July 1, 2011

"Your Health" with Dr. Richard Becker and Cindy Becker

Dr. Richard Becker MD was given the diagnosis of cancer. He researched cancer along with his wife and found holistic medicine. He reversed his cancer and is now in great health. He no longer practices medicine, instead he researches the newest holistic information and shares this on his TV show. He and his wife own Bioinnovations which is a company that sells holistic and natural supplements, books, and super foods to help people learn how to heal themselves. They are also Christians.

Read their story here   http://www.bioinnovations.net/about.asp
Their website http://www.bioinnovations.net/
 Here are some of the show topics lately:


Fruits of the World Noni, Acai, Gogj, Mangosteen

Handling Heartburn Naturally

Managing Diabetes

Diabetes Doctor/Patient Terminology

Medicinal Mushrooms

They also have the most comprehensive Celiac Disease show, the best I've ever seen! (I even ordered a copy for my home library and to share with others through my classes) They do single vitamin shows like D3, B vitamins including B12, cancer, heart disease, wild oregano oil, olive leaf extract, and all their advice is holistic first, medication second, and medication only when absolutely necessary.

I watch their show on Verizon FIOS, on ALN (American Life Network) .

You can order  DVD's of singly recorded You Health shows here:

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  1. Ive been watching for years on KTLN-68, San Francisco- 10 am Pacific time. Cable channel 25.