February 28, 2011

Lupus and Blood Type Poll Results

Here are the results of my Lupus and blood type poll.

The question was:

If you have Lupus or are waiting for a diagnosis pointing to Lupus what blood type are you?

We had 38 voters. Thank you all for taking the time to vote!

A     12    31%
O     20    52%
AB   4      10%
B      2      5%

My naturopath thinks that a blood types are more frequently Lupus sufferers (as well as other chronic diseases). This poll did not concur with his findings is that because O bloodtypes may not be as open to seeing a naturopath?  Maybe A bloodtypes have a personality that would be more open to alternatives? I have another question please vote on my new poll posted today.


  1. I'm A+ bloodtype and started seeing a naturopath 2 years prior to my first flare.

  2. I am type O and have been suffering from undiagnosed "fibromyalgia" -like symptoms for some time now. My mother has a diagnosis of lupus, and she is type O also. I find this info very interesting and applaud you for doing this on your own. I can't wait to get started looking around your blog site. Thanks! God bless!

  3. I am blood type 0+