October 13, 2011

Do We Need Animal Products in Our Diet? Should We Be Vegan?

Do we need animal products in our diet? My opinion at this point in time from my research is Yes! Here is an article from Dr. Mercola MD on the issue. Click the link below.

I am an animal lover and I support the utmost humane treatment of animals. I also don't feel that we need to eat a lot of animal products but organic free range eggs and raw milk if tolerated or organic free range meat and wild caught fish ocassionally can be beneficial. A plant based diet with a small bit of animal products would be what I strive for.  As always with any diet you choose make sure to get a nutrient profile as well as normal blood work to make sure your body has what it needs. A Metametrix Cardio Ion is one of the best tests for a full profile to see how your body is functioning. Remember even if your diet is "perfect" if your body's digestive system isn't digesting it properly you will have deficiencies that could lead to disease.


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