October 31, 2011

Halloween Candy, it's not only sugar that you need to worry about... by Dr. Doni

This is why I make my own candy when I feel the need to indulge occasionally...click the link for more.

Pumpkin Seeds- Nutrition Facts

I roast the pumpkins seeds from my carved pumpkins right in the shell and eat the whole shell and all...extra fiber...


Happy Halloween!

From Martha Stewart Craft Ideas. Click the link below for more ideas...

Happy Halloween all!

 Try not to eat too much sugar... have one special treat. You'll feel better...

Being "crafty" makes me happy...what makes you happy?
Find something to do today that makes you happy, even if you think you don't have time, make time, it is important to nurture yourself and fill your emotional "bank" so you can have enough to help others!

October 28, 2011

A Gluten Free Vegan (w/out eggs and dairy) Halloween

My Hazelnut Praline Chocolate Ganache Candies (inspired by Godiva)

Need some recipe ideas for Halloween?

www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com Recipes for cravings/sweets/not as healthy

www.lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com All REALLY healthy recipes

http://myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com/2009/10/martha-stewart-marshmallows.html Homemade marshmallows

http://myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/11/corn-free-candy-apple-hard-clear-sugar.html Corn free candy apples

http://myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/05/mama-ruths-like-baby-ruth-candy-bars.html Baby Ruth like candy

http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/2010/02/hazelnut-ganache-chocolates.html Hazelnut Ganache Chocolates

"Raw" Snickers

http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/2009/10/decadent-chocolate-brownie-raw-or-high.html Raw or high raw brownies

http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/2009/08/brownie-bottom-cheesecake.html raw brownie bottom cheesecake

http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/2010/02/raw-chocolate-amond-recipe.html Raw chocolate almonds

http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/2010/01/fun-valentines-day-treat.html Chocolate dipped fruit

http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/2009/04/walnut-date-rollsballs.html Raw date nut rolls

http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/2009/04/choclate-nut-clusters.html Chocolate clusters

gluten free vegan chocolate covered pretzels

October 27, 2011

"Lunch Line" Documentary DVD

Check out the trailer for this movie below. Want to see this DVD. Will check for it at my local library.


Jamie Oliver and  Christina Pirello are also both trying to work on getting US kids better lunches.

Remember Renegade Health and their World Cancer Summit

Holistic doctors and other holistic cancer experts talk about their protocols for reversing cancer and more. Tune in. It was great yesterday. Remember if you miss it at night,  it is posted to listen to for 24 hours after airing.


October 26, 2011

What's really in the food? The A to Z of the food industry's most evil ingredients - Natural News

Read those ingredient labels, better yet, eat most foods that don't have ingredient labels , get produce instead from the farmer's market or the grocery store.. However, if you must buy prepared foods look out for these ingredients and don't buy! Click below for more.


October 25, 2011

Kevin Gianni's World Cancer Summit Starts Today 10/25 Tuesday

Everyone tune in, I have to remember tonight to tune in too!

My Old Lupus Symptoms - See How much better I feel/am!

A repost from my www.lupushopehealingplan.blogspot.com Click here to visit My Lupus Hope Healing Plan Blog and read on below too.

Old Lupus Symptoms... Problems of the Past

I started my new diet plan in January 2008, most symptoms were already gone by May 2009 but I have felt better day after day. Here are the changes as of October 2011.

I like to let people see how I have helped myself and also to let my doctors know my story

Red Face(gone) extremely rare get a red face if I am in contact with certain allergic foods)
Acid Reflux (gone)
Numbness in my arms/hands (gone)
Double Vision/blurry vision (gone)
"unexplained" Grand Mal Seizure (2 years on Tegretol, then was weaned off) (gone)
Migraines(plus felt like a knife in my neck too with the migraine pain/eye aura too)(gone)
Sinus pain and pressure(but no dripping,discharge) (gone)
Dark spots in my field of vision(couldn't see there, like when someone takes a flash photo of you)(gone)
Dizziness( to the point I had to lay down and not move) (gone)
Bloody Noses with heavy clots at the end (gone)
Sores in my nose and mouth(occasionally still get them, sometimes usually before a cold)
Colds are VERY RARE one/two a year if that
Restless Leg Syndrome(gone)
"Panic attacks" may have been allergy related (read Theron Randolph book(s)) (gone)
Sometimes feel like I'm off balance "lean to the right"(still can walk, don't fall) (gone)
Lose my balance a lot(I stumble, but don't fall) (still sometimes/but happened all my life)
When driving if I looked down,to change radio station, and back up at the road felt dizzy, disoriented like my eyes would not focus quickly (gone)
Cervical pre-cancer cells(had a cervical conization to remove them)(gone and hope it stays that way)
Mass in breast(after many health changes and stepped up (every 4-6 months) mammos the doctor said the mass "resolved itself". ie: it went away (gone)

A doctor scared me in TX and said that he thought I had MS(Multiple Sclerosis) I was tested and found not to have that.

I have had many EEG's to check for seizure activity all were normal since the one seizure that I had. I had MRI's to check for weakened blood vessels all were normal (my mom had a blood vessel burst in her brain and she died from it, the doctor said it is worth checking me as it can be hereditary- GET YOUR B12 levels CHECKED!!! low B12 can cause your blood vessels to thin and eventually break- any doctor can check for B12 levels but you usually need to ask them to.)

Also had MRI's to check for MS, all normal

Discoid Lupus(sores on scalp and face from sun exposure)(during the summer I had an occasional pink skin on my nose that was sensitive but it would heal itself without becoming an open sore- now 2010-11 extremely rare to even get a pink spot!)

Joint pain all over my body(only if I eat something I am allergic to I don't do this on purpose sometimes companies have cross contamination or are labelled Gluten Free and they are not really...)

A new symptom is heart palpitations (2009/10) I had everything checked and can't find a reason for these but they are not very often. (Found out through a blood test in 2009 that I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis this could cause heart palpitations as well as mercury toxicity which I have also, found that out from a provocation urine test with DMSA not a regular blood test) Heart palpitations have gone! (Heart palpitations are on and off but mostly off...Oct 2011)

As of June 2009 blood tests I still have Antiphospholipid Antibodies, Cardiolipin Antibodies, Double-stranded DNA, Positive ANA . I will get another blood test run in December to check and hopefully those Lupus markers will be gone... (In December 2009 my blood tests still show the same Lupus markers... : (   Just went for a blood test Oct 2011 - Same Lupus markers again... :( I am also presently anemic also...My main Lupus issues are I feel tired, could be from the anemia, and I have a few joint pains every now and then when I eat things that are "not the best" for me.

Most of my nasty symptoms are long gone and I attribute it to taking care of myself and finding out my allergies and avoiding those foods and lessening stress(as much as possible) and my "Power Eating"(eating almost everyday for nutrition...OK I still eat my chocolate, and an occasional goody here or there) Also see below...
October 2011- I need to cut out the sugar, noticed it creeping in again more and more and the baked goods (pizza and cakes and cookies even though there GFVegan and mostly homemade still not good), and store bought meals (even though organic and gluten free vegan)  and cookies and soy ice cream (I don't  eat them a ton but I have been eating more things that I shouldn't....) Need to reboot....

October 24, 2011

Ketogenic Diet to Help Kidney Failure?

Also pay attention to the first line of the article....this ketogenic diet can also help people have less seizures to no seizures when they have epilepsy. Know anyone with seizures? Tell them about the ketogenic diet and also tell them to get tested for celiac disease. Click on the the first link below to read more.

Seizures are a symptom of celiac disease....so is kidney failure...and diabetes is found often with celiac disease,  click on the second link to read more.

1)  http://www.naturalnews.com/032717_low-carb_diet_kidney_failure.html The Ketogenic Diet helps people diagnosed with Kidney Failure

2)   http://www.aafp.org/afp/980301ap/pruessn.html Read for more info on seizures, kidney disease and more found in people diagnosed with celiac disease. Going on a gluten free diet can start to reverse kidney disease and the amount of seizures as well it also can help with diabetes. (BUT get tested for Celiac Disease FIRST before going gluten free!) Read the entire article it is long but very informative.

October 21, 2011

Good News: Health is Catchy!

The more you research health, the more you spend time with and befriend healthy people, health will rub off on you too! Health is catchy!

Spend time with people that eat healthy, exercise more and soon you will be doing those things without barely thinking about it!

October 20, 2011

Febreze and Glade and Other "Stinky" Products

I know the holidays are coming, you'll have company, and you want your house to smell as good as it looks. Please don't use anything that has "fragrance" in it. The other chemicals in these products are horrible as well.

I told you about the dangers of fabric softener sheets, and fabric softeners....

Febreze and Glade and any other store bought air fresheners/candles/wall plug ins/sprays, are just as bad if not worse.



Easy ways to make your house smell great naturally:

Simmer some Cinnamon in water (Kevin Gianni's Ceylon Cinnamon smells and tastes better than regular cinnamon)

Bake a Pie

Bake Cookies

Make apple butter http://www.marthastewart.com/863806/overnight-apple-butter

Make dinner spices/turkey

Put some yummy smelling "raw food" in your dehydrator (raw carrot cake, raw pumpkin pie, spiced apple slices etc, I dehydrated strawberries over the summer what a great "scent"!!!.)

Make Coffee

Make Tea (especially chai and other spiced teas)

Essential oils

beeswax candles http://www.care2.com/greenliving/brilliant-beeswax-candles.html

environmentally friendly candles http://www.maddisonavenue.com/category/organic_candles/c26

 (make sure no lead wicks, no paraffin, no fragrance etc. (the word fragrance means it's not natural) http://www.herc.org/news/perfume/risks.htm

****The more I think of it, if you think with your brain on using these products you could say

"Let's spray some good smelling poisons around the house" Does that seem like a reasonable and smart thing to you ????

I should do a whole list of these
"A small drop of mercury can close down a lake because it is immensely toxic, hey let's put it in baby's/children's  vaccines and the fillings in children's/adults teeth too!"

"Let's have corn create it's own GMO pesticide right in the corn itself , pesticide only kills bugs right???"  (I don't know about you but I think pesticides kill people too....)

If people only thought with their brains and weren't so money hungry....

Babycakes Graham Crackers My Tips and S'mores

Normally I would put this recipe/advice in www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com
but with Halloween coming....this is better than junky candy although I admit not much better....
When making the graham crackers recipe in "Babycakes Covers the Classics"

Use 1 and a half TBSP cinnamon that is plenty (she says to use 3 TBSPs)

I used maple syrup instead of agave.

Use COLD coconut oil and cut in with a pastry cutter or 2 knives.

You want to see the little bits of coconut oil in the dough.

Then make sure you roll out VERY thin (they will be lighter and crispier that way), roll out between 2 pieces of parchment paper and refrigerate or freeze then the graham crackers and they won't stick to the parchment.

A toasted marshmallow (has gelatin-not vegan) and a piece of chocolate and you've got s'mores (vegans try ricemellow creme and dairy free chocolate)

October 19, 2011

Food As Medicine by Mark Hyman MD ...forward by me

When I talk to people about how much better I feel from changing my diet I get varied responses. Some don't believe me, some believe I don't have Lupus "enough" (well check this link to see how much better I am)
 , some say  "I could never change my diet like that I NEED my bread/cheese/cookies/icecream" (you fill in your own "blank") , some say "feeling better with a diet change was only your experience it wouldn't work for me if I changed my diet". 

1) Again to all of those people I say 2 things read the books on my Books for Healing Post many written by Holistic MD's with lots of their patient's success stories when they changed their diet and lifestyle.(some MD's even tell how they themselves had success changing their diet)

2)And get a celiac test first(and a IgG food allergy test also if you can afford it)...then try a diet change...or I wish I could feed you.... or you could go to a place like Hippocrates Institute or any other raw food (Tree of Life ) or macrobiotic retreat (Kushi Institute) where they feed you all healthy foods for a few weeks/month and let me know how you feel! Bet it would turn out that you felt much better!
Read Mark Hyman MD's post below on "Food as Medicine"

October 18, 2011

Celiac Disease Lab Tests- When to order

Overweight? Can't lose weight?
Underweight? Can't gain weight?
Joint pains, achey?
Tummy troubles, vomiting/diarrhea/pain/bloating?
Sinus Pain/Pressure/Recurrent Sinus Infections?
Asthma? Trouble Breathing?
Brain Fog / Memory Issues?
Bad Teeth?
Have Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis? Thyroid Problems (especially Hashimoto's)
Irish? Italian? You have a greater risk!

Time to get tested for......drum roll please......Celiac Disease!
Yes, Celiac Disease can cause all these symptoms and many more!

Click on the link below to find out more

****(You must be eating gluten at the time of testing, don't go gluten free until the test is over)*****


October 17, 2011

Food Facts.com check out how your favorite foods stack up!

Happy Monday! Over the weekend I was looking at new recipes to try. Read on to hear about Food Facts.com

I found a recipe called Tuscan Style Chili  http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/tuscan-style-chili/c95a9b72-3490-4d4e-b13b-584c8f92bfc2/ looks yummy, but I wanted to make it dairy-free and healthier too. For my recipe "makeover" go to the end of this post.

The above recipe uses Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup and I wanted to look up the ingredients to see how bad they were and found this website. It looks great, the website NOT the soup! I wouldn't even touch the soup because it is in a can with a most likely BPA lining....that's something the Food Facts website does't mention...I also looked up store bought marshmallows (like Jet Puffed) and most if not all have  tetrasodium pyrophosphate I looked this up myself before and it says it's toxic. The website had no warning (controversial) on that ingredient. They also missed the corn ingredients...they're most likely GMO. But it gives you a ball park to strive for ...check it out!

If you click on each ingredient even the "OK" ones they have a dialog box that explains each ingredient.

My recipe "makeover" for Tuscan Style Chili

I will make my own homemade beans with a piece of kombu cooked in my pressure cooker. I will use vegan "Follow Your Heart" mozzarella cheese (if desired), and make my own homemade tomato- vegetable soup. I may put in organic sausage or bacon, or just stick with the beans to keep it vegan and add cumin or smoked paprika and/or fire-roasted tomatoes (can make or buy canned , I know.. watch the BPA lining) for a nice smokey flavor.
For that sausage flavor without the sausage, add sausage spices to the soup as well, here are some ideas.

October 14, 2011

Knowledge is Power...What Choice Would You Make?

If you were told tomorrow that you had cancer what would you do?

There are the changes you would probably make in life to make your life better..... love more, make more time for fun/things you enjoy,  speak softly and sweetly, make more time for family/friends, vacation, switch your job/purpose to one more meaningful.... since you don't know how long you'll live....and you want to make whatever time you have left amazing!

First bit of advice, implement these changes now, don't wait for a cancer diagnosis to change your life for the better.....don't wait make your life amazing NOW!

Also the reason I started and continue this blog is to make you aware of the choices out there. For all health issues and especially Lupus and other autoimmune disorders.

What would I do if I received news that I had cancer today?...my decisions would be A LOT different  now, than if I heard that news 6 years ago (before I started researching holistic health and nutrition)

6 years ago I would have gone to a regular oncologist and trusted that whatever he or she told me to do. Surgery, chemo, radiation...whatever.

Today 6 years later, if I got the news that I had cancer, for one I'd know I had choices of the protocol I wanted to follow. I would get a few opinions of conventional and holistic doctors.

I would know that doctors are not God, they don't know everything. Especially if you only see one doctor.... everyone should have a "team" of specialists available to them to get the best care, not just the celebrities....

I would know that the Gerson therapy exists and if I wanted to do very low dose chemo and no radiation, doctors exist that do that too.

I would know that celiac disease can cause cancer and to check that and avoid gluten if necessary.

I would know that many people with cancer have IgG food allergies/sensitivities and one of the top allergies that is many times off the charts with people that are diagnosed with cancer, on that allergy test is eggs, this from Dr. Steve Nenninger ND. (why this is so, I have no clue...) I would know I could save myself or kill myself by what I choose to put in my mouth, also I could have more energy or less energy depending on the foods that I eat.  What you eat and  the nutrition that your body receives, matters with any disease! If your doctor says eat whatever you like, as my rheumatologist said to me, don't you believe it for a SECOND! Detoxing and avoiding heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, etc is also VERY important to your body's health and recovery from cancer.

So you have Lupus what's next? Click below


General healing tips for everyone. Click below


Also, hopefully, I have changed my diet and lifestyle so that I won't ever get cancer...hopefully....

October 13, 2011

Do We Need Animal Products in Our Diet? Should We Be Vegan?

Do we need animal products in our diet? My opinion at this point in time from my research is Yes! Here is an article from Dr. Mercola MD on the issue. Click the link below.

I am an animal lover and I support the utmost humane treatment of animals. I also don't feel that we need to eat a lot of animal products but organic free range eggs and raw milk if tolerated or organic free range meat and wild caught fish ocassionally can be beneficial. A plant based diet with a small bit of animal products would be what I strive for.  As always with any diet you choose make sure to get a nutrient profile as well as normal blood work to make sure your body has what it needs. A Metametrix Cardio Ion is one of the best tests for a full profile to see how your body is functioning. Remember even if your diet is "perfect" if your body's digestive system isn't digesting it properly you will have deficiencies that could lead to disease.


October 11, 2011

Dr. Doni Wilson ND on The Hamptons Cleanse

I have met Dr. Doni before. She is very smart, she knows the ins and outs of nutrition and food allergies/insensitivities hormone balancing, neurotransmitter balancing and lifestyle changes to make her patients the healthiest ever! Check out this video.



October 8, 2011

Renegade Health - Healing Cancer World Summit

Kevin and Ann Marie Gianni are at it again! They are putting together a  "Healing Cancer World Summit". They will talk with alternative doctors and their ability to fight cancer and win. They will get the inside scoop on options everyone should know exist in the war against cancer.


October 7, 2011

Donna Gates' New Book " The Baby Boomer Diet"

Donna Gates is really smart when it comes to nutrition and creating health, reversing disease and anti-aging. Check out her new book. I already requested it from my local library, I'm waiting on it....

 Baby Boomer book promotion video

8 Scary Cleaning Chemicals to Avoid from Care 2

The more nasty chemicals you avoid the better, they can get into the tissues in your body and never come out. They can build up and can cause all kinds of havoc in the body. Make it a point to avoid harsh chemicals, there are always other choices. Please read the article below...


October 6, 2011

Nattokinase- A Natural Blood Thinner

My holistic chiropractor had originally mentioned to research nattokinase when I said I didn't want to take blood thinning prescription drugs like warfarin and coumadin. I have antiphospholipid antibodies which can increase my blot clot risk, it makes for "sticky blood".  This information is for educational info. To let you know there is another choice to decrease the risk of blood clots forming.

If you take prescription blood thinners, never stop suddenly. ALWAYS check with your doctor. If you see a conventional doctor you may want to try a seasoned holistic doctor to help you get off of prescription medications. You MUST do this in an educated way with an educated practitioner. You are talking life or death here!

Also don't take nattokinase if you are taking blood thinners without a doctor's OK.

To read up on nattokinase click below :



October 4, 2011

October 2011- Lupus Walks and Lupus Awareness and Research

Find a Lupus walk and join in if you can. If you are too weak, get a friend to drive you and just go to "feel the love" from others. (Bring sun protection an umbrella, hat and long sleeves and pants.)
If you are in the hospital or bedridden and can't make it at all, may God bless you, and please read about some of the doctors posted below. Check the internet and get the doctors' books in print or on CD or MP3 and listen. They have protocols that can help you feel better!

http://www.lupusliqueens.org/content.asp?id=607 This walk is near me. Search the internet for the walk closest to where you live.

If you have changed your diet and lifestyle and feel better or reversed your Lupus let the world know that.

Start a blog, twitter about it, facebook it. Shout it out. If a doctor, holistic or otherwise helped you reverse your disease or live a much higher quality of life, PLEASE spread the word! Also feel free to comment here or send me an email. lonedoggy@netzero.com

Some people I know for folks to get in touch with to help you on your healing journey.

People Who Feel Better With a Diet and Lifestyle Change (have or have had Lupus)




http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Stacey_Becker  (she has great articles)

Met another woman in Montana (she doesn't have a blog or other information out to contact her- sorry)

Doctors Who Can Help (These are holistic doctors that believe in food allergies,intolerances, diet change, getting rid of heavy metals, de-toxing and lifestyle changes such as stress reduction)

http://drhyman.com/ Mark Hyman MD

http://www.drfuhrman.com/ Joel Fuhrman MD

http://fredpescatore.com/drpescatore Fred Pescatore MD

http://web.me.com/stevenenninger/SteveNenninger/Home.html Steve Nenninger ND

October 3, 2011

Taking Down Monsanto from Dr. Mercola

Please watch the below video/s. If you live in California please help their initiative! Be a volunteer to collect signatures to get labeling GMO's on the ballot in November 2012!

October 1, 2011

October is Non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Month

There are Non-GMO events, protests, folks are trying to stop GMO's, encourage heirloom/organic seed saving and if GMO's are in products or produce is GMO, make it mandatory/law to label GMO foods as such. Here are some websites for more information. Have a nice weekend!

http://www.nongmoproject.org/  The Non-GMO Project Website

http://www.responsibletechnology.org/posts/?tag=labeling-of-gmos Jeffrey Smith Fight for Labelling GMO's

http://organicconsumers.org/monsanto/index.cfm Millions Against Monsanto (Monsanto creates GMO foods/ seeds and is trying to take over the world's seed crops and not allow farmer's to save their own seeds)

Also see my post on iradiation/ produce codes... if produce little sticker reads a 4 digit PLU code beginning with a  #3 (example-3498) the food was irradiated, treated with radiation, to kill bacteria/bugs. What does that do to the food? What does it do to us when we eat it?