February 17, 2011

Saunas and Minerals

When you or you and your doctor make a decision to try a new prototcol whether holistic or allopathic (western medicine) please look into to it...you need to investigate it fully, don't just blindly trust that your doctor knows everything, NO ONE person knows EVERYTHING!

Be your own advocate. If you are too ill or fatigued ask a friend or trusted family member to help you look into things.
You should know all the facets of a protocol/treatment/medicine/supplement etc.

I am going to mention today that Lupus patients are normally very deficient in minerals (and other nutrients) because of gut and intestinal issues (leaky gut, malabsorption of nutrients, dysbiosis etc) if you use a sauna to detox make sure that while it's great to sweat out the toxins... you need to replace minerals at a higher rate because there is a very great possibililty that you were deficient to begin with and you are sweating out the minerals as well.