February 11, 2011

Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox and Rebuild that Gut/Intestines!

Everything I learn about healing Lupus seems to come back to  1) ridding my body of mercury and other heavy metals and 2) rebuilding gut flora and integrity (fix leaky gut/intestinal permeability). I have been reading the " Body Ecology Diet" book more and listening to the Autism CD's from the creator of the Body Ecology Diet http://lupushope.blogspot.com/2011/02/natural-autism-solution-by-body-ecology.html (lectures from doctors and Donna Gates on how to reverse Autism naturally) These lectures are great! I've learned so much from them. Body Ecology is like a mixture of raw foods and macrobiotics with extra fermented foods added in...the best of all the programs...so not so far off from what I have been doing but I will take out more sugar and add lots more fermented foods.

I am going to try the "Body Ecology Diet" and  see where it takes me....

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