August 5, 2011

Healing Kidneys Interview with David Wolfe and Dr. Mercola and more on Holistic Kidney Healing

Again, please, please, please, research for yourself and know that drugs are not the ONLY way to feel better. (Also drugs will not heal you they will only suppress your symptoms and can cause more toxicity for your liver and kidneys to have to deal with) See the results below found on Dr. Fuhrman's site. I assure you this is not an isolated incident many people get better and can reverse disease by changing their diet and lifestyle and correcting deficiencies and ridding the body of excess toxins. Read books, research on the internet , go to holistic doctor's talks, look ar doctor's videos on the internet. Walter Last -  Healing Kidneys Holistically
From Joel Fuhrman MD's  site an Autoimmune patient has this to say...

"Incredibly, the diet got me better and my kidney function returned to normal in about 4 months. I am so grateful to have been lucky enough to find Dr. Fuhrman and get his advice that probably saved my life!" Julisa Taveras - Age 15 Lupus patient Mark Hyman on Glutathione and Healing (kidney disease too- video)

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