June 27, 2009

Accupucturist Visit

I went to the accupuncturist on Tuesday. She listened to my major concerns and set up a plan to work with me.

She said first she wanted to "clear" my hypothalamus. She said it would make me sleep better and control my water/salt balance, and my temperature and make me feel less stressed.

Well I do feel less stressed and I am sleeping better! The other things I really don't think I had a problem with. I will see her again this Tuesday to clear my Vitamin D3. Then after that, she will "clear" my Vitamin B complex(Vit B12 in particular for me). I have issues with deficiency(from blood tests at my current doctor) with these 2 vitamins and the accupuncurist said that through kinesiology she thinks I am allergic to these vitamins! Through NAET you can "clear" these allergies.

This was my first accupunture treatment ever, she also did kinesiology(which I have done before). Also this was my first NAET treatment.

I will keep you all updated on my progress.

June 24, 2009

An accupunturist walks into an allergy meeting...

Does this sound like the beginning line of a joke???
Well it does make me laugh giddily...I had not been to an allergy group that I belong to for some time. They sent me an email that they were going to have an accupuncturist that practices NAET. The basic idea behind NAET is that they can "clear" or get rid of allergies. I wanted to try an accupuncturist next and she does NAET too. Again thank you God!

I sat through the meeting with everyone else as she quoted my research back to me word for word(except about the NAET that I had heard of but never researched... YET) . She said disease is caused by too many toxins/allergies/stress . She gave the analogy of your body as a water glass and you put in toxins/allergies/stress and then when it overflows you have disease.

She talked about testing with kinesiology(muscle/energy testing) for allergies.She talked about Chinese medicine and the flow of chi (qi) through the body, and that if you wake at 3:00am every day like I have been it means your lungs are having a problem(yes my lungs have been having a problem).

She said if you eat allergic foods your body feels weak and it weakens your immune system.
That if you have ezcema you need to find out your hidden food allergies. If you are allergic to a dog/cat or other animal or have an anaphylactic reaction to an allergen you have many, many underlying hidden allergies also! You can get VERY ODD symptoms from allergies (joint pain, migraines etc.) Here is a link about NAET:


You need to detox your world synthetic rugs are awful, furniture/beds, clothes, laundry detergent, shampoos, makeup ( the list goes on...) are outgassing dangerous chemicals at you all your life. If you smell a vinyl shower curtain or vinyl tablecloth you've "eaten it", if you wash you hair with shampoo or put on lotion you've absorbed it/"eaten it". There are many things that we have no control over ie the polution as we're driving, so it's best to take control over what we can ie our home environments.

June 21, 2009

My visit to the Holistic MD

I went to the Holistic MD for her to review my new blood results and to tell me what her protocol/recommendations are for me. As I said I was impressed by the blood tests that she ordered.
Here are her findings/recommendations:

1) I have very low Vitamin B12
2)My Vitamin D3 is just above the lowest limit so although it is better, I still have a ways to go for it to be at it's optimum level.
3)My iron is a little low also.

She said the low B12 could be the cause of my heart palpitations and my nose bleeds and my fatigue.
She also said to feel better with an autoimmune disease having lots of Vitamin D3 is important.
She said we'd keep an eye on the low B12 and iron(I did some research and I think I know why
I will explain at the end)

She also said she didn't expect to see such great bloodwork for a patient with Lupus. I told her that I did a total 180 with my diet and I eat like a total health nut and have for the last year and a half....she said it SHOWS! What a pat on the back! Yes! Toni!""Good Girl!" OK there's my dog trainer coming out...oops!

My kidneys are great, my liver is great my cholesterol and triglicerides are great, homocysteine levels are great.

Now on to the Lupus tests that she did...
Have double stranded DNA(not happy)
My ANA titer has gone back down to 1:80 for now(very happy)
Cardiolipin AB IGG is positive (the others AB IGA, and IGM are negative)
She forgot to test my antiphospholipids again(they were tested 6 months ago and were positive)

She recommended a "cleanse". It is a shake from Xymogenics. She also recommended that I take supplements for VitB12 (a special Methyl Protect with other b vitamins as well) and to continue Vit D3 supplementation, she said she would also recommend other vitamins and things at our next visit in 6 weeks.

I have other questions for her. I need to see if I can call her or should I go back for another appt before the 6 weeks are up.
1) I need to tell her I have low stomach acid (this can stop the way that B12 is broken down and used by the body
2) this also can cause iron stores to go down and I need to ask her if the thing she wanted to watch with me is "pernicious anemia" see below:
3) Also she said my thyroid looks normal, I have a feeling that it is out of wack(maybe not extremely low(to show up on a blood test) but low enough to make me not feel so great.

All in all I am extremely happy with the way that my change in diet is doing and it seems to be helping a lot.

ONE CAUTION if you are not eating meat/fish/eggs you NEED to get your B12 tested and to supplement it as necessary (stores can last for 3-5 years in your body but then usually a vegetarian/vegan/raw fooder,macrobiotic diet follower, needs to check levels of B12 and supplement them.

Christina Pirello has a great story on her problems with B12 deficiency it can be DEADLY!
See the link below for her story:

June 16, 2009

Why do we keep saying there is no cure for cancer?

This came in an email to me from the Gerson Institute. I figured I would share it, by the way the Gerson Institute has said it is possible to cure Lupus is by following their protocol...I have requested "The Beautiful Truth" from my local library.

May200917.Quinton DietsComments

Why do we keep saying there's no cure for cancer?

What if told you I had a cure for cancer but it would cost millions of people around the world their jobs, would you believe me? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, we've been taught to doubt the word "cure" for so long now it's almost mythical to think a cure is possible. One would hope that money would have nothing to do with our actual health but think again, I have a firm belief that it actually causes ALL of our problems not just health. There's enough proof of this by looking at how money sways the decisions of lawmakers, corrupts campaigns of politicians, contributes to murder, robbery, deceit, alcoholism, hunger, homelessness, divorce, suicide and in the attempt to keep this huge list short, greed.The cure for cancer has been hidden for years and why do you think that is? You guessed it - money. The medical industry is a huge profit center and a lot of people profit from us being sick and incurable. We'll go through the rest of our lives paying for prescriptions each month, seeing the doctor and specialists every other week, buying special clothing, getting xrays and special tests, losing our jobs, getting loans, squandering our savings and pensions and dying early then leaving everything we owned to the bank and debtors. In short, the rich want you to be sick and when I say rich I don't mean 6 or 7 figures, I mean the people who own the world.The Gerson Institute has been curing cancer and other "incurable diseases" forover 60 years using a system that was developed in the 1920's by Dr. Max Gerson.After watching a documentary called "The Beautiful Truth" I can't help but grow angry, frustrated yet hopeful all at the same time. It's obvious to see why Dr.Gerson's results have been swept under the carpet and touted as "having no evidence" behind them. For all the claims that Dr. Gerson has no evidence to back up his findings I have to ask why is it that "Gerson's therapy has not been independently tested or subjected to testing" by the American Cancer Society? …because the American Cancer Society was founded by Physicians and Businessmen,who both stand to profit if a cure is NOT found. It boggles and frustrates me to no end when something is obvious but people forsome reason or another refuse to see it. Like holding a red apple up to somebody and asking them what color it is and they say blue. They know it's not blue but they refuse to admit that it's red so they say it's blue and that's that. I run into a lot of people like that in my travels, people who for the sheer reason of being right plain refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth. Do yourself a favor, watch "The Beautiful Truth". Find out how you can live a better life, the truth behind the cure is so damn obvious, I don't know why I didn't see the red apple earlier.

A Dietary Change in your future???

I want to have healthy eating, nutrition and health classes, this is a test I thought of to give my students...if you want to take it...go ahead...it would shed light on your most difficult obstacles. Good Luck!
Also look up Wayne Dyer's book "Excuses be Gone" he has a TV program that is a seminar about the book on PBS lately. I watched it and it was great...we all have excuses not to make a change for the better and Wayne Dyer shows us how silly all of our "excuses" are....

1) If you could definitely be healthier (and even possibly leave diseases/health problems behind)how likely would you be to change to a healthier diet?

least likely 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 most likely

2)If you answered least likely or undecided(middle of the road) what are your biggest obstacles:

a) You feel that you deserve your favorite unhealthy foods asa "reward" because you are sick or in pain.
b) Too costly to buy healthy food
c) Too time consuming to make healthy foods
d) You are "addicted" to your unhealthy foods and just can't do it!
e)Would be too difficult for your family because everyone wouldhave to have different dinners/meals
f)Don't know where to shop for healthy foods
g) No support to stay on your eating plan
h) Don't have healthy recipes

3) Why wouldn't you try Alternative Medicine/Holistic Medicine

a) Had a bad personal experience with it
b) A friend told you of a bad experience
c) Just don't trust "those" kind of doctors
d) Trust my real medications more
e) Want immediate relief from real medications

Naturally cure Autoimmune diseases? A video

OK I don't know if this is true(see the link of the video below)...but for Lupus, to try his cure all you have to do is take Allicidin(garlic) and get a test for heavy metals and eliminate them if you have them.(HM Nano) The best heavy metal test is a hair test(I will try to get the name of the best lab/s to do the heavy metals test) I have heard that chelating or removing heavy metals can be risky, but what's the alternative to leave them in your body to rot your brain and other organs? I may try this...I will ask my doctor when I see her again. I am due to get my blood tests back...I wonder what they will show. I read recently that every 2 years your body replaces 90% of it's cells. I have hope that I will be better...I DO feel better. but still not perfect.....


June 10, 2009

The Doctors TV Show

I forgot to mention another "God" moment the other day. I went to turn on the TV to channel 7 but made a mistake and turned on channel 2. "The Doctors" show was on and what were they talking about heart palpitations. They said first get an EKG then a ECG(Eccocardiogram sp?) then get a stress test. I have been having heart palpitations on and off lately. My new doctor is checking the EKG and the ECG if she doesn't suggest a stress test I will...

I really feel as if God is taking my hand and guiding me through the research...I wonder what he has planned for me what will I do for Him? I am sure He will let me know when He and I am ready.

June 9, 2009

My thoughts about flares...

I mentioned this briefly when I spoke of my new Holistic MD and the APS list, but what if the flares that we get are the body trying to detoxify itself. Maybe flares are a GOOD thing!
I just looked on the internet and found this to back my thoughts up:


"God's Way to Ultimate Health" by George H. Malkmus

In this book(recommended to me by my friend Rhonda-thank you Rhonda!) it says and I quote:

Most of man's miseries are caused by eating the wrong foods, failing to exercise sufficiently and not taking into the body abundant amounts of oxygen."

Went to see the new Doctor

The new Doctor seems good, but I still want Sherry Rogers! I went for my blood work (she ordered impressive blood work at least) I told her cancer and heart disease runs in my family and she was right on top of that too with nutrtional foods to eat and an EKG(came out well) and an ECG (scheduled in 2 weeks). I will meet with her again after she gets the blood work to discuss her protocol for me. She is an MD but prefers to do things the holistic way.
I realized why I have a problem with going to the doctor I feel like I know what's best and I feel out of control like they are going to swoop in and change what is working for me and give me bad things to do instead. I have come so far with my health I don't want to mess it up now.
On an APS group that I belong to the people said that they had flares when holistic doctors gave them herbs and they thought that was bad...but it was probably a healing crisis and the body trying to detox itself too fast.
The doctor also said she wants to have a LONG talk with me about exercise(I am still bad about that) but I think that will change too.
I was very good and exercised the past 3 days and I will try to keep up with it.
I have been feeling less and less stiff again. I also bought a Blendtec Blender(like a Vitamix) to eat healthier and have more veggie and fruit smoothies and raw foods. Buying these things and the organic foods are expensive but my health is THE MOST important thing ...without that you ain't got nothing!