August 21, 2011

Tonight! Monday Evening (8/22) Bill Clinton Interview on Vegan Diet on CNN

GRRRRR! Was pre-empted again! Look for your local listings there will be many future airings I think the next one is 8/27/2011 but double check please. I hope we get to see it soon...
Last night, Sunday, this interview was interupted by the coverage of the problems in Libya. CNN listings say they will re- air this tonight at 8:00pm Eastern time. (There are other air dates as well please check your local listings) 

It is a definite "must watch" for anyone that has heart disease or any other chronic disease for that matter! Please watch and get your loved ones with heart disease to watch as well. People need to know they have the power to get well, much of that power is to choose the proper foods that you can eat to get well. Video Clip of Interview
Jill Harrington (wrote the book "The Lupus Recovery Diet") announcement on interview tonight on CNN

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