April 27, 2011

8 Reasons to Try a Pressure Cooker by Natural News

I got into pressure cooking for macrobiotics, I had never used a pressure cooker before that. Well suffice to say, I LOVE my pressure cooker.....things cook in a jiffy, and all the nutrients are preserved inside. If you eat meats they cook quickly and they are SO tender! Vegan? try beans in a pressure cooker they cook so fast! If you eat grains they cook incredibly fast as well. The two things I wouldn't cook in a pressure cooker are veggies and soups, they come out to mushy and overdone....check out the following article from Natural News. Oh yes it's good for canning as well and can be used as a regular pot when it comes with a regular pot top.


April 20, 2011

Teens Easter Basket Ideas (no candy needed)

This is a cute idea for those of you that know you or your child/children have food allergies/intolerances. Candy doesn't have to be the main attraction in the Easter basket.. Also remember that an Easter basket can be a very romantic gift for a loved one as well. A coupon for special time with you is also a great idea for children or adults.

Click on the link at the end of this post for more info. Need more candy-free ideas? Search on Google for "other ideas besides candy for Easter baskets".

If you choose to give candy there are many allergen free brands, and vegan chocolate as well. (Divvies and Surf Sweets to name a few) Try not to do artificial colors and try to cut back or get treats with natural sugars and less sugars, most candies my family enjoys for Easter I make myself by melting GFCF (Gluten Free/Casein-Dairy Free) chocolate and adding other ingredients like nuts or mini marshmallows(you can make these as well corn free) or nut butters or dried or fresh fruits. Raw food truffles are also a great low sugar/real fruit treat. Go for raw food treat recipes that use dates and other fruits for sugar instead of refined sugars.

See my recipe blogs for ideas

***Again the warning: only have sweets/sugars if your body tolerates them and also do not overdo, refined sugar is one of the worst things for you and your immune system

Ideas for a candy free Easter basket

April 11, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is Back - in L.A., California


New Findings through My Research

Some interesting findings through my research....I will talk about them all soon...investigate them early yourself if you want to...

I need to finish my nutrition course...the deadline is coming and I  have to bury my head in my college work and finish up the last details. I wanted to let you all know some of what's coming next on my blog.


Medicinal mushrooms AHCC Complexes


Telomeres and TA 65

Raw foods desserts

Grain free

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Craving sweets is OK sometimes (5 tastes)

It is possible to make a GFCFEF "Funny Bone" is this using my cooking "powers" for  good or evil???

Stress and relationships and health- stress questionaire

Lifestyle choices besides diet that greatly affect your health or lack thereof

Cytomegalo virus and other viruses and double stranded  DNA connection

Are YOU ready to change your diet? My questionaire and inventory (a repost)


Natural chelators (to remove heavy metals)

April 8, 2011

Another person that had Lupus went Gluten Free and felt better....

Ok I realize it's time to give this a rest now and on to other health issues! But had to sneak in one more....are you seeing a pattern here...checking for Celiac Disease is a great idea if you have Lupus or any other autoimmune disease. But EVEN if the test comes back negative, they say you don't have Celiac Disease remember that up to 7 of 10 cases can be false negatives so try a GF diet anyway and see if you feel better. Maybe an elimination diet too or an IgG test to see if you are allergic to anything else as well.  Remember there  are good and healthy GF foods and GF junk foods too. A GF nutritious whole foods diet can be extremely healthy, it's when you start replacing the cookies, breads, cakes, anf chips etc with GF unhealthy versions with high sugars, salt and empty starches that the GF diet turns unhealthy. I will talk about how to create a super healthy GF diet more soon!

http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2007/10/02/can-gluten-be-t/ Person writing that GF diet helped Lupus symptoms

celiaccmecentral.com/pdf_redirect.php Celiac Disease booklet and information about false negative testing

Gluten Sensitivity Masquerading as Lupus- Rheumatology Article

Springtime and Curly Onion Grass


April 7, 2011

Book Review "The GF (Gluten Free) Kid..."

If you know me, you know I love reading, researching, learning and books and the library.

My daughter shares my food allergies/intolerances of gluten, dairy and eggs and lots more intolerances as well. My daughter and I were never tested for Celiac Disease before going gluten free. We have decided that we have such a strong reaction that we almost definitely are Celiacs and someday we will test for it to prove it (so far you need to go back to eating gluten to get a definitive doctor's test). Yes there are DNA tests but specialists argue that that proves you have the gene not the disease and supposedly you can have the gene without the manifestation of Celiac Disease, it seems there is a "catalyst" of some kind that spurs on the disease. I also heard of a new lab called Cyrex that has a new saliva test but I need to research that test and if you need to be eating gluten at the time of testing. http://www.cyrexlabs.com/

My point through all that is that it is hard to explain to her friends why she eats certain things and not others or why she can't have certain candies or a cupcake or ice cream at a party or share a friend's dinner and why she needs to bring her own food....

We found a great book at the library called "The GF(Gluten Free) Kid, A Celiac Disease Survival Guide" by Melissa London. It explains really well what it is like for a child that has Celiac Disease what is allowed and not allowed to eat. How the girl in the story was diagnosed, what she tells her friends and although she can't eat some things that there are still many delicious alternatives to favorite foods. In the back of the book there are many resources of books,websites, celiac organizations, where to get gluten free foods, etc.
I highly recommend this book. I found it at my local library.


April 5, 2011

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Diet Helps Child with ADHD

This is the story of one child but I could find tons more stories of a diet change, eliminating foods that a person is intolerant to, seeming to create "miracles " and changing people's life for the better.


Lupus could be a Gluten Allergy???


Read this Post - Another Lupus patient helped by going Gluten Free Can She Help You TOO?





Celiac Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Connection


April 4, 2011

A New Favorite Salad "Dressing"

Garvie's Point NY

I make a large salad with a variety of greens/lettuces and other veggies and then I top with oil, vinegar and a heaping tablespoon each of hummus and guacamole and mix together well til salad is coated. This is not low calorie but it is delicious and creamy and full of healthy fats.

Another favorite is to top my salad with sardines or salmon and oil and vinegar (I use ume plum vinegar-in Asian aisle, or raw apple cider vinegar and olive oil or flax seed oil)

Eat lots of veggies for highly nutrient dense diet and to sweep out the colon and rid your body of toxins!

April 3, 2011

How this Blog Started...A Rewind for any New Folks Here

This will give you a look into what started me on my healing journey and made me question and rebel against the system and try to find a different way to heal....

Autism is reversible???? Heard it from Jenny McCarthy on Oprah!

Pet food recalls and holistic raw dog food seminars and muscle testing for food intolerances!

What is Nutritional Kinesiology (muscle testing for food intolerances and could it REALLY work???

"Lupus Recovery Diet" book matches my kinesiology results really closely!

Lupus Recovery Diet and MS Recovery Diet are much the same!

The Books, written by Medical and Holistic doctors and other expert,s that I read to find most of the information that I tell you about on this blog

And I find more and more everyday in my research that I will continue to post on my blog that supports the theories and  protocols that changed my life and my health.