June 10, 2009

The Doctors TV Show

I forgot to mention another "God" moment the other day. I went to turn on the TV to channel 7 but made a mistake and turned on channel 2. "The Doctors" show was on and what were they talking about heart palpitations. They said first get an EKG then a ECG(Eccocardiogram sp?) then get a stress test. I have been having heart palpitations on and off lately. My new doctor is checking the EKG and the ECG if she doesn't suggest a stress test I will...

I really feel as if God is taking my hand and guiding me through the research...I wonder what he has planned for me what will I do for Him? I am sure He will let me know when He and I am ready.

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  1. I meet a lady who works at Trader Joe's in Chula Vista, Ca., who told me she has Lupus and had negative side effects from the drugs the doctor gave her. She now controls her symptoms with Turmeric! Respectfully, Richard Lopez