February 3, 2011

The Natural Autism Solution by Body Ecology

I found this on my county's library system through searching on the computer. I requested it, and started listening and it is a valuable resource for learning how to help children with Autism, Asperger's, ADHD and other Epidemic Childhood Disorders. This is a grouping of lectures with Donna Gates, Natasha Campbell- McBride, Leonard Smith MD.

This advice is helpful for Lupus and other diseases as well. Following this healing plan can help ALL children as well as adults be healthier.



  1. This collection of audio CD's is an incredible resource I HIGHLY recommend listening! This is terrific information to heal any disease. I listen in my car each time I travel to pick up the kids and such, I always turn it off on teh way back to listen to my kids' stories about their day! (don't tell me you don't have time)

  2. In all, treatments for autism seek to improve the child's overall ability to function; children may need to participate in behavioral training and therapy to work on their communication skills, and many autistic individuals are prescribed medications to deal with symptoms like anxiety and depression.

  3. ultimate autism solution,

    Yes diet is not the only thing to work on...but if I had an autistic child it is the thing I would try first because you know for SURE a child would act out more if they are getting headaches and belly troubles and "foggy brain" regularly. Making there body "calmer" by eliminating foods that they are intolerant to would be my first step then on to anything else that may help them...of course drugs should be kept til the last choice because they cause toxicity in the body...