February 28, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes (well... Teens)

This one from my daughter... (15 years old)

"How about eating Whole Foods salad bar foods for 30 days as an experiment instead of the silly guy who ate McDonald's for 30 days...."

This was said after our California vacation where most meals were Whole Foods salads and other foods from the salad bar... plus Cafe Gratitude desserts...easy, healthy and....Yum!

If you want to see the "Supersize Me" McDonald's for 30 days Video click below

Lupus and Blood Type Poll Results

Here are the results of my Lupus and blood type poll.

The question was:

If you have Lupus or are waiting for a diagnosis pointing to Lupus what blood type are you?

We had 38 voters. Thank you all for taking the time to vote!

A     12    31%
O     20    52%
AB   4      10%
B      2      5%

My naturopath thinks that a blood types are more frequently Lupus sufferers (as well as other chronic diseases). This poll did not concur with his findings is that because O bloodtypes may not be as open to seeing a naturopath?  Maybe A bloodtypes have a personality that would be more open to alternatives? I have another question please vote on my new poll posted today.

February 25, 2011

California Vacation and Cafe Gratitude

This is our last day in California tomorrow we'll be on our way home. I found Cafe Gratitude (Raw Restaurant although they do some cooked specialties as well) here as a cafe in our local Whole Foods. The cafe is actually inside Whole Foods. The Whole Foods we went to was huge and I decided to ask the staff if this was usual in California. I was told that the Whole Foods we found was the largest one in the US!
We lucked out! My daughter took a video of me being so excited at finding Cafe Gratitude and the huge Whole Foods! That was one of the best parts of the trip for me!

I got to visit my Aunt though not as much as I would have liked...I'll keep in touch with her...

We scoped it out to possibly move here, but it is so darned expensive!

California is beautiful and has so much outdoor things to do and so much wildlife great for our family of animal lovers and outdoors/nature/camping lovers.

I will be posting some pictures soon as well as updates on how I'm feelingand how I did on our trip...we'll talk soon!

February 17, 2011

Watch out for Coffee If Gluten Sensitive! Cross Reactive!

Click on the link below for more on coffee and gluten sensitivity.


Vacation again!

Going to see my oldest living Aunt ....I haven't seen her since I was very little. I had a lot of aunts and uncles about 24 aunts and uncles including marriage! Now I'm down to 1....I'll post when I get back (or if I can on my trip) in the mean time please vote on the blood type poll...I'll give the results when I get back. Hope everyone finds their way to feel better!

Saunas and Minerals

When you or you and your doctor make a decision to try a new prototcol whether holistic or allopathic (western medicine) please look into to it...you need to investigate it fully, don't just blindly trust that your doctor knows everything, NO ONE person knows EVERYTHING!

Be your own advocate. If you are too ill or fatigued ask a friend or trusted family member to help you look into things.
You should know all the facets of a protocol/treatment/medicine/supplement etc.

I am going to mention today that Lupus patients are normally very deficient in minerals (and other nutrients) because of gut and intestinal issues (leaky gut, malabsorption of nutrients, dysbiosis etc) if you use a sauna to detox make sure that while it's great to sweat out the toxins... you need to replace minerals at a higher rate because there is a very great possibililty that you were deficient to begin with and you are sweating out the minerals as well.

February 15, 2011

Alternative to Using a Microwave Oven?

How about instead of using your microwave for 2 minute heating of leftovers, use a pot on the stove (rinse it when your done cooking and you have super easy cleaning) or heat things on a parchment lined tray in the toaster oven?  Is 5 -10 minutes really too long to wait for something to cook/warm up? Read articles about the dangers of EMF's (Electro-Magnetic Fields) and microwave ovens. Just search on Google or any other search engine "Dangers of EMF's and/or Microwave Ovens"

A Nice Healthy Snack

One of the breeder's pictures of my dog as a 4 wk old puppy CUTE!
Yes the dog looks chocolate with chocolate chips but she is NOT the snack!!

I used to be the QUEEN of the junkfood junkies...I know you wouldn't know it NOW! Yesterday  I  combined some foods that were healthy, felt sinful but were delicious together for Valentine's Day. Just wanted to share!

Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries (make them yourself and stay away from the lower quality chocolate and the chocolate with milk in it - I used Lindt 70% Dark) with some hot Peppermint Tea on the side to sip (gave that combined taste/reminicinse of a "strawberry" peppermint pattie- sit down in a comfy quiet spot and  ENJOY  S..L..O..W..L..Y.....YUM!)

The moral of the story you can have delicious snacks that are healthy and have yourself feel like you are being just udderly sinful...while being really good!

February 14, 2011

Please Vote on My Blood Type Poll

If you have Lupus or are waiting for a diagnosis with symptoms pointing to Lupus...what blood type are you?

Please vote on the top left of my blog... Thanks I will post the results when the poll closes.

February 11, 2011

Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox and Rebuild that Gut/Intestines!

Everything I learn about healing Lupus seems to come back to  1) ridding my body of mercury and other heavy metals and 2) rebuilding gut flora and integrity (fix leaky gut/intestinal permeability). I have been reading the " Body Ecology Diet" book more and listening to the Autism CD's from the creator of the Body Ecology Diet http://lupushope.blogspot.com/2011/02/natural-autism-solution-by-body-ecology.html (lectures from doctors and Donna Gates on how to reverse Autism naturally) These lectures are great! I've learned so much from them. Body Ecology is like a mixture of raw foods and macrobiotics with extra fermented foods added in...the best of all the programs...so not so far off from what I have been doing but I will take out more sugar and add lots more fermented foods.

I am going to try the "Body Ecology Diet" and  see where it takes me....

February 3, 2011

The Natural Autism Solution by Body Ecology

I found this on my county's library system through searching on the computer. I requested it, and started listening and it is a valuable resource for learning how to help children with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD and other Epidemic Childhood Disorders. This is a grouping of lectures with Donna Gates, Natasha Campbell- McBride, Leonard Smith MD.

This advice is helpful for Lupus and other diseases as well. Following this healing plan can help ALL children as well as adults be healthier.


February 1, 2011

On Oprah Today -- Vegan for a Week

Please watch if you can. Sorry for the late notice...in my area Oprah is played 3 times each day. Check your local listings! Also they have videos and write ups of what happenned on each show, a play by play.