October 20, 2011

Febreze and Glade and Other "Stinky" Products

I know the holidays are coming, you'll have company, and you want your house to smell as good as it looks. Please don't use anything that has "fragrance" in it. The other chemicals in these products are horrible as well.

I told you about the dangers of fabric softener sheets, and fabric softeners....

Febreze and Glade and any other store bought air fresheners/candles/wall plug ins/sprays, are just as bad if not worse.



Easy ways to make your house smell great naturally:

Simmer some Cinnamon in water (Kevin Gianni's Ceylon Cinnamon smells and tastes better than regular cinnamon)

Bake a Pie

Bake Cookies

Make apple butter http://www.marthastewart.com/863806/overnight-apple-butter

Make dinner spices/turkey

Put some yummy smelling "raw food" in your dehydrator (raw carrot cake, raw pumpkin pie, spiced apple slices etc, I dehydrated strawberries over the summer what a great "scent"!!!.)

Make Coffee

Make Tea (especially chai and other spiced teas)

Essential oils

beeswax candles http://www.care2.com/greenliving/brilliant-beeswax-candles.html

environmentally friendly candles http://www.maddisonavenue.com/category/organic_candles/c26

 (make sure no lead wicks, no paraffin, no fragrance etc. (the word fragrance means it's not natural) http://www.herc.org/news/perfume/risks.htm

****The more I think of it, if you think with your brain on using these products you could say

"Let's spray some good smelling poisons around the house" Does that seem like a reasonable and smart thing to you ????

I should do a whole list of these
"A small drop of mercury can close down a lake because it is immensely toxic, hey let's put it in baby's/children's  vaccines and the fillings in children's/adults teeth too!"

"Let's have corn create it's own GMO pesticide right in the corn itself , pesticide only kills bugs right???"  (I don't know about you but I think pesticides kill people too....)

If people only thought with their brains and weren't so money hungry....


  1. I found this post after searching Google for information that may be linking my bloody noses to my use of Febreze. I just wish that you could go into detail about WHY it is a sweet smelling poison. What in it is bad? Why is it dangerous to our health - aside from it not being organic, and generally speaking anything made in a lab, such as chemicals, are bad?

  2. Frankie H,

    Also check for other vitamin and mineral deficienies for nose bleeds. Low B12 can cause nose bleeds. A urinary MMA test is the best test for B12, NOT a blood serum level.

    The more chemicals that go into your body the more your body has to work on getting rid of the chemicals through the liver or they get stored in the liver or the fat in your body...if the body is working so hard on the overload of chemicals it can build cells and digest foods and incorporate nutrients into the body. If the liver is too overworked it can stop functioning and the more chemicals that build up in the body can make your body so toxic that you can get diseases or even die. The pretty smells are just not worth all the chemicals...you can cook apples and cinnamon on the stove...or just lavendar tea to make your house or apartment smell great. You don't need or want Glade or Febreze!