likely

2)If you answered least likely or undecided(middle of the road) what are your biggest obstacles:

a) You feel that you deserve your favorite unhealthy foods as a "reward" because you are sick or in pain.
b) Too costly to buy healthy food
c) Too time consuming to make healthy foods
d) You are "addicted" to your unhealthy foods and just can't do it!
e)Would be too difficult for your family because everyone would have to have different dinners/meals
f)Don't know where to shop for healthy foods
g) No support to stay on your eating plan
h) Don't have healthy recipes
i) Too hard to go out to eat, or, too hard to go to a friend's house/party to eat

3) Why wouldn't you try Alternative Medicine/Holistic Medicine

a)Had a bad personal experience with it
b) A friend told you of a bad experience
c) Just don't trust "those" kind of doctors
d) Trust my real medications more
e) Want immediate relief from real medications

March 5, 2010

Veria Channel-- Holistic Health

I really enjoy the Veria Channel! I have found out so much great advice on herbs and holistic medicine and aromatherapy and feng shui and healthy cooking and macrobiotics and healing, and much more...

Veria channel is on Verizon TV and some satellite TV providers. Check with your carrier. The channel is all about holistic and healthy living.

Here is the link to their website

Check out the shows and learn as much as you can! The more you learn the more you empower yourself! Request that  IO Cable pick up the channel if they still don't have it.

Below is a link to their products...they have aromatherapy products, organic cotton and hemp clothing, supplements, yoga products etc.

March 3, 2010

Books to Read on Healing (A Repost)

Much of the information on this blog has been researched in the following them and see the doctors' and authors' research and findings for yourself if you like...

You can request many of these books through your local library. Ask the librarian for the book/s you are interested in and if they don't have the book, many times they can do an interlibrary loan (get it from another library).
"The Lupus Recovery Diet" by Jill Harrington (title says it all)

"Pain Free in 6 weeks" by Sherry RogersMD (total toxic load on the body, ways to heal, holistic)

"The Gluten Connection" by Shari Leiberman (diseases that can be exacerbated by gluten)

"Living on Live Food" by Alissa Cohen (A raw food diet, tons of recipes and testimonies)

"The Great Life Diet" by Denny Waxman (A macrobiotic diet)

" The MS Recovery Diet" by Anne Sawyer (healing MS through diet)

"Living Well with Autoimmune Disease..." Mary J. Shomon (holistic)

"The Ageless Woman" by Serafina Corsello, MD (MD+alternative/holistic)

"Dr. Mercola's Total Health Program" by Dr Joseph Mercola (diet for your specific body type)

"Arthritis..." 2nd Edition by Ellen Kamhi PhD RN HNC and Eugene Zampieron ND MH(AHG)(Holistic and Alternative by the "Natural Nurse" and a Naturopathic Doctor)

"An Alternative Approach to Allergies" by Theron Randolph MD and Ralph W. Moss PhD

"Celiac Disease a Hidden Epidemic" Peter H.R. Green MD and Rory Jones

"Food That Helps Win the Battle Against Fibromyalgia" by Deirdre Rawlings N.D., Ph.D.

"Breakthrough, Eight Steps to Wellness.." by Suzanne Somers(interviews cutting edge doctors)

""The UltraMind Solution.." by Mark Hyman MD(healing your broken brain, through healing your body first)

" The Cure: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life.." by Dr. Timothy Brantley (raw food, detoxing and getting well from any disease/health issue)

"52 Ways to a Healthy You" by Laura Lewis (very easy to read , each chapter has a health tip and explains why it works)

"The Women's Guide to Thyroid Health" by Kathryn R. Simpson, MS (Holistic, root cures, thyroid disease)

A link to my recommended raw food "un-cookbooks" (you know what I mean!)

The Lupus Recovery Diet is the same as the MS Recovery Diet and more...(A Repost)

                                                              Make a Wish!

One more repost from the beginning of my blogging...

I love to watch a channel on Verizon FIOS(also is on Satellite TV, but not on Optimum cable)called Veria. One of my favorite shows to watch is "The Incurables" . Many times this show has a person on that was deemed to be incurable by main stream doctors, but through holistic means and doctors they are cured.

One day I turned the show on and a woman was talking about how she "cured" herself of Multiple Sclerosis(MS). She explained that diet was very important and that she had created a diet that helped her heal. She listed what the diet avoided, and guess what??? it was SO CLOSE to the "Lupus Recovery Diet" and to what my doctor told me to avoid ! OK this is making MORE sense to me!

I requested that book from the library "The MS Recovery Diet" by Ann Sawyer. This book proved to me that I was on the right path.

I also met a great group of moms on the  that showed me I am on the right path. They are a group of mostly moms of children on a gluten-free casein-(dairy)free diet for a variety of reasons. Many of the moms have autistic children and if it's anyone who knows about detoxing and building bodies up with nutrition/supplements, it's moms of autistic children. I want to thank all of them VERY much for helping me and teaching me, for my children's sake(my children need to be dairy and wheat/gluten free also) as well as for my own sake. I am always thanking them, but again THANK YOU!!! I found 2 great books through being in that group, one is "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics...." by Kenneth Bock MD and "Nourishing Hope..." by Julie Matthews. I think both books are great for healing ANY disease!

Also I found a Doctor named Sherry Rogers MD that has written many books on healing. My favorite is " Pain Free in 6 Weeks..." (OK it may not be as little as 6 weeks... but the book is great!!!!)

I learned that "Raw" Food Diets cure many diseases and Macrobiotic Diets have cured many diseases. There are many books on these diets in your local library.
I found out that many diseases are created because the body is toxic and/or doesn't have enough nutrients.(many times the intestines are so dysfunctional that they can't absorb the nutrients from leaky gut syndrome and not enough good bacteria in the intestines)

I also learned that Celiac Disease and Lupus many times go hand in hand .(just search the internet for articles)

I have read that many people have cured their diseases, including Lupus.

I learned that many people with autoimmune diseases have leaky gut and need to heal that, also intestinal dysbiosis(not enough good bacteria in the intestines).

That medications many times cover up the symptoms but don't get to the root of the bodies' problems. So the inflammation still runs rampant ("Pain Free in 6 Weeks")

I found the book and DVD on the "Gerson Therapy".

I found that many people with Lupus have hidden allergies, candida(yeast) and problems with environmental toxins("The E.I. Syndrome(Environmental Illness) by Sherry Rogers MD)

Allergies lead to more inflammation in the body.

You need to take care of your liver, it detoxes and controls many processes in your body.

"The Lupus Recovery Diet" and Kinesiology (A Repost)

The first 6 months of the new diet (allergy free) was VERY challenging, but after that it got to be routine and was very easy, the hardest thing is we bring our own food everywhere with us...and we don't go out to eat often, we home make at least 80% of our food.

My next discovery was that many of the foods I tested weak for were excluded from "The Lupus Recovery Diet" book. OK, this was starting to make sense to me.... I continued to see the Chiropractor/Nutritionist/Kinesiologist(Dr. Christine Gizoni) and she explained to me that "Leaky Gut" or intestinal permeability is present in many diseases, especially autoimmune diseases. I needed to heal my "leaky gut".

Back to the library I went to get "The Lupus Recovery Diet" by Jill Harrington again! I studied again. This time it made sense and somehow do-able. So I eliminated all the foods I tested weak for at the doctor's office. I began to feel better, the doctor was RIGHT! I tested many more foods over many months and my present list of foods to avoid is this: Bananas,tomatoes,wheat,dairy,eggs,gluten,salt,sugar,shrimp(shellfish), beef,yeast,onions,all processed foods,peppers(not the hot chile variety),corn.

What do I eat? (Some of these foods I no longer eat I will highlight the foods I currently eat in wine color)

Salmon(wild caught), sardines, beef and chicken and turkey only occasionally (not very often), tons of organic veggies and fruits, large salads, raw salad dressings like hummus and guacamole, homemade oatmeal cookies, homemade chocolate peanut clusters, I also make homemade raisin pecan clusters) lamb(only occasionally), beans, brown rice, quinoa, brown rice pasta, almond "milk",  and other non dairy milks, nuts, seeds, tofu(very rarely), gluten free oatmeal, homemade brownie bottom "cheesecake", flax crackers, "raw" seed bread, (not eating too much dehydrated raw foods at all lately...) and lots more! I eat a lot less grains now also. I always eat gluten free, egg free and dairy free (GFCasein/DairyFEF). I have a sweet treat now and then of a cupcake or pc of cake (GFCFEF) or some soy ice cream.

Yes some days it is difficult,VERY difficult. I had to relearn to cook with different foods, I MISS some foods and cooking some foods immensely but my HEALTH is worth it! (It has gotten SO much easier now!!!! 4/2011 I have recipes subsitutes for almost any craving I may have!!!!)

In the next post I will tell you how I keep knowing I am on the RIGHT TRACK!

Nutritional Kinesiology (A Repost)

I know nutritional kinesiology sounds "out there"... but this was one of the BEST things I did for my health. The kinesiologist was very experienced and when I had blood testing for allergies one year later, she was just about right on the money! Many of the foods that she told me not to eat were on my IgG allergy blood test! When I avoided those foods my joint pain went away! I also lost weight and my cholesterol and inflammation levels went down too as an added bonus!

I went to the Chiropractor/Nutritionist/Kinesiologist and was very impressed from the start. The idea behind nutritional kinesiology is that each food you put in your body either gives you strength or makes you weak.
What this doctor did was to have you lie on your back and put a small piece of food in your mouth. Then she tested 3 sets of muscle groups, left arm held up and pushed down, right arm held in to your body pulled out, and right leg held up and pushed down. If the food makes you strong, you will be able to hold your arm/leg up against the doctor's pressure. If the food makes you weak, your arm/leg will "flap like a chicken wing". I know it sounds hokey, but in the hands of an accomplished doctor this type of allergy/intolerance testing REALLY works!
When I went I told the doctor "I can't believe this will work." She said "Many people don't believe in kinesiology until she tells people what foods to avoid, they avoid the foods, and feel tons better!

I left the office that day with very little left to eat... I tested the most allergic foods first, I tested allergic/intolerant(weak) to bananas, wheat, dairy ,tomatoes, yeast, eggs. I still needed to test other foods at the next visit. I was very confused as to what I would eat now. I was shell shocked when I left her office that day...

Dog Food Recalls, Dog Nutrition Seminars and Lupus???? (A Repost)

2 of 3  of my German Shorthair Pointers

Another of the reposts from the beginning of my healing journey...Enjoy!

After reading "The Lupus Recovery Diet" trying the diet and failing at it, another opportunity presented itself. I am a professional dog trainer, with 25 years experience behind me. I love all animals especially dogs. I have 3 German Shorthaired Pointers that are very special to me.

The last dog food recalls really threw me. I had been feeding one of the canned foods that was recalled, along with dry food also that was not recalled. This was the third or fourth time that a major dog food recall had happened in my lifetime. My dogs, were fine thank God, but I decided, I vowed, I would not trust the dog food industry again.

I heard there was a dog nutrition seminar at the local dog training facility. I went and learned all I could about a proper home-made diet for my dogs. The dog trainer/dog nutritionist also taught about chinese medicine, holistic medicine and kinesiology(muscle/energy testing).

I have had problems with my back most of my life, and asked the dog trainer hosting the event if she knew of a good chiropractor. She gave me the name of her chiropractor and she said by the way she also does nutritional kinesiology.....VERY COOL!!! What is nutritional kinesiology? I will tell you in my next post.............

Oprah, Autism, Jenny McCarthy....and Lupus??? (A Repost)

I decided to do a little "rewind" in my story...for those of you who are new to my blog, I wanted to let you know how it started way back in March of 2008. I feel that I was "led to" information that made me ask questions and research more answers. Here are some old posts for you all to get to know what brought me on this healing path.....Enjoy!

I turned on Oprah one day and the show's guest was Jenny McCarthy. She was talking about how she had "cured" her son, Evan, of autism. She used a recovery diet, along with other things. I was riveted to the television. Could this be done? Curing autism? Well I watched the entire show and liked what I heard.

I decided to look in my local library to see if there was a book about a lupus recovery diet too. Imagine my surprise when the title "The Lupus Recovery Diet" by Jill Harrington popped up. I requested the book immediately and proceeded to study it. I tried the diet for a short time but it is really difficult. There are many foods that you need to cut out of your diet. I tried the diet and failed...but the story doesn't end there.....