October 17, 2011

Food Facts.com check out how your favorite foods stack up!

Happy Monday! Over the weekend I was looking at new recipes to try. Read on to hear about Food Facts.com

I found a recipe called Tuscan Style Chili  http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/tuscan-style-chili/c95a9b72-3490-4d4e-b13b-584c8f92bfc2/ looks yummy, but I wanted to make it dairy-free and healthier too. For my recipe "makeover" go to the end of this post.

The above recipe uses Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup and I wanted to look up the ingredients to see how bad they were and found this website. It looks great, the website NOT the soup! I wouldn't even touch the soup because it is in a can with a most likely BPA lining....that's something the Food Facts website does't mention...I also looked up store bought marshmallows (like Jet Puffed) and most if not all have  tetrasodium pyrophosphate I looked this up myself before and it says it's toxic. The website had no warning (controversial) on that ingredient. They also missed the corn ingredients...they're most likely GMO. But it gives you a ball park to strive for ...check it out!

If you click on each ingredient even the "OK" ones they have a dialog box that explains each ingredient.

My recipe "makeover" for Tuscan Style Chili

I will make my own homemade beans with a piece of kombu cooked in my pressure cooker. I will use vegan "Follow Your Heart" mozzarella cheese (if desired), and make my own homemade tomato- vegetable soup. I may put in organic sausage or bacon, or just stick with the beans to keep it vegan and add cumin or smoked paprika and/or fire-roasted tomatoes (can make or buy canned , I know.. watch the BPA lining) for a nice smokey flavor.
For that sausage flavor without the sausage, add sausage spices to the soup as well, here are some ideas.

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