August 30, 2011

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Lupus Girl Goes Raw (Lisa)

I watched "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" over the weekend. This video was excellent!
One of the easiest videos to understand, each point is made clearly and precisely and really hits home.
Thanks to Lisa for recommending it, Joe Cross for making it, the library for purchasing it to loan out to folks like me, and to God for continually putting all this info in my path for my health as well as what I share to help others !

Thanks Lisa for this post. I love to watch these videos and then recommend them to friends/clients/and anyone else who wants info on how to be healthier.  I haven't seen this yet but I have requested it from my local library. I will take Lupus Girl's word for it that it is a must see and pass it on to you as well! Here is the link to the post by Lupus Girl Goes Raw in Colorado.... Lisa'a post on her blog Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead's website

August 29, 2011

Watch "The Last Heart Attack" Video

Click below to watch the show in it's entirety

6 Reasons to Go Wheat Free by Care 2

I liked this article and I, myself, have seen tremendous benefits to going wheat/gluten free!

****One caution please get tested for Celiac Disease BEFORE going gluten free or the Celiac test can be compromised and you can get a false negative.****

Years ago a holistic doctor told me by muscle testing/kinesiology that I had food allergies/intolerances (I have since also had blood testing to confirm the food allergies/intolerances) and if I had to do it over again I would have gotten tested for Celiac Disease right away! (Now I don't want to go back to eating gluten for weeks/months to get tested because I have headaches/joint pains/sinus pressure pain/earaches/ear fluid and much more if I eat gluten---I just know I feel better without gluten and I will continue to eat this way--- Celiac or not)

Please click below to read the article....

CNN's "The Last Heart Attack" was on last night !

August 28, 2011
CNN’s “The Last Heart Attack" Airing TONIGHT
“THE LAST HEART ATTACK” has been rescheduled for TONIGHT at 9pm and 12 ET, 6 and 9pm PT. The CNN one-hour special hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta features Bill Clinton along with FOK’s Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Terry Mason. Tune in!
DVD & Blu-Ray Available for Immediate Shipment
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August 24, 2011

Family Fun Healthy Food "Art"

My daughter showed me this link, perfect for the last days of summer snacks or after school snacks when school starts. Click below..

August 23, 2011

Mom of Autistic Child Reverses Autism (and Her Green Smoothie Recipes)

Please click on the link below for recipes and this mom's story (just scroll down a little bit for the mom's story). Started out this morning looking for great green smoothie recipes and found this mom's site. Please know that what you put in your mouth can make you or break you! Eat healthy and live a great life!
I am always amazed at the symptoms/ problems/ nutritional deficiencies/food allergies of Autism are so much mirrored in Lupus. In other words what helps reverse Autism usually is great for helping reverse Lupus too!

August 22, 2011

Why So Many Intolerant to Gluten?

Two articles on theories as to why so many people are Celiacs/Gluten Intolerant. A friend at my husband's job told him about Sears and his research, the second article/paper.

Also more info in the first article on research linking brain function/issues to gluten consumption in affected individuals.

August 21, 2011

Tonight! Monday Evening (8/22) Bill Clinton Interview on Vegan Diet on CNN

GRRRRR! Was pre-empted again! Look for your local listings there will be many future airings I think the next one is 8/27/2011 but double check please. I hope we get to see it soon...
Last night, Sunday, this interview was interupted by the coverage of the problems in Libya. CNN listings say they will re- air this tonight at 8:00pm Eastern time. (There are other air dates as well please check your local listings) 

It is a definite "must watch" for anyone that has heart disease or any other chronic disease for that matter! Please watch and get your loved ones with heart disease to watch as well. People need to know they have the power to get well, much of that power is to choose the proper foods that you can eat to get well. Video Clip of Interview
Jill Harrington (wrote the book "The Lupus Recovery Diet") announcement on interview tonight on CNN

August 19, 2011

" but I don't seem to digest greens and veggies well"

Do you or someone you know say this? When I give healthy cooking classes I invarariably hear this statement from someone.

What could cause this phenomenon...

What else is on your salad? Ranch dressing? (Dairy) Oil? Nuts? Vinegar? Lemon juice? Other citrus juices? Cheese? Croutons? Raw broccoli? Other raw cruciferous veggies? (Blanching them might help) Spices? If you include these ingredients not only are you including many of the top 10 allergens/intolerances, but you are also packing a wallop of excess calories on your "healthy" salad. Fats can be hard for people to digest as well. In general vinegar and lemon juice add acidity to your stomach to help you digest the veggies better.

Top 10 Food Allergens in the US:

  1. Dairy
  2. Eggs
  3. Fish
  4. Peanuts
  5. Tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, etc)
  6. Sesame
  7. Shellfish and other seafood
  8. Soy
  9. Wheat
  10. Gluten – a protein commonly found in wheat, but also in barley, rye, and some other grains.
  • Milk and egg allergies are the most common food allergies in children
  • Fish and shellfish are the most common food allergies in adults
  • Here in the US, peanut and tree nut allergies trigger the most fatal and near fatal reactions – anaphylaxis


What are cruciferous veggies?

Maybe it's time to experiment...when you eat carrot sticks plain does it make your tummy rumble in a bad way? gas? burp? or is it only when you dip them in ranch dressing. Beware of heavy raw food nut laden dressings as well.

I know plain veggies can be boring...then experiment,,,, what do you feel good having on your salad? Is it the veggies or the dressing and other additions that are causing tummy troubles and gas?

August 17, 2011

MS and Lupus and the Kushi Institute

The Kushi Institute teaches the Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle. Please click on the link below to see the stories of 2 people, one with Lupus and the other with Multiple Sclerosis and how the Kushi Institute and the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle helped each of them.

August 15, 2011

Why Do I Really Crave Foods? A Tapping Video

This really hit home for me. Not necessarily that I have a father issue...but what does cause me to overeat at times, crave candy, be defiant, it is great to take a hard look at your issues and not just ignore the root cause of those issues. Please watch I think you will have an "Aha moment" as Oprah calls them...

Gluten Free Spells Success for Big Time Athletes

Please read this article from Gluten Free Works. If being gluten free can help these athletes perform better, then it can definitely help a person with Lupus have more energy and a fuller life too. You may not want to be a star athlete, but maybe you just want to have a little more energy to go on a vacation, play with your children, go on a hike, or just live whatever dream you have in your mind for your perfect life.

One thing they don't mention in the article is the connection between mental clarity that can come from going gluten free. Your brain just functions better, you can think and react quicker! Then there is the lessening of joint pains, headaches, sinus pain oh the list goes on and on!

***Always get tested for Celiac Disease BEFORE you go gluten free, you need to know if this diet will be a lifetime necessity or just a trial diet. If you have Celiac Disease and eat gluten there are many health pitfalls and even a much greater chance of cancer other disease and even death!

August 12, 2011

Raw Milk and Gov't Swat Style Raids on Farmers

I would try raw goat's milk if I could find it (most farmers have to sell it underground as it is illegal) it good for Lupus? It depends...many people are sensitive/intolerant to dairy products. I personally have issues with cow's milk but goat's milk seems to be OK on my allergy tests and in my tummy when I drink it. I think the issues with whether dairy is good or bad for all people, relies on a case by case basis as to what a specific person's body can tolerate and that body's needs.

Could raw milk have dangerous bacteria in it?  Yes! But, a person in the US should have the right to  purchase it with a label specifying "Drink at your own risk" Why do they sell cigarettes with a warning label that cigarettes can kill you but they won't sell fresh raw milk???? Come on! Where is the justice????
Please pass this along to heighten awareness. Animation/Video Article

August 11, 2011

Some Thoughts...and Future Post Ideas

1) First  I wanted to say life has been a little crazy around here again. Wanted to post each day....not getting to it.  My marriage is having "issues" again. GRRRR! Wish we could get on an even keel....I know the stress from a bad relationship affects my health.

Heard Andrew Weil say on a CD set that 2 of his patients had Lupus and after one patient found Jesus and the other dumped a bad relationship and fell in love in a good relationship both had no further signs of Lupus. Supposedly no other changes were made. I know hard to believe but he says it! Want to write a post on this,  found some other interesting info to go along with this.

I really wish I could get this part of my life/marriage straightened out.

2) Heated oils are not good for us. If you want to detox avoid heated oils. Will try to do a piece on this.
Acrylamides are even in muffins, not only deep fried foods like french fries and potato chips. Coconut oil is said to keep it's integrity when heated...will look into this.

3) Being Gluten Free helps prevent eating too large portions for me.
a) Gluten Free and allergy free foods are much more expensive to buy (so I eat smaller portions and buy less too)
b) Less bread, cakes, cookies, donuts (can't just get premade yummies to stuff my face) A lot more work goes into making these things for myself and my family when we want them. Can't just stop at Dunkin Donuts and load up (yes I used to do this years ago, I was a major junk food junkie!)

4) Celiac Disease and Lupus go hand in hand. I learned this and researched it and I want to share it with the world. EVERY Lupus patient should be aware of this!

5) People keep trying to post about Bovine Thyroid in my comments. I need to research this. Is it really a good solution?

6) Drugs are not the only way to feel better/get better and you have the right to make an educated decision of whether to take the medications or not. The doctor can ask you if you want to take prescription meds that they offer but they cannot "force" you. Want EVERY Lupus patient to know this also.

7) Your doctor doesn't know everything. Doctors are not Gods they are human, they cannot know all the research, they cannot "know all" . You pay your doctor and they should direct you to the answers as best they can. They should not force their opinions on you and they should respect you as an intelligent human being and respect you that you chose them to help you and that you are paying them the big bucks... they "work" for YOU!!!! Also would they take the medications/ treatments they are giving to you? Would they treat their own mother/family with these protocols?

8) Health is "catchy" !!! The more you hang around with people that are trying to be healthier it rubs off on you too! Please seek out information and people with information on how to get and stay healthy!

August 8, 2011

Animal Products and How to Choose Wisely

Forgive me for today's post, those of you who follow a vegan I wanted to talk about animal products...

I occasionally eat animal products. When I do I try to make sure that they are organic or as close to organic as possible. I recently found a farmer at my local farmer's market, that has a farm in upstate NY that says he cares for the animals well and they are free range and grass fed...but how do I really know if I don't visit the farm?...I have entertained the idea of visiting the farm...he is not certified organic, just claims to be following organic procedures and I have heard that it is very costly to get certified as organic and then the price of the products goes up.

For a long while I bought "Nature's Promise" Meats at Stop and Shop. This is their meat info link.
These are better than regular standards but still not optimum.

I do not eat eggs and dairy because of my IgG allergy tests. A chiropractor friend of mine had told me that some of her patients reacted to store-bought eggs but were fine with farm fresh, cage free grass and insect fed eggs....This really has made me wonder.... does what the animal eat while it is being raised affect the person eating it afterwards???

 I did try goat milk yogurt and goat milk cheese (IgG test was OK) from a farmer out East recently, it was incredibly expensive but my belly seemed to tolerate it, and I didn't seem to have ill effects...I still wouldn't eat this regularly...too much cheese and dairy would cause mucus and weight gain and high cholesterol etc. Another thing to be aware of is that pasture raised animals have more Omega 3's in their eggs and their meat with is better for humans to eat and Omega 3's cut the body's inflammation. Meats, if eaten, should be a small part of the diet with plant foods leading the way by a mile! Eat those greens and veggies, eat "the rainbow" of brightly colored plant foods each day for optimum health.

For example if a person had an allergy/intolerance to soy if the chicken was fed soy and then a person ate that chicken or it's eggs would the soy protein still be viable to cause an issue in the soy allergic/intolerant person't body? These folks seem to think so and so did my chiropractor friend.
An animal on a "vegetarian diet" can eat a lot of soy. (I haven't looked into it in depth but after studying dog and cat foods thoroughly their are some scary things in animal food/feeds God knows what they are feeding chickens in a "healthy" sounding "All Vegetarian Diet") Soy free animals/products Coco feed

What to feed chickens? This is what these folks recommend...

August 5, 2011

Healing Kidneys Interview with David Wolfe and Dr. Mercola and more on Holistic Kidney Healing

Again, please, please, please, research for yourself and know that drugs are not the ONLY way to feel better. (Also drugs will not heal you they will only suppress your symptoms and can cause more toxicity for your liver and kidneys to have to deal with) See the results below found on Dr. Fuhrman's site. I assure you this is not an isolated incident many people get better and can reverse disease by changing their diet and lifestyle and correcting deficiencies and ridding the body of excess toxins. Read books, research on the internet , go to holistic doctor's talks, look ar doctor's videos on the internet. Walter Last -  Healing Kidneys Holistically
From Joel Fuhrman MD's  site an Autoimmune patient has this to say...

"Incredibly, the diet got me better and my kidney function returned to normal in about 4 months. I am so grateful to have been lucky enough to find Dr. Fuhrman and get his advice that probably saved my life!" Julisa Taveras - Age 15 Lupus patient Mark Hyman on Glutathione and Healing (kidney disease too- video)

August 2, 2011

Good /Healthy vs Bad/Unhealthy Gluten Free Foods

This is NOT Real Food! Not Gluten Free either... Just read the ingredient label...

Today I want to explain the difference between good (healthy) and bad (unhealthy) gluten free foods.
I get so frustrated when I see a TV show or read an article that says that Gluten Free Diets are unhealthy this is simply happened again this morning.

Yes Virginia, you can go gluten free and be EVEN healthier than before.

If you replace the whole grain breads with processed, empty starch flours/ breads (potato starch, arrowroot, tapioca etc., and the whole grain pastas with  white rice pastas and other empty starches this would be an unhealthy diet and your intestines will become gummed up with gluten free carbs instead of wheat/barley and rye starches/carbs....both can take a toll on the health of your intestines!

However if you remove the gluten full/bread/ cakes/cookies/ donuts and fill in that part of your diet with other healthy whole grains amaranth, quinoa, millet and such (if you choose to eat grains) or veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, sea veggies, and take out the processed foods and the dyes and artificial ingredients, take out the refined sugar (take out much of the sugars in general or remove completely except for the natural sugars from whole fruits... if tolerated). This is a much healthier gluten free diet and you will get plenty of fiber and even more nutrients than before!

My recipe blogs have different health ratings. Both of my recipe blogs are gluten free and  dairy free and mostly to totally egg free. Lupus Hope Cookbook blog is almost all super healthy recipes/foods. My Family's Favorite GFCF Recipes blog gets a much lower score for healthy recipes. Not that all the recipes are awful, some recipes are just not super healthy and some recipes/meals/treats are downright unhealthy....sorry it serves the purpose of satisfying a craving occasionally mainly, but some recipes are healthy too.
Maybe I should have a  health ratings system on that blog. Lupus Hope Cookbook - Super Healthy and Healing Recipes My Family's Favorite GFCF Recipes - Some Healthy, Some Not So Healthy Recipes for when cravings strike (for use occasional use, or if really ill you may want to skip this altogether for now)

Many diets are natural elimination diets, take the following examples --- meaning that they avoid many or all of the top food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities. Top 20 Food Allergies

Raw Foods Diet  no eggs, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no yeast, no gluten, not much soy but some use shoyu/tamari shoyu contains wheat, tamari does not - but some wheat and barley, some natural sugars Tons of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, sprouted beans, sea veggies, nothing cooked to over 115 degrees.

Macrobiotics  little meat or no meat, little fish or no fish, fermented soy, some unfermented soy, sea veggies, veggies, little fruit, breads and wheat and yeast and some low sugar treats are allowed  mostly cooked, some raw - no eggs, no dairy

Paleolithic Diet (sometimes called the Caveman Diet) eggs, lean meats, fish, nuts, seeds, vegs, fruits, are allowed - no dairy, soy, grains, breads etc. Meats and fish are cooked veggies are raw or cooked

  All of the above diets totally avoid processed foods/dyes, artificial flavors and colors, as well as all dairy products.
Less processed carbs, less bready and pasta carbs to no grains/breads at all, and the above diets include more fruits and veggies and whole real foods. Foods that your grandmother's grandmother would recognize at the farm or things that would grow on trees/bushes/plants from the earth. Or real pasture fed organic well cared for animals for meat, or wild caught fish.

When you are dealing with a sickness or disease you need the best nutrition possible for your body to feed your cells and correct any deficiencies so your body gets what it needs to start the healing process.

 Eliminating toxins, and foods and additives that your body doesn't recognize and doesn't know how to process, and last but not least to avoid those foods that you are allergic/intolerant/sensitive to can help your immune system to calm down and start fighting the real invaders instead of the perceived (foods that you are sensitive to and other unrecognizeable pretend foods/additives) invaders.

Another older article that I posted a while back

August 1, 2011

Irish Moss Trials and Tribulations

Well I tried to make my first Irish Moss recipe...I tried a Raw Lemon Meringue Pie Filling from the book "Sweet Gratitude" by Cafe Gratitude. No luck with me getting the filling to gel, but I will try again.

I looked at various how to videos on the internet on how to prepare and use Irish Moss in raw food recipes and I will try again.

My pie filling did taste great it just was thickish (like a smoothie) but never truly gelled firmly like it should have....

I put the batch in the freezer and it makes a great "ice cream" treat....I didn't want to throw it away...

I would appreciate any advice from any of you that have had success with using Irish Moss. Thanks!