October 30, 2009

Metametrix Cardio ION Panel

This is the blood test that Dr. Sherry Rogers MD recommends. The results of this test give an incredible amount of information to the doctor. I heard that the test is expensive, around $1000, and I don't believe that insurance will cover it, but you can always try...

Here is the link :

Here is a link to a sample report

The amount of information in this one test is OUTRAGEOUS! then the doctor can know exactly what you health issues are and go about correcting them to restore you back to health!

Lupus Hope Healing Plan NEW!!!

I realized that as my blog grows in size, it is not so easy for me to counsel people to print it out and read it like a book... Although if you have enough ink in your printer and a well working printer that is still an option.

For those who don't have the patience or time to read Lupus Hope in it's entirety, look at my new Lupus Hope Healing Plan blog. http://lupushopehealingplan.blogspot.com/  It gives just the basics of what I have done and what I will continue to do in the future to try to heal my Lupus. I am so much healthier than I was! I took charge of my life and my health and YOU CAN TOO!

Please visit my new blog to get the basic health plan and then for more detailed information check my Lupus Hope blog at http://lupushope.blogspot.com/

October 27, 2009

Satisfying Cravings with Healthier Versions

Hi Everyone!

I have had some requests to go over how to change your diet. I will first tell you what I did and then I will give you the advice I wish someone would have given me at the beginning.

I went for kinesiology testing with a chiropractor, she said Lupus and all autoimmune diseases were related to leaky gut and leaky gut over time created many food allergies. All of my food allergies were causing more inflammation in my body, and it's a no brainer that anything that causes inflammation...especially when you have Lupus, is a BAD THING!

So I came home that day and on a few future visits with a list a mile long of foods to avoid.

At first this is what I did for substitutions:
(Vegan means no eggs or dairy in this case)

Food Allergy

regular cupcakes and cookies
regular bread, biscuits, and pizza
chocolate pudding with milk/eggs
regular mayonaise
wheat tortillas
ice cream
gluten grains
regular crackers


GF Vegan cupcakes and cookies
GF Vegan Bread, biscuits, pizza
Tofu chocolate pudding
soy mayonaise
corn or rice tortillas
soy or rice ice cream
GF grains quinoa,millet, brown rice
GF Vegan crackers

I have many GREAT recipes for GF Vegan and GFCF on my blog at

There were lots more substitutions waffles, hot pretzels, GF breaded chicken cutlets, etc.

Then I realized that all those starches and sugars were probably not great for my body either and now my diet substitutions are more like this:

Food Allergies

cupcakes and cookies
gluten grains
chicken/ beef
ice cream
potato chips
hot chocolate


Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas
Raw food treats sweetened mostly with dry fruits
GFCF chocolate or raw chocolate
quinoa, millet, brown rice some times sprouted sometimes cooked
flax crackers
raw almond butter with 1/2 tsp of raspberry jelly or raw key lime pie or 1/2 avacado
nut milk smoothies with fruit or cacao nibs or both
kale chips in the dehydrator
almond milk hot cocoa

Of course on both plans there are TONS of veggies and some fruits added in both, I just avoid the veggies and fruits I am allergic/intolerant to. What I want to show here is that you CAN still have foods that satisfy you and they can be healthy and delicious. Please see my Lupus Hope Cookbook blog for delicious recipes that are good for you too! http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/

If you would like to email me at lonedoggy@netzero.com with a specific food or foods that you love and don't want to give up, I will try to find or make a recipe that will be like your old favorite foods but much healthier!

Alissa Cohen in her book "Living on Live Food" has many "mock" raw foods such as pizza, enchiladas, calzones, chick-un patties, sausage, meat loaves, mashed potatoes and gravy!
She also has many desserts too. Also see my recoomendations on other raw food books as well at

This is "do-able" but at the beginning changing your diet is hard and challenging, but with each day it gets easier and you get more into a routine, and your new found better health is WORTH IT!
My advice is skip the gluten free and vegan goodies and go RIGHT TO the raw and/or macrobiotic foods they are much healthier in the long run! If you feel the need to go slower though, take the gluten free goodies and breads and ease in to the raw and /or macrobiotic foods
Good Luck to all of you and if you have any questions just ask...you can email me or post a comment below!

October 26, 2009

Nutritional Kinesiology and Vibrational Energies

This is a topic that has surfaced for me lately...Here are my thoughts on this topic.
I believe God made foods that we can all eat in moderation. On the other hand we, as a nation/world have "messed with" the environment/foods too much. There are so much toxic chemicals and pesticides in our world. I feel that these toxins, plus candida and other parasites, plus daily stress, and nutritional deficiencies from poor choices of foods and malabsorption from digestive issues create allergies to foods in our bodies.

This is what I am dealing with right now.... TONS of allergies to foods! Keep in mind that every time you ingest an allergic food your immune system has to kick in to rid your body of that allergen. Your immune system recognizes it, not as a healthy food, but, as a foreign invader and with white blood cells and inflammation takes care that the allergen is removed from your body. So if you have a hidden or unknown allergy and you continually eat that food you will have MASSIVE inflammation that never COOLS OFF! Hello Lupus!

I have heard many people mention the "vibrational energy" of foods. Especially when talking or reading about raw foods. When a food is uncooked in it's raw and natural state it has more ENERGY. Many times people call this more vibrational energy.

When I started my journey to health I tried Nutritional Kinesiology. This form of allergy testing not only can test for allergy/inolerance but also if your body can tolerate the food's vibrational energy.

With Nutritional Kinesiology the practicioner tests to see if your own bodies' energy gets weaker or stronger from the ingestion of a foods' energy. Each food is tested separately. For more on this see my post at http://lupushope.blogspot.com/2009/03/nutritional-kinesiology.html

Do check into you Nutritional Kinesiology practioner's success rate. Get recommendations from trusted patients/friends. A great Nutrtional Kinesiology Practicioner is worth their weight in gold!

I think many people who are Raw Foodists do not consider allergies/intolerances. You CAN be allergic/intolerant to HEALTHY foods! Take it from me I have "issues" with asparagus, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, cranberries, pomegranates, bananas, pecans, nutritional yeast(seemingly "healthy" foods) and not only through kinesiology testing but also many show up on my IgG blood tests too!

Obviously there are other ways you can tell the food energy just doesn't match yours the more you get in tune with your body. You may feel too sluggish or too hyper or too stressed. Read Theron Randolph's book "An Alternative Approach to Allergies" for some outrageous ideas into "hard to believe" food allergy symptoms from runny nose to schizophrenia! You will hear many raw foodists say that they are going to eliminate something from their diet because it just doesn't "feel right" to have it any more. I believe it is the energy in the food doesn't match with the person's energy anymore. Our cells are always dying and replenishing with new cells, our body is always in a changing state. So the foods you tolerate change too.

Have you ever listened to certain music and felt "recharged" or watched a sad movie and felt "depressed" or eaten a food and felt like "going to sleep" , or is there a person at work that you always feel upset or uneasy after speaking to? Everything and every person has an energy or a vibe and if their vibe isn't synergistic with your vibe you will not feel great and be at your optimum energy level.

Pay attention to your body and how it feels today as you eat and do the things you need to today! Please God give everyone reading this time to find moments of peace today so they can really listen to their bodies and change what they need to to feel better! Amen !


October 23, 2009

Is there a Dietary Change in Your Future? QUIZ!

This is from a previous post... but I meet people out and about and on-line everyday that have a VERY HARD time trying to commit to changing their eating habits. Just recently it was my dental health technician. She cleaned my teeth and noticed that my mouth looked healthier, and that I'd lost lots of weight...I told her of my incredible changes with my diet. She was very curious and very interested but was afraid to take the "leap" she has 2 children and a husband, this always makes things more difficult, but I have a husband and 2 children too, and although it was, and is a little harder to go to someone's house/ go out to eat, I feel it is worth it for my health.
I had originally made up this test because I was on 2 Lupus lists that were only medication based and no one wanted to change their diet at all, they would just take tons of toxic medications to mask the symptoms of their Lupus and never get to the ROOT CAUSE to try and heal their body!
I forgot to give this test to my students in my class, but I will give it to the students in my next class in January.

Enjoy the post/quiz!

A Dietary Change in your future???

I want to have healthy eating, nutrition and health classes, this is a test I thought of to give my students...if you want to take it...go ahead...it would shed light on your most difficult obstacles. Good Luck!

Also look up Wayne Dyer's book "Excuses be Gone" he has a TV program that is a seminar about the book on PBS lately. I watched it and it was great...we all have excuses not to make a change for the better and Wayne Dyer shows us how silly all of our "excuses" are....

1) If you could definitely be healthier (and even possibly leave diseases/health problems behind)how likely would you be to change to a healthier diet?

least likely 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 most likely

2)If you answered least likely or undecided(middle of the road) what are your biggest obstacles:

a) You feel that you deserve your favorite unhealthy foods as a "reward" because you are sick or in pain.

b) Too costly to buy healthy food

c) Too time consuming to make healthy foods

d) You are "addicted" to your unhealthy foods and just can't do it!

e)Would be too difficult for your family because everyone would have to have different dinners/meals

f)Don't know where to shop for healthy foods

g) No support to stay on your eating plan

h) Don't have healthy recipes

i) Too hard to go out to eat, or, too hard to go to a friend's house/party to eat

3) Why wouldn't you try Alternative Medicine/Holistic Medicine

a)Had a bad personal experience with it

b) A friend told you of a bad experience

c) Just don't trust "those" kind of doctors

d) Trust my real medications more

e) Want immediate relief from real medications

October 22, 2009

My Anniversary was yesterday

Our anniversary was yesterday and my husband took off from work and we went on a little adventure. We felt a little like Kevin and Ann Marie Gianni(we have an RV too) here are some photos. We didn't prepare raw food in our RV but we took along a healthy feast, packed in a cooler.

Our 1977 GMC Motorhome(my husband's "toy") It's lots of fun to camp in!

Raw Green Bean Salad

A Green Smoothie to start the day!

GFCF Pecan Raisin Chocolates

Enjoying the fire on a chilly day

No it's not coffee or tea it's "Natural Calm" magnesium drink

The beach at the campground

We found another couple with a 1977 GMC Motorhome too!

Tim and I by the fire

Our food for the day packed in Pyrex(some raw food some not)

Our cooler all packed for our camping day trip

Lunch, a delicious stir fry in a brown rice tortilla(more like macrobiotics cooking , and yes that's meat in there, a little bit of organic ground turkey)

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood Cell Analysis

I want to find a practitioner in my area this is SO COOL! The difference between healthy and unhealthy is amazing. I have been told that because of my antiphospholipid antibodies that my blood tends to stick/clump together.... now I'd really like to see my blood and what it looks like!


October 20, 2009

I just LOVE this saying...

From an Italian Grandmother "Better to pay the grocer, than the doctor." When describing the cost and love and work and nutrition she put into her cooking.... I just LOVE this saying! Grandmas know what is going on and how to be healthy. We all need to turn to our grandparents and/or our great grandparents and have gardens and exercise by doing chores/gardening as I forefathers did. This is the way things should be...not processed man made chemicals/pesticides in our food and clothes and houses...YUK!
Go NATURAL, if your grandma wouldn't have recognized it as food DON"T EAT IT!

Have a GREAT and HEALTHY day!

October 19, 2009

Organic Cotton Clothes at Walmart

Went to Walmart over the weekend to shop for sweats. It's been 40 degrees and windy and rainy lately here in NY...I need to keep WARM! Thank goodness the high is going up to 52 today and it is sunny and tomorrow and the next few days will be in the 60's again(60's are what the normal temperature should be here, now).

I have been trying to make better and more natural and healthy choices when it comes to things that will be touching my skin. I found that the sweats at Walmart are 50%cotton 50%polyester.
I am trying to stay away from synthetic(fake) materials, so I didn't buy the sweats.

As I was shopping my husband pointed out organic cotton PJ's I bought those instead. There are very nice and warm and comfy, the price wasn't bad either!

I also found pants at Marshall's recently that were bamboo/cotton and very small amount of spandex(OK spandex is synthetic but there was a very small amount) it looks like retail is trying to go organic... yeah!

Also my husband and I have found organic cotton sheets at Walmart and Target!

Everything that touches your skin affects your body, shop for organic clothes if you can find them and get natural made materials, not things created in the laboratory. Have a GREAT day!

Exercise... my Arch Enemy

Exercising is my one arch enemy...it's not that I don't walk, and do housework, and do yard work, but it is very hard for me to incorporate REAL exercise into my day. I know what you're thinking but you do lots with the regular chores around your house...

I feel I need more, todayI decided to try sitting on my large exercise ball while a posted on my blogs. It is nice and gave me a stretch/nice workout for my muscles and helped my posture!
I will do this everyday from now on also I found some back exercises on the internet that I have been doing. My chiropractor recommended stregthening my back and core muscles.

If anyone has ideas for fun exercising please do tell me! Comment below if you like... Thanks!


Hey Lupus Girl ask and ye shall receive.

I went to the local health food store this weekend and was talking to my husband about sprouts, I was sad that I didn't see sunflower seeds to sprout and a woman who was shopping said if I was looking for any seeds to sprout, there was a company she ordered from on line called Sprout People at http://www.sproutpeople.com/ I looked at the site this weekend and they have a whole lot of seeds and information and recipes etc.

Of course you can go to the store and get any regular raw grains/dried beans and you can sprout them. Never sprout nightshade veggies as the plants/ greens themselves are poisinous!
"Living on Live Food" by Alissa Cohen has a VERY extensive section on sprouting. You can usually find it at your local library.
In the winter in NY (winter's coming already the last 4 days we had 40 degree weather- not usual for this time of year..) you KNOW I'll be sprouting!

You do need a little counter space and after the sprouts germinate a little natural sunlight

I use a stainless steel sieve and a stainless steel bowl(Never Use Aluminum because of contamination) some people use plastic but it depends how you feel about that(I don't like plastic and try not to use it)
1)I soak the seeds for the recommended time
2) then drain and rinse them
3) rinse and drain 2-3 times each day(you must do this or the sprouts can grow mold)
4)when grown to desired length, rinse drain and refrigerate(they only have a short shelf life so eat them quickly)

In Living on Live Food Alissa Cohen tells the dry quanity, the yield, the soaking time, how many rinsings/day, sprouting time etc.

Try your hand as long as the seeds are alive it's easy to succeed at this!
You can also grow the sprouts in soil, much of wheat grass is grown this way.
Alissa says to use the hard wheat berries fr growing wheat grass.
Have fun managing your kitchen micro farm!

Ordered some raw cacao butter

My order of raw cacao butter came in! I also have raw cacao nibs that I will grind. I am going the "try my hand" at making raw chocolate!
I will post recipes on my Lupus Hope Cookbook blog as I find great ones to share.

If anyone has a good recipe for raw chocolate let me know... Thanks!

Lupus Walk

I had wanted to attend the local Lupus Walk yesterday and hand out nutrition information and my blog addresses, but the weather herre was horrendous! It was 40 degrees windy and very rainy.

I decided that for the protection of my health I should not be out in such weather and felt sorry for all those Lupus sufferers that made it a point to go to the walk and participate.

I also thought that my flyers weren't waterproof and wouldn't have made it.....

If anyone knows of a great idea on how to get my information to people with Lupus please comment below or email me at lonedoggy@netzero.com

Feeling sad that I didn't make it, I really want to get the word out!

Veggie "Cheat Sheet" from Veria Network

You probably have heard the expression, "One man's meat is another man's poisin", well you can replace "meat" with any other allergenic food. This is a good list but I urge you all to get tested for allergies because on this list of "healthy foods" I am allergic/intolerant to garlic, tomatoes, and onions. You can ask your doctor for an IgG and and IgE test for food allergies/intolerances.


Think of these vegetables as part of your essential food kit. Keep this list on hand when you go shopping, and when you’re planning your meals.

Broccoli. High in vitamins C, K, and A. Has proven antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-cancer properties.

Cauliflower. In addition to having most of the benefits of broccoli, it has been shown in some studies to decrease the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Carrots. Rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and minerals. And most importantly, extremely high in Vitamin A, which is absolutely essential to healthy eyesight.

Green Peas. High in vitamins K and B6. A great source of folic acid. Have been shown to build strong bones.

Tomatoes. (Botanically, tomatoes are actually fruits, but they are classified nutritionally as vegetables.) A great source of vitamin C and A, they also contain high amounts of lycopene – one of the most potent natural antioxidants. Studies suggest they support the skin’s natural protection against ultraviolet rays.

Sweet Potatoes. Packed with protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamin A, and minerals. One of the best foods to get stuck with on a desert island.

Garlic. A powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, used in many folk traditions as an immune-booster and expectorant. Plus it’s an essential flavor in every kitchen.

Onions. High in antioxidants and quercetin, they are often used as a home remedy to cure sore throats. Some studies indicate that they may help preven osteoporosis.

Leafy Green Vegetables. Think kale, chard, collard greens, spinach, parsley and dark green and red leaf lettuce. The specifics differ slightly among varieties, but most leafy green vegetables are rich in, well, everything, including Vitamins C, E, K, A, B2, B6 and B9 for starters. They are also significant sources of protein, magnesium, folate, iron, zinc, niacin, and selenium. Incorporate them into your meal plan every day if possible.

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October 18, 2009

Rolling Pin Reflexology treatment at work???

Try this one at work or home! I saw something like it in Elaine Nussbaum's book, Recovery From Cancer. In her book she was taught to walk on a rolling pin???Is that even possible???
This looks much easier! Tried it and it feels great too!


October 17, 2009

Feeling Fine Again

Had to wait for my "turn" on the computer today, it's Saturday, everyone's home...
Wanted to let you know that I felt better last night and I am back to normal today.
It amazes me that I can identify(well almost) what has bothered me and be extra careful with my diet and feel fine 4-24 hours later. Used to be when a migraine or joint pains hit I'd be "down" for 4-7 days. Now, early identification of the offending food and going back to green smoothies, salad, fruit and lots of water and I can turn these episodes around in a SNAP!

It also annoys me that these foods are not adequately marked was there gluten in the almond extract? Gluten in the poultry seasoning? Both were older bottles/spices.

Hope you are all feeling well!

October 16, 2009

On another note(reactions)

Yesterday I ate something that didn't agree with me. I have tracked it down to almond extract or vanilla extract in my raw granola bars that I made or poultry seasoning that I put in my turkey burger.
I know this right away...I normally feel fine and then ...zing... a headache/joint pains. I know by tonight or tomorrow I'll be fine again, but for today I really feel awful.
It is very frustrating when things "sneak" in like that! Make sure your spices and your extracts are pure and gluten free! Going to go have a green smoothie and clear this out of my body!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

My "transformation"

Just a note to say that I started this journey to wellness and taking charge of my life and health in January 2008. Now almost 2 years later I am 70 lbs lighter and my body still continues to shed the pounds. When I started I found out I had so many food allergies, avoided them and 10lbs off in 2 weeks was my reward. (Before that I couldn't lose an ounce I was very upset with my weight and the possible issues I would have with my health because of it.)

Also when I came home that first day from allergy testing, I looked around my kitchen, at all the foods that I was no longer supposed to have, yet my family (husband and 2 children) could eat whatever they wanted!! I came home that first day and said OK I can have corn and potatoes and some veggies and some fruits( at present I don't eat potatoes very often and I don't eat corn). Needless to say I had a LOT of temptation at the start. I got through the first week, then 2 weeks and realized I had less headaches. joint pain, sinus pressure, eye pain AND I lost weight!...this is what made me...willed me to continue.

Because of my vast cooking background, and love of research I went right to the library and the internet to find books on gluten free and vegan cooking ( I could not have gluten, dairy or eggs). There aren't many books on Gluten free vegan cooking so I had to "fudge it" at times and learn how to make a recipe GF and CF(casein/dairy free) or egg free by trail and error.

At the beginning I tried to replace real bread with GF bread and real cupcakes with GF cupcakes, it was a step in the right direction ..going GFCF ....but all that sugar, and starch(tapioca/potato starch) ended up being put out of my diet eventually also.

I learned about raw food diets and macrobiotic diets and how they can heal/reverse severe diseases like terminal end stage cancers and diabetes and heart disease and lots more, I saw this on "The Incurables" TV show on the Veria channel, I read books from the library, found articles on the internet.

Just recently when I spoke to Dr. Sherry Rogers receptionist she gave me the titles of 3 books to read, and I have found even more...
1) "A Time to Heal Triumph Over Cancer The therapy of the Future" by Beata Bishop
2)"Recovery from Cancer..." Elaine Nussbaum
3)Your Child Doesn't Have to Die..." Leanne Sorteberg
and I found
4) "The Cancer Battle Plan" by David J. Frahm
5) "My Beautiful Life... by Milenka "Mina" Dobic

The medical doctors now say that approximately 80% of diseases are caused by a poor diet and poor lifestyle choices! I hope I have convinced you to think about how you can eat a better diet.

If not read some of these books, watch "The Incurables" on Veria read articles on the internet.
What you do in your own life is up to each one of you, I just want to make you aware of the possiblilities(also know that if you don't have any terrible cancer or heart disease yet.. GREAT.. eating these diets will help prevent you from having any future problems also!) It is a WIN-WIN situation!

A also wanted to add that my blood tests are also much better, at last check I still had the Lupus markers but my cholesterol, homocysteine,CRP,CBC, etc. are all at GREAT levels!
All of you ..GO FOR IT! I am so happy I did!

October 14, 2009

Before and (Almost) After Pictures

The reason I say almost after is I am still losing weight. I used to be 140-145 lbs when I was in my 20's maybe that is where my body will stop. My highest weight was 225lbs, I am now 155 lbs. My weight really melted off after I stopped eating the foods I was allergic/intolerant to. If you want more proof on this...read Mark Hymen MD's books called "The UltraMetabolism Diet" and "The UltraSimple Diet". He has many other great books too!
I eat about 80% raw food and 20% cooked food, though some days it's more like 90% raw and 10% cooked food.

October 13, 2009

Old symptoms/problems of the past...- a repost

I have not mentioned this lately and thought I'd take a look at what's changed...most symptoms were already gone by May 2009 but I have felt better day after day.

Old symptoms/problems of the past...

I like to let people see how I have helped myself and also to let my doctors know my story)
Red Face(gone)
Acid Reflux (gone)
Numbness in my arms/hands (gone)
Double Vision/blurry vision (gone)
"unexplained" Grand Mal Seizure (2 years on Tegretol, then was weaned off) (gone)
Migraines(plus felt like a knife in my neck too with the migraine pain/eye aura too)(gone)
Sinus pain and pressure(but no dripping,discharge) (gone)
Dark spots in my field of vision(couldn't see there, like when someone takes a flash photo of you)(gone)
Dizziness( to the point I had to lay down and not move) (gone)
Bloody Noses with heavy clots at the end (gone)
Sores in my nose and mouth(occasionally still get them, sometimes usually before a cold)
Colds are VERY RARE one/two a year if that
Restless Leg Syndrome(gone)
"Panic attacks" may have been allergy related (read Theron Randolph book(s)) (gone)Sometimes feel like I'm off balance "lean to the right"(still can walk, don't fall) (gone)
Lose my balance a lot(I stumble, but don't fall) (still sometimes/but happened all my life)
When driving if I looked down,to change radio station, and back up at the road felt dizzy, disoriented like my eyes would not focus quickly (gone)
Cervical pre-cancer cells(had a cervical conization to remove them)(gone and hope it stays that way)
Mass in breast(after many health changes and stepped up (every 4-6 months) mammos the doctor said the mass "resolved itself". ie: it went away (gone)

A doctor scared me in TX and said that he thought I had MS(Multiple Sclerosis) I was tested and found not to have that.

I have had many EEG's to check for seizure activity all were normal since the one seizure that I had I had MRI's to check for weakened blood vessels all were normal (my mom had a blood vessel burst in her brain and she died from it, the doctor said it is worth checking me as it can be hereditary- GET YOUR B12 levels CHECKED!!! low B12 can cause your blood vessels to thin and eventually break- any doctor can check for B12 levels but you usually need to ask them to.)

Also had MRI's to check for MS, all normal

Discoid Lupus(sores on scalp and face from sun exposure)(during the summer I had an occasional pink skin on my nose that was sensitive but it would heal itself without becoming an open sore)

Joint pain all over my body(only if I eat something I am allergic to I don't do this on purpose sometimes companies have cross contamination or are labelled Gluten Free and they are not really...)

A new symptom is heart palpitations I had everything checked and can't find a reason for these but they are not very often.

As of June blood tests I still have Antiphospholipid Antibodies, Cardiolipin Antibodies, Double-stranded DNA, Positive ANA . I will get another blood test run in December to check and hopefully those Lupus markers will be gone...

Most of my symptoms are long gone and I attribute it to taking care of myself and finding out my allergies and avoiding those foods and lessening stress(as much as possible) and my"Power Eating"(eating almost everyday for nutrition...OK I still eat my chocolate, and an ocassional goody here or there)

Food Nutritional Facts

One of the reasons for my success in lessening my Lupus symptoms is learning to be my own nutritionist. I just found another website that looks good. I wanted to look up grapes as I heard that they are very cleansing to the body and I have some in my garden that I have been eating each day.

Also a great book that I found in the library that I eventually bought is "The World's Healthiest Foods" by George Mateljan. I highly recommend it. http://www.whfoods.com/foodstoc.php

Another website from my Friend Chef Amy is this one. It gives you a total nutritional break down of the food.

October 9, 2009

A talk with Dr. Sherry Rogers receptionist..

A few days ago I called Dr. Sherry Rogers to make an appointment to see her...sadly I found out she doesn't see patients anymore..... but she still does phone consultations.

Her receptionist was very helpful and gave me some more information to "chew on".

She recommended 3 authors to look into that had written about how they had overcome cancer with macrobiotics, the 3 authors are Elaine Nussbaum, Beata Bishop and Leanne Sorteberg.

I just about finished the Elaine Nussbaum book. It is very good(reading about her trying times during her cancer therapy is hard though, I definitely feel for her because if it is hard for me to read...I can't imagine how difficult it was to actually go through it! )

I also asked what Sherry Rogers believed caused so many allergies in a person. She said gut bugs, toxins, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria. I had wondered if the allergies were caused by toxins/heavy metals , among other things, and am glad that she confirmed that she thought what I thought.

She also told me that Sherry Rogers favorite test for Lupus/autoimmune and other diseases is the Cardio ION Panel from Metametrix, now I just have to find a doctor to order that test. It gives an incredible total picture here is the link for the cardio ion panel

the link for the regular ion panel

Sherry Rogers also has a Newletter that I have ordered from Prestige Publishing
PRESTIGE PUBLISHING. P.O. Box 3068. Syracuse, NY 13220. 1 (800) 846-6687 ...
http://www.prestigepublishing.com/..... it costs $54/year

"The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet"

"The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet" by Felicia Drury Kliment

I just started reading it last night it is VERY good , it has clear recommendations of different diseases/ailments and what to do for each. Supplements, foods, food allergy testing, and lots more are the recommendations.

October 8, 2009

Diet Saves their Lives

These are a conglomeration of peoples stories of how diet saved their lives. There are many to choose from on the right hand side, just scroll down slighlty to see Related Videos then you can scroll through, and pick on the one you'd like to watch.


Dr. Sherry Rogers you tube video

This is not directly about Lupus it is about Cancer, but if you have been studying holistic medcine along with me...all disease or almost all diseases have the same causes. You will hear Dr. Rogers list arthritis, heart disease, diabetes etc. She is such a GREAT doctor! Smart as a whip! If you want more read "Pain Free in 6 Weeks..." or any other of Dr. Rogers many incredible books!


Books to read on Healing - a repost

If you are not sure how I've come to some of my conclusions and advice please read some of these books, the more you learn the better advocate you can be for yourself to get the treatment you need from your doctors, and also the more you learn the better able you will be at choosing a doctor that fits your needs.

Books to Read on Healing

You can request many of these books through your local library. Ask the librarian for the book/s you are interested in and if they don't have the book, many times they can do an interlibrary loan (get it from another library).

"The Lupus Recovery Diet" by Jill Harrington (title says it all)
"Pain Free in 6 weeks" by Sherry RogersMD (total toxic load on the body, ways to heal, holistic)
"The Gluten Connection" by Shari Leiberman (diseases that can be exacerbated by gluten)
"Living on Live Food" by Alissa Cohen (A raw food diet, tons of recipes and testimonies)
"The Great Life Diet" by Denny Waxman (A macrobiotic diet)
" The MS Recovery Diet" by Anne Sawyer (healing MS through diet)
"Living Well with Autoimmune Disease..." Mary J. Shomon (holistic)
"The Ageless Woman" by Serafina Corsello, MD (MD+alternative/holistic)
"Dr. Mercola's Total Health Program" by Dr Joseph Mercola (diet for your specific body type)
"Arthritis..." 2nd Edition by Ellen Kamhi PhD RN HNC and Eugene Zampieron ND MH(AHG)(Holistic and Alternative by the "Natural Nurse" and a Naturopathic Doctor)
"An Alternative Approach to Allergies" by Theron Randolph MD and Ralph W. Moss PhD(allergies can create symptoms you would never dream of even psychotic/schizophrenic behavior)
"Celiac Disease a Hidden Epidemic" Peter H.R. Green MD and Rory Jones (you won't believe the amount of diseases that are linked to celiac disease)
"Food That Helps Win the Battle Against Fibromyalgia" by Deirdre Rawlings N.D., Ph.D.(you need to figure out you pain triggering foods and avoid them)
"Breakthrough, Eight Steps to Wellness.." by Suzanne Somers( interviews cutting edge doctors)
"The UltraMind Solution.." by Mark Hyman MD(healing your broken brain, through healing your body first)
" The Cure Heal Your Body, Save Your Life.." by Dr. Timothy Brantley(great advice and why you need to balance your body and eat raw foods)
"52 Ways to a Healthy You" by Laura Lewis (easy to read and straight to the point, follow the advice step by step and be healthier)

11 Ways to Healthier Lungs part 1

Dr. Weil has great advice for healthy lungs, pleurisy is a somewhat common symptom in Lupus patients. Try out Dr. Weil's plan!


Raw Spirit Festivals

OK, I AM OFFICALLY a health food NUT! Raw Spirit Festivals have information on raw food and health and spirit and music and so much more. I want to go to one, they sound so cool! See AnnMarie and Kevin Gianni's post on Renegade Health for their review on the latest Raw Spirit Festival. If you can't find it, Lupus Girl has it at http://www.lupusgirlgoesraw.com/2009/10/raw-food-spirit-festival-2009.html

Click below for Raw Spirit Festival Info


Dr. Mark Hyman on Maximizing Methylation

Methylation is the body's detoxing capability. Here is Dr. Mark Hyman's info on the subject, click the link below.


October 7, 2009

Found some free raw food recipes

I haven't tried any yet , but they look good!


"52 Ways to a Healthy You"

Laura Lewis wrote this book. I heard of her and her book from the Montel Willams info-mercial for his "Mix Master" blender. It is a very good book! It is broken down into little easy to read separate great ideas for health. I found it at my local library.

Also, I will say it one more time, that my ALL TIME FAVORITE book still is Dr. Sherry Rogers "Pain Free in 6 Weeks..." This is not a gimmick book as the title suggests it is tried and true great advice on detoxing, nutrition, supplements, water,raw food and macrobiotics, nutritional deficienies, celiac disease and MORE it covers it all!

I just found out that Sherry Rogers has a newsletter that is $54 a year, I "sprang" for it and I will let you all know how I like her newletters when they start arriving.

I recently called her to make an appt and I heard she is not seeing patients anymore but she does do phone consults and I will send my info in to do that.

I found a raw website

Not crazy about that this woman charges for her recipes...but we all need to make a living I guess...Listen to her video..she reversed her breast cancer with a raw food diet. If nothing else take that info away from this. I signed up for her newsletter I will let you all know if I like it.


October 6, 2009

Type One Diabetes have wheat issues?

I my humble opinion, I think ALL people with Diabetes/Lupus/any autoimmune problem should get tested for Celiac Disease and also allergies! Especially to wheat, gluten, dairy and eggs! Also read this article below. Enjoy!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wheat Consumption May Contribute to Diabetes

Overreaction in gut noted in study of people with type 1 version of disease (HealthDay News) -- An abnormal immune response to wheat proteins may contribute to type 1 diabetes, Canadian researchers say. Their study of 42 people with type 1 diabetes found that nearly half had immune system T-cells that overreacted to wheat. The researchers also identified genes associated with this abnormal immune response. "The immune system has to find the perfect balance to defend the body against foreign invaders without hurting itself or overreacting to the environment, and this can be particularly challenging in the gut, where there is an abundance of food and bacteria," study author Dr. Fraser Scott, a senior scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and professor of medicine at the University of Ottawa, said in a hospital news release. "Our research suggests that people with certain genes may be more likely to develop an overreaction to wheat and possibly other foods in the gut, and this may tip the balance with the immune system and make the body more likely to develop other immune problems, such as type 1 diabetes," he explained. The study appears in the August issue of Diabetes. "These observations add to the accumulating evidence that the gut is an active player in the diabetes disease process," Dr. Mikael Knip of Finland wrote in an accompanying editorial. More information The U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has more about diabetes.-- Robert Preidt

October 5, 2009

Reasons to eat swiss chard

Eat those greens...as Christina Pirello always says when you think you've had enough greens... EAT MORE GREENS! (The only time to watch this is when you are on a prescription blood thinner)


Celiac Disease interview with Dr. Peter Green

This is a GREAT interview with Dr. Peter Green explaining Celiac Disease. Check it out.


October 3, 2009

Green Smoothies all around...

Because of the post from my friend Chef Amy I decided to up my green smoothie intake...it can't hurt, it can only give me more nutrition! The woman on the video said she cured her Lupus by drinking green smoothies for 3 months. And continues to eat a raw food diet to stay well.

For more green smoothie recipes go to http://lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com/ and also go to http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/ (she puts at least a little piece of kale/spinach in all of her and her families smoothies, even when making chocolate pudding, I PROMISE you don't taste it!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJY1i_UlBu0 I will let you know as I come up with more green smoothies.

Eat and drink ...to your health!

October 1, 2009

Be a Super Hero???

This was from Kevin Gianni, I just LOVED the questions that you can ask yourself at the end of his post. Too many times we get through the day and were very busy but didn't really accomplish anything that MEANS something. Please check this out I will try this tonight.