June 16, 2009

A Dietary Change in your future???

I want to have healthy eating, nutrition and health classes, this is a test I thought of to give my students...if you want to take it...go ahead...it would shed light on your most difficult obstacles. Good Luck!
Also look up Wayne Dyer's book "Excuses be Gone" he has a TV program that is a seminar about the book on PBS lately. I watched it and it was great...we all have excuses not to make a change for the better and Wayne Dyer shows us how silly all of our "excuses" are....

1) If you could definitely be healthier (and even possibly leave diseases/health problems behind)how likely would you be to change to a healthier diet?

least likely 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 most likely

2)If you answered least likely or undecided(middle of the road) what are your biggest obstacles:

a) You feel that you deserve your favorite unhealthy foods asa "reward" because you are sick or in pain.
b) Too costly to buy healthy food
c) Too time consuming to make healthy foods
d) You are "addicted" to your unhealthy foods and just can't do it!
e)Would be too difficult for your family because everyone wouldhave to have different dinners/meals
f)Don't know where to shop for healthy foods
g) No support to stay on your eating plan
h) Don't have healthy recipes

3) Why wouldn't you try Alternative Medicine/Holistic Medicine

a) Had a bad personal experience with it
b) A friend told you of a bad experience
c) Just don't trust "those" kind of doctors
d) Trust my real medications more
e) Want immediate relief from real medications

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