May 27, 2014

A List of Holistic Practitioners

The following  holistic doctors and nutritionists, and combinations thereof, that practice nutrition and lifestyle changes and use little to no pharmaceutical drugs or surgery to treat illness. I have now attached their websites. Please take a look!

***I am getting a preliminary copy up for now and I will add practitioners and practitioner information as I go along.***

Mark Hyman MD UltraWellness  Massachusetts (has associates that practice at his healing center - he has a very limited practice personally)

Sherry Rogers MD Upstate New York (doesn't see patients any longer but does phone consults on Cardio Ion results)

Steve Nenninger ND (Naturopathic Doctor) Port Jefferson NY, other locations as well?

Donielle Wilson ND (Naturopathic Doctor) Port Jefferson NY, also CT, Manhattan NY

Fred Pescatore MD Manhattan NY

Christine Gizoni (Chiropractor/Nutritionist) Sayville NY

Joel Fuhrman MD New Jersey

Peter Osborne (Chiropractor/Nutritionist) Sugar Land TX

Joseph Mercola MD Illinois

Brenda Watson CNC  (nutrition) 

John LaPuma MD  Santa Barbara CA

Neal Barnard MD  Washington DC

John McDougall MD  Santa Rosa CA

Gabriel Cousins MD Patagonia AZ

Dr. Brian Clement - Hippocrates Health Institute  West Palm Beach, FL

Chris Reading MD(regret to say he passed away- but still research his works!)

May 17, 2014

How to Achieve Happiness (and Happiness Creates Health)

Hope this picture makes you smile!
Chronic stress can create chronic disease.

Happiness can create health. Your immune system works better. Your brain and your body work in harmony and everything is right with the world. Give me a second here and just indulge this thought. I had a fiancé years ago that wouldn't let things get him down. He "practiced" being happy no matter what the situation was. It's easier to be happy when you had a little tiff with a loved one than if you got the news that you have cancer. But YES in BOTH situations you can practice being happy. It is a learned art. Now, if you have someone in your life that chronically makes you feel bad DUMP THEM!

I am a dog trainer and I can tell you that if you pretend to be confident (body language/breathing etc) even if you are scared of a dog they will respond to you as you are the leader.

You can learn to have the body language and "pretend" to be happy and you will actually BECOME happier.

Watch comedies, watch comedians, hang with folks in your life that make you smile/laugh. Read joke books. Do exercise you REALLY like. Do hobbies/activities that you really like. Breathe.

For more information articles click on the links below

May 13, 2014

Mark Hyman MD's Emergency Food Pack (Gluten Free/Dairy Free)

If you're on a gluten free/dairy free diet and/or a gluten free/ vegan diet you should bring food with you in case you're starving and all that might be available is a fast food joint or some other poor choice.  Dr. Hyman is not vegan or egg free, so adjust below to watch the video.

Mason jars are also great for transporting foods, if you will eat foods relatively soon, you can also bring things like  green salads /bean salads with a small mason jar of dressing on the side, green smoothies etc. Yes, it takes planning and effort but your health is worth it!

May 9, 2014

Sunshine and Lupus Don't Mix...Wish I Understood Why...

In the middle of the day I do my "Michael Jackson" impression (as my kids call it)
I am not and never was a sun worshipper. That being said there are only 2 times of the year that I REALLY want to lounge in the sun for a bit. Spring (now) and fall/autumn. Remember though it's still chilly, the sun is extremely strong in the spring and fall.

If you have Lupus the sun is one of those things that is said to be a "no no".

For me I can get cutaneous Lupus sores and I generally feel like death (super tired) when I leave my "time in the sun".

This is one of those mysteries I wish someone could explain. Most people go in the sun and benefit from it by getting their daily dose (or at least part of it) of Vitamin D3.

If you choose to use sunscreen, make sure it has good ingredients.

You can also choose to use clothes/umbrella/shade.

Don't go out in mid day when the sun is very strong 10:00am-2 or 3:00 pm . Do gardening in the early evening when the sun is least strong.

Watch out for fluorescent lights indoors too. They can cause problems for folks with Lupus as well. Enjoy the following article. Click below.