May 31, 2011

I'm Finished With My Nutrition Consultant Course!

It's party time! I sent in all my materials for grading on my Nutrition Consultant course! YEAH! I'm finished with the course and awaiting my certification!

I have a camping trip this weekend and then a Raw Food Class the beginning of next week that I am giving at my local library so I am still busy preparing for all that...but  as soon as that is finished I will be learning on my own again and blogging lots more. The course was great but I missed waking up and saying today I want to study Telomeres with David Wolfe and Dr. Richard Becker and Dr. Oz and just being able to study what  I  want to study that day!

I want to add more cooking videos too and recipes on my Recipe Blogs. Super Healthy, Healing Recipes Recipes for when cravings strike...

May 30, 2011

I Need Your Help! Please get in touch with me!

Hi Everyone! Happy Memorial Day ! Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Remember to thank and remember those who fought for our country. Fly your flags today. Visit graves. Attend parades and stand, remove hats and clap for our soldiers and military as well as other service personel, police, emergency medical, etc.

Not exactly Lupus related and I am not advocating eating candy to help your Lupus symptoms....but....

Now on to what I need help for...As you  know if you read this blog I love to cook and come up with tasty GF vegan recipes.....I am very curious about old fashioned recipes/packaging/ingredients for old-fashioned candies.

What I mean is if you have or can find an old package for tootsie rolls or Reese's peanut butter cups or Mary Janes or any other old- fashioned candy....what were the ORIGINAL ingredients from the original candy makers? Was corn syrup available or did they use sugar syrup? honey? maple syrup? There definitely was no High Fructose Corn Syrup what did they use BEFORE that was invented? There weren't preservatives or artificial sweeteners...

I found this blog with old fashioned ads for Tootsie Rolls     

Here are some more candy ideas...if you can find the old recipes/ingredients from the old packaging or any where else PLEASE let me know! THANK YOU!

Here is a candy time line as to when these candies were first created.

The reason I am doing this is that if I can create slightly healthier recipes for candies we can all have a piece ocasionally and avoid the crud the manufacturers now add to present day candies.
I'm sure real ingredients and much smaller portions...and eating candy MUCH LESS frequently , like in the old days would be OK....

Comment below or email me at

May 26, 2011

Living Without Magazine and Website

I subscribe to Living Without and get their e-newsletter/recipes. Most recipes that I have tried,  I was very happy with. Many recipes are gluten, egg and dairy free The magazine has Celiac, Autism, and other health  issue articles, research articles, as well as cookbook and health book reviews/recommendations, favorite GF products, and even parents giving their great ideas for dealing with their children's and their own allergies/intolerances. Check them out if you'd like.

May 25, 2011

Please Vote on the New Poll to the Left--Thanks!

Do you believe that diet change can lessen or eliminate joint pains? What else can it lessen or eliminate. Please vote! Thanks!

May 23, 2011

Totally Yu ---- Dr. Yu that is...

I bought the DVD set of David Wolfe's Longevity Conference for my birthday this year.
While watching the DVD's, I heard David Wolfe speak about Dr. Yu . It seems that Dr. Yu has received a government grant to study detoxification on Gulf War soldiers and on 9/11 survivors/emergency responders. He is doing a tremendous job detoxing patients and has the records/studies to prove it. I hear that he examines the toxins in belly fat before and after treatment. Here is a link to his website he is in Maryland.

May 19, 2011

Most Immunologists/Allergy Specialists Advice/Protocol.... Ironic

Camping at the Beach

I am putting my final touches on my Nutrition Counsellor certification course. I'm almost finished!

I was searching my books/course materials for an answer on my final exam.

The question was what food most causes ear infections?

c) ?

Well I knew it was between wheat and dairy but I think BOTH cause ear infections!

So while scouring the books for the answer, I read this "nugget" which I thought was SO PROFOUND!

Most immunologists/allergy specialists ask their patients to write down their favorite foods, foods they can't live without.....THEN.....they tell them to AVOID THEM! These  "favorite foods" are most times the foods our bodies have issues with!

This is also why most diets fail. You avoid the cakes and the cookies and the pasta and the bread and the cheese and the ice cream and then you CAVE! You are "addicted" to these foods your body CRAVES the foods that you are allergic/intolerant to.

You can break this cycle though, if you avoid those foods for 3-4 months the addiction goes away. Sometimes you can rotate the foods back in in small quantities and sometimes it would be better not to have those foods for life especially in the case of Celiac Disease (still wondering if there is a cure for Celiac Disease ...humor me) I'm talking about a cure for celiac disease that is not a drug or vaccine but maybe celiac disease is caused by an underlying cause like parasites/dysbiosis/heavy metals/leaky gut etc.

May 10, 2011

How Does Toni's Garden Grow?

Here is a look at my garden...and some fruit trees we have as well....get out there and garden it is good exercise, as well as good for your body to have fresh picked food, and finally good for the environment because you don't have to drive your car to get the food or have the truckers bring it to your local farmer's market or grocery store! (If you have Lupus and are sun sensitive(most are) protect yourself from the sun or do the gardening in the evening )
Kale or Collards
 Swiss Chard
 The green house from the side
 Fig Tree
 Apple Tree
 Peas and container gardening
 Inside the "mock" plastic greenhouse
 The Garden
 The Gnome
A part of the garden

Dying to Have Known DVD

Gerson Therapy Documentary Movie-- click the link below

World Lupus Day! May 10th 2011

Whatever you choose to do today, please tell one person or more what Lupus is and that it exists and how devastating it can be.

At the same time, MY advice, tell one person that has Lupus or a relative with Lupus to check for food allergies/intolerances or try an elimination diet to see if they can feel better if they avoid foods they are sensitive to. Help them do research on holistic ways to feel better. Have a great day and remember helping others makes YOU feel great! Try it and see!*** (If you are a "do for everyone else all the time" kind of person...ignore the last few sentences and focus on caring for healthy today and relax and make it a holiday/spa day for yourself--I find many people with Lupus are this type of personality--many do for everyone else and forget there own self care---what's up with that???)

What's happening around the world

See What Julian Lennon is up to to boost Lupus awareness

Here in NY there is a Lupus Walk May 21st, 2011

Here's how to find out if there is a Lupus Walk in your area

May 5, 2011

Gluten Intolerance What Your Doctor May Not Tell You by Ralph S.

From Ralph S.'s Blog. He is also at

Poll Results: What are Your Most Annoying Lupus Symptoms

This poll received 117 Votes ! Yahoo! Great job everyone! Thank you all for voting and I will try to help you understand what can help to resolve some of these symptoms in futures posts (see the recent B12 Deficiency Mimicking Lupus and MS symptoms post)....some can be as easy as eliminating a food you are intolerant to, some as easy as testing for deficiencies and adding a supplement and/or eating a food that can correct that deficiency!

The first number is the number of votes, then comes the percent of people that voted for that symptom.
Fatigue     98   83%

Fever       12    10%

Joint Pain  89    76%

Pleurisy/ Lung-Chest Pain  25    21%

Seizures   2    1%

Skin Rash   41     35%

Skin Sores/Lesions  17    14%

Swollen Glands   26      22%

Hair Loss  47     40%

Nose bleed   5    4%

Numbness and Tingling  42    35%

Mouth Sores  28     23%

Kidney Disease  11     9%

Heart Disease  4     3%

Raynauds Syndrome   38    32%

Easy Bruising  32     27%

Other   0     0%

Depression   51     43%

Memory Loss   46     39%

Nausea   21     17%

Anxiety   50     42%

Heart Palpitations   27     23%

May 2, 2011

Just Plain Cute- Can you tell which dog is guilty?

A dog trainer friend of mine sent me this---being that I do dog training as well it made me laugh! So cute, and I think you'll laugh too. Laughter is the best medicine, so here you go! Click on the link below for the video.

B12 Deficiency and Mimicking Lupus, MS etc

Many Lupus symptoms (MS and other diseases as well ) can be alleviated by correcting your bodies' deficiencies. The link below gives many symptoms that may occur when you are deficient in vitamin B12. You will see some uncanny resemblances to Lupus symptoms....
I needed supplementation in this area as well and continue to supplement. I also was tested when I ate an ample amount of meat so don't let that fool you...  don't assume that if you eat meat, eggs etc you will have plenty of B12. It all comes down to the health of your intestines/digestion because you also need to know that everything you eat may not be assimilated into your body and used appropriately in your body if your intestines are not working properly. Correct any deficiencies but also find out and correct intestinal/digestion issues as well. A holistic doctor can help you with this. If you have Lupus you probably have food allergies/intolerances...don't just believe me check the Books To Read on Healing at the very beginning of this blog. Here is the link.
 Books to Read on Healing
B12 Deficiency Symptoms