June 30, 2010

"Breakthroughs in Natural Medicine" Lecture: July 31st 2010

I received this email and wanted to forward it. Dr. Steve Nenninger's lectures are amazing. If you are in the area make it a point to attend! If you are not in the area find a doctor in your own area (get recommendations) like Dr. Steve to help you with your healing! Maybe if we are lucky he will put the talk on the internet like he did last time.

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Breakthroughs in Natural Medicine 2010 (and a half)
Talk at Port Jefferson Village Center Saturday, July 31st 11am sharp!

Everything I know up to now and amazing people that have helped me learn.

More info to follow!

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June 29, 2010

I'm Still Here!!!

Just a note to say Hi! I am still here, still doing fine... but getting used to the kids being home for the summer and scheduling my "homework" for my nutrition counsellor certification course takes a little doing. Plus add... that my husband was off  from work a few days this week and is off from work all of next week and that makes for one BUSY Toni.

I have so many posts and drafts in my head, and also started drafts and saved some on my blog and I will be posting regularly again soon. Hope everyone is doing well and wishing you all (and praying) that you all, have pain free and peaceful and joyful days!

June 23, 2010

Macrobiotic Pot Lucks and "Personal Cure"

I found a new group out on Eastern Long Island, Montauk NY,  to be exact, that has Macrobiotic pot lucks and a "Personal Cure" macrobiotic/healthy living club/group.

Most of you are aware of what a pot luck is..but I tried to explain it to one person recently, and they had never heard of a pot luck.... so.... a pot luck is a gathering of people where each person or family makes or buys (usually makes) and brings a dish/food to share with a group of people, in this case it is along the lines of a macrobiotic theme...

The person in charge and the person who started the groups is named Ken Walles, he owns a hotel in Montauk, NY and used a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to help him reverse his prostate cancer. He was successful and now 7 years later is still doing great and is cancer free, and wants to share his message to others that you CAN be healthier and happier if you eat and live macrobiotically.

For more info on Ken Walles see my post about him   http://lupushope.blogspot.com/2010/05/ken-walles-macrobiotics-and-prostate.html

He is also on facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=638306742&ref=ts

The pot luck is held at Ken Walles' Hotel called "Oceanside Beach Resort"  please call him for the dates and times (right now it is held on Monday evenings at 6:00pm but is subject to change so call first!)

 The macrobiotic club is called "Personal Cure" The meetings of the club are held at Gurney's Inn in Montauk. The meetings are free. If you are interested in purchasing a prepared macrobiotic dinner prepared by the chef at Gurney's you can do this for only $10.00.  At these meetings, held once a month on Sunday evenings, there is sometimes a movie about health, or a speaker that has reversed a disease, or some other bit on teaching/ learning  how to live a healthier life or what you can do to help reverse your specific disease. I have found it fun and informative and I love attending the meetings although the drive is long (1 and a 1/2 hours with no traffic) and the people you meet in Montauk are often wealthier than the rest of us.(which makes me feel well let's just say "different" ) The people I have met have been very welcoming and helpful and a great time is had by all! If you are on Long Island or want to take a trip there, this group is a terrific experience. BTW For those of you that don't know Montauk is a very beautiful vacation spot, with bed and breakfasts, camping, beautiful beaches and resorts. If you can, check out Montauk and Macrobiotics!

June 18, 2010

A Gluten Sensitivity/Celiac Survey

Please take this survey if you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, it is very quick and it helps Dr. Peter Green's research. Thank you and have a great weekend!


June 17, 2010

Tooth Health from The Longevity Conference

This is an informative video and I have been having tooth issues lately...I love it when these videos/this information just pops up in my email or my life...thank you God! Please enjoy! And keep your teeth strong and make sure you have no decay and inflammation or infections in your mouth this can stress your body and your immune system.


Article on Lupus by Stacey Becker

Stacey Becker is a great advocate for diet and holistic healing please read and enjoy this article!


June 16, 2010

David Wolfe on Cacao ( Raw Chocolate)

I found this video on Lisa's "Lupus Girl Goes Raw" website if you want to visit her, here is the link http://www.lupusgirlgoesraw.com/2010/06/truth-behind-chocolate.html

I had been wanting to write about chocolate lately and this spurred me to put this one up today. I had been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of research on chocolate myself lately here is my take on chocolate.
Chocolate is one of those foods that some hail as a superfood and others claim is a poison.

My first thing to mention is that chocolate can kill dogs and cats in large amounts (even some amounts less than you would think). That is always in the back of my mind...how good could it be for us if it can kill a dog or a cat....here is a very informative article to read about dogs/cats and other species and toxic effects of chocolate, the quantitiy that is dangerous for animals to eat, why it is toxic, the symptoms of overdose and
treatment. If your dog gets into chocolate by accident you should take them to the vet for evaluation. Also watch out for cocoa bean shell mulch this is toxic too!


Macrobiotics says that chocolate is bad for us. David Wolfe says chocolate is a superfood...also Ani Phyo puts maca in her chocolate to help balancing the bodies adrenals from getting "stressed out" from the theobromine in the chocolate...

Health benefits of chocolate

Here is another great article...

I LOVE chocolate and it is something that I am not allergic too, surprising but true! So I find it is my favorite pleasure lately when I want something sweet. I do not overdo it and I had been feeling that it helped me feel better. After seeing David Wolfe's video above, it is probably the lung function that it helps me with. I will write about this soon but the accupuncturist that I met said she saw one thing by doing facial diagnosis that screamed at her that I had a problem... and  it was my lungs. I have been having  issues lately taking a deep breath and yawning a lot lately...

I want to write more on foods that some people say are superfoods and others say these same foods are bad for you. Some of these are coffee, yogurt/fermented dairy, etc.

Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking on Memorial Day weekend at an organic farm out East on Long Island called The Golden Earthworm. We picked 9 quarts of strawberries that day and we were the first customers of the season! They just opened their fields for picking! It was really easy picking , we filled the 9 quarts at record speed, and the berries were so fresh they actually popped (made a snapping/ popping sound) when we picked them!

We came home and hulled and washed and froze a majority of them, but then some we ate plain, some I made into strawberry fruit leather (with no sweetener and a little organic store bought applesauce with my dehydrator. Oh the SMELL of those strawberries in the dehydrator smelled so GREAT! Better than any store bought air freshener, and it lasted all day!

You could add fruit to muffins also, I also want to make some jam (saw some cool recipes in the Blendtec blender recipe book.

I also dehydrated sliced strawberries to add to granola/trail mix and for the kids to add to their cereal.

I have to post my idea for gluten free"hand" fruit pies, strawberries would be great in that too!

Also for those of you that are gluten free always ask the farm what type of grass/hay is used in between the rows of strawberries in this case it was rye grass (rye has gluten, but more in the seed heads that were cut off to make flour) The grass can also be wheat/barley or a mixture etc.We washed the berries well and hoped for the best..and we had no issues with allergies that we knew of...this is another way gluten can "sneak" into your diet...Enjoy this season's berries adn use them well!

June 11, 2010

"Noodle Enlightenment"

Ok, this is a silly commercial.....but I have used the phrase, "Noodle Enlightenment", from the above commercial many times lately."Noodle" being your brain, and "Enlightenment" as the "lightbulb turning on" you know, what Oprah calls the "Aha moment", learning something new and resonating with it. I think learning about your body and what it needs at that specific time, and how to take care of it properly and how to feed it/ fuel it and keep the delicate balance of health takes a lifetime of learning. Your body is constantly changing and going into and out of balance. Balance = Health.

I feel I learn something new everyday...even before starting my nutrition counsellor course...many days I learn so many new things, I feel there will not possibly be any room left in my brain to take it all in! I thank God for showing me that I have so much power over my health and over the care and health of my body and my brain/ mind.

I truly changed my whole life and have much better health and quality of life, much less Lupus symptoms, and learning about this actually changed the whole path of my life. Now I am studying to be a nutrition counsellor and I teach healthy cooking classes... a far cry from a professional dog trainer, and although given the chance I would teach dog training in a minute, I LOVE teaching and helping the bond and understanding grow between a dog and their owner/pack leader. And because I learned about nutrtion and health, with this information, I can help my family and friends and anyone else that will listen and try changing their diet for a while...most times you feel so good you wouldn't DREAM of eating the things you did before!

So here's to "Noodle Enlightenment"!!! ( Just make sure the noodles are Gluten Free if necessary..ha ha )Use your brain everyday, find your special learning style and soak up some new information. Whether you would rather read it, (the library has FREE books), go to a hands on cooking class, watch a video just learn more to increase your knowledge of how to be healthy and how to take care of you body and your mind. Enjoy the journey!

June 10, 2010

Your Skin is like Your Third Kidney

Treat your skin properly because it is your largest detox organ. Be careful of using skin creams and sun screens and make up as they can block pores and then toxins can't get out. Remember, if you don't use sun screen use UV safe clothing to protect your skin, including a hat, long sleeves and long pants. If you stay out of the sun between the hours of 10:00 am to 3:00 pm this is even better. My children want to go to Great Adventure(Six Flags) and I have already told them we are going early and/ or staying late, but mommy will not be out at 10:00 am -3:00 pm. Make sure you stand up for yourself as well and take care of yourself.

A link on how kidneys function below..

When I used to get out of the shower when I was younger I used to give myself a vigorous drying off with my towel. Then one day I watched a show that said you needed to pat your skin dry and not rub it. So I patted dry after that...now my wisdom has shifted again to a nice rub or scrub helps the skin be clean and clear.
Men's faces often stay younger looking than women's due to the facial shaving that they do each day. The shaving process gets blood flowing and takes off dead skin cells and opens the pores. Macrobiotics does a body scrub to accomplish this.

Some info on macrobiotic body scrubbing. This daily scrub, opens the pores to release toxins as well .  The
skin is the  bodies’ largest detoxing organ. When the skin is ridding itself of toxins you may get pimples or a rash. Sweating is a way of detoxing through the skin. Lymph fluids also flow and drain during a body scrub. The lymph area is found in the neck, underarm and groin area. The body scrub also helps blood flow and circulation. It also can help chi (energy) flow through the meridians (I should do a complete post on this), and it can break down fatty deposits under the skin. At first your skin may seem dry but in about a week you will begin to glow and not need any skin creams for moisture or for beauty.

To give yourself a body scrub- Get a cotton face cloth (not dyed), a sink full of hot water, takes only 10-15 minutes.  Daily or twice daily, morning and/ or evening.

Complete as a dry scrub or use wet facecloth, before or after your shower. It is NOT recommended to complete the scrub under the shower as this can deplete the minerals from the body.

 Using a clean facecloth dip it into hot water and wring out the cloth. Place the cloth gently over the face and massage over the face area. Use only the pressure of your hand. This area is sensitive and requires care. Move to the ears and rub inside and then around the ears. Then behind the ear lobe. The ear reflects the organs of the whole body. Move down the neck at either side beneath the ear lobes to the shoulders as the energy meridians travels along this area. Be sure to go down the neck, a number of times, this is very important for women. Put the cloth over one shoulder and rub the back on both shoulders. Move down the inside of the arms going to the thumb, turn the arm over and travel up the arm. Focus on the wrist, palm of the hand and go around the fingers individually. Move down the back, massaging the buttocks and kidney area then the back of the legs stopping at the back of the knees and continue down to the ankles, again focus on the ankles and the toes, individually and the sole of the foot. Come up the front of the leg. Move up to the pelvis to the groin. Move to the stomach area and move in circular motions.

 Morning; energy moves outward and upward. Effect of activating energy flow and vitality.

Evening; energy moves downward and inward, producing the tenancy to rest and relaxation.

More about body scrubs...click below..


Remember your colon and kidneys are great detox organs, but largest  organ with the largest surface area of body for detoxing is your skin. Take care of your skin!

If you exercise or sweat a good amount (replace micro nutrients and minerals) with high quality sea salt, nori and other sea veggies. If you use any type of sauna make sure you replace your minerals, much is lost through sweating (my macrobiotics counsellor said I should not use a sauna at this time because I am mineral deficient and I need to concentrate on replacing minerals)


Found this website..it gives lots of information about macrobiotics for those interested in learning click below...


June 8, 2010

Collecting My Thoughts

Me and my cat, Marlin

I have so much to tell you all about, and I have been VERY busy. Just a note to say I'm still here...still doing fine and will be writing more soon about macrobiotics/ pot lucks out East on Long Island,  macrobiotic cooking classes, raw food, a new acupuncturist I visited (she was VERY knowledgeable!!!), skin and detoxing, strawberry picking, and I'm starting my home study nutrition counsellor certification course! And LOTS more. I am collecting all my ideas and thoughts and I will be sitting at the computer soon to share them all with you! Have a great day and I'll be writing more... hopefully tomorrow...

June 3, 2010

Vlad Lupus/Raw and Comedian

Here is another person with Lupus that used nutrition to be well. Vlad had contacted me the other day, but my thank you to Lisa at Lupus Girl Goes Raw for posting a video to remind me to get back in touch with Vlad.
****WARNING Some cursing in the first video Sorry**** the message is important though, please listen and bleep the cursing out in your mind.....

http://www.lupusgirlgoesraw.com/2010/06/raw-food-comedian-about-lupus.html (has small amount of cursing)


June 2, 2010

Lupus and Sunscreen

Pigs use mud for sunscreen ....no thank you!

Many of us with Lupus also have sun sensitivity. Most of the time I wear clothes as sun protection rather than sunscreen because of all the toxic chemicals in the sunscreen, I don't want to put chemicals that can be absorbed into my skin after working sooo hard to detoxify my body!!!

When I looked in my email one day, a sunscreen was recommended and the company claims they are safer than the other sunscreen brands. Just thought I'd pass it on.


If you have any other suncreens that you all use and like please tell us about the brand in the comments below or email me at lonedoggy@netzero.com and I'll post your recommendations for the others here. Thank you!

12 Toxic Fruits and Veggies by Care 2

Buy the "Dirty Dozen" (highest pesticide count) fruits and veggies organically grown, the article also says the fruits and veggies that are the "cleanest" (least pesticide load) too, those you can by conventionally grown if you can't find organic, or can't afford all organic.


June 1, 2010

Is it REALLY Gluten Free???

I live on Long Island, LI for short. The following is a link to a blog called Gluten Free LI.  This woman, "SueZboss" does a great job posting interesting articles, thought I'd share this one. I know when I went to the doctor and had a celiac blood test the doctor said if I was on a gluten free diet and my marker were high I was probably a celiac...at that time I was sure I was doing a great job avoiding gluten...but it sure makes me wonder...I've heard people say that things like rice milk and other products are allowed to have a 20ppm(parts per million) amount of allowable gluten in the product. If you use a few products like this how much gluten are you getting in your system? And then there is cross contaminations from restaurants and at people's homes and before you know it you may have ingested more gluten than you know! By the way there are also products like DeLand Bakery Millet bread which claimed it was GF til tested and proved to have very high levels of gluten, wheat and yeast when it is said to have none of those in the ingredients...now they have a warning label on the package but I know many celiacs that eat this bread anyway...

Have any of you ran an ELISA test on the Deland bread? I have a friend who is a celiac. She tells me that she sent a sample of the Deland bread to the American Institute of Baking and that it tested as having 10% or more gluten. I didn't believe her, so I ordered an ELISA test kit to test it for myself. Sure enough, my test came out positive for high levels of gluten. I would love to see what other people who do this test come up with.


Weck Canning Jars and Ball Jars

Donna Gates showed really pretty German canning jars, called Weck jars, (see photos above) on her cultured vegetable show that I posted a few days back here is the link to the 3 part show from my blog,  http://lupushope.blogspot.com/2010/05/how-to-make-cultured-veggies-with-donna.html she showed the canning process in part 3 .

The Weck canning jars website http://www.weckcanning.com/ They are all glass, glass top too,  with just a rubber ring to seal them! They have many more styles too, tiny jars and even asparagus jars. Please check out the website.

You can also use Ball canning jars (see photo above) available all year round in hardware stores and at Walmart in season. I use these for smoothies and storing food in the fridge and storing nut milks and even use the smaller ones for lunch packing.

In NY the farm stand season just started this past weekend. When the season is in full swing my husband and I like to freeze and can and make sure we have enough fruits and veggies for the winter. I will write about strawberry picking soon...have a great day!