January 31, 2012

New Cure for Chronic Disease Discovered by Mark Hyman MD

Photo by my daughter Carly

Please read the excellent article below. Mark Hyman MD tells of a Community Health Plan called The Daniel Plan that is based on Functional Medicine. By teaching people how to eat properly and how to change their lifestyle choices, and community support meetings, people got healthier and even reversed many diseases, WITHOUT even being "treated" for their specific disease. It was just a natural consequence of knowing how to care for themselves and their own body and support for both themselves and others!

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/pre-diabetes_b_1237014.html?utm_source=Alert-blogger&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Email%2BNotifications Read the article

http://www.danielplan.com/ More on The Daniel Plan, their website

January 30, 2012

Gluten Free Diets CAN Be Healthy!

This is a repost, but it bears repeating!
This Gluten Free Vegan Crumbcake would be an occasional treat!

I am so tired of hearing people and articles claiming/implying that gluten free diets have LESS nutrition, you get LESS fiber, and it is LESS healthy in general...what are they CRAZY???

...if you take the wheat, barley rye and oats, bread cakes and cookies and replace it with starchy, empty flours like potato starch and tapioca starch and arrowroot and white rice flour it WILL be as good as eating white flour even if it is Gluten Free! (You need to cut back on baked goods in general, bread, cakes and cookies should be occasional treats)

But Raw Food diets can be gluten free, as can Macrobiotic diets, and Paleo diets, these are incredibly healthy diets! ...if you take the wheat, barley rye and oats and replace it with whole grains and whole grain flours,(or avoid the grains altogether) have beans, veggies and fruits etc. You WILL be healthier than when you were eating wheat, barley, rye and oats! You can use bean flours, nut flours and whole grain flours like quinoa, millet, buckwheat etc.
(Also don't have too many baked goods as flours, even if the flours are whole grain they are still processed foods, you should eat the whole foods as they are in nature as much, and as often as possible)

Healthy and delicious gluten free foods

Brown Rice
Flax Seeds
Eggs (if not allergic/intolerant)
Milk/Dairy/Yogurt (if not allergic/intolerant- and my opinion from my research is milk is NOT digested properly by 75% of people so it does more harm than good-you can get calcium from many plant sources- see link below)
http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/calcium.htm scroll down to see "table one" for plant based calcium sources
Almond or other non Dairy milks
And many more!

January 27, 2012

Do you have Lupus? Get tested for Celiac Disease.

Click on the 2 links below for more on the connection between gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease and Lupus. If you have been tested and/or are already gluten free take the time today to share that with another person that you know with Lupus (or another autoimmune disease).



First off, the blood testing won't be accurate unless you are on a regular diet and haven't gone completely gluten free.

Also know that just because you are tested for Celiac Disease and it comes back negative doesn't rule Celiac Disease out totally. There are many cirumstances of false negatives.(and some false positives and inconclusive tests as well)  Dr. Peter Greene MD (Celiac Specialist) says that a patient may have 9 negatives in Celiac Disease testing, then the 10th test the doctor manages to get the proper spot of the intestine where the Celiac Disease damage (villi damage) shows up.
If you are tested for Celiac Disease and are negative...I would try the gluten free diet for a month to a few months to see if you feel any better. Also testing for other food allergies as well can be immensely helpful.

January 26, 2012

The Lupus Recovery Diet is the Same as the MS Recovery Diet? and more realizations...

My daughter's "bird friendly" snow man

March 12, 2009 (A Repost)

The last installment of my journey into holistic medicine and why it makes so much sense to me. From the beginning of my blog.

The Lupus Recovery Diet is the Same as the MS Recovery Diet?????

I love to watch a channel on Verizon FIOS(also is on Satellite TV, but not on Optimum cable)called Veria. One of my favorite shows to watch is "The Incurables" . Many times this show has a person on that was deemed to be incurable by main stream doctors, but through holistic means and doctors they are cured.

One day I turned the show on and a woman was talking about how she "cured" herself of Multiple Sclerosis(MS). She explained that diet was very important and that she had created a diet that helped her heal. She listed what the diet avoided, and guess what??? it was SO CLOSE to the "Lupus Recovery Diet" and to what my doctor told me to avoid ! OK this is making MORE sense to me!

I requested that book from the library "The MS Recovery Diet" by Ann Sawyer. This book proved to me that I was on the right path.

I also met a great group of moms on the GFCFKids@yahoogroups.com that showed me I am on the right path. They are a group of mostly moms of children on a gluten-free casein-(dairy)free diet for a variety of reasons. Many of the moms have autistic children and if it's anyone who knows about detoxing and building bodies up with nutrition/supplements, it's moms of autistic children. I want to thank all of them VERY much for helping me and teaching me, for my children's sake(my children need to be dairy and wheat/gluten free also) as well as for my own sake. I am always thanking them, but again THANK YOU!!! I found 2 great books through being in that group, one is "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics...." by Kenneth Bock MD and "Nourishing Hope..." by Julie Matthews. I think both books are great for healing ANY disease!

Also I found a Doctor named Sherry Rogers MD that has written many books on healing. My favorite is " Pain Free in 6 Weeks..." (OK it may not be as little as 6 weeks... but the book is great!!!!)

I learned that "Raw" Food Diets cure many diseases and Macrobiotic Diets have cured many diseases. There are many books on these diets in your local library.

I found out that many diseases are created because the body is toxic and/or doesn't have enough nutrients.(many times the intestines are so dysfunctional that they can't absorb the nutrients from leaky gut syndrome and not enough good bacteria in the intestines)

I also learned that Celiac Disease and Lupus many times go hand in hand .(just search the internet for articles)

I have read that many people have cured their diseases, including Lupus.

I learned that many people with autoimmune diseases have leaky gut and need to heal that, also intestinal dysbiosis(not enough good bacteria in the intestines).

That medications many times cover up the symptoms but don't get to the root of the bodies' problems. So the inflammation still runs rampant ("Pain Free in 6 Weeks")

I found the book and DVD on the "Gerson Therapy".

I found that many people with Lupus have hidden allergies, candida(yeast) and problems with environmental toxins("The E.I. Syndrome(Environmental Illness) by Sherry Rogers MD)

Allergies lead to more inflammation in the body.

You need to take care of your liver, it detoxes and controls many processes in your body.

Gluten Can Damage the Kidneys---PLEASE READ!

I have heard this from other holistic doctors as well. Going gluten free can help you have healthy kidneys...something people with Lupus worry about....Joel Fuhrman MD has also helped people reverse Lupus related and other kidney issues as well with diet! Please click on the link below to read more...


January 25, 2012

Nutritional Kinesiology

March 12, 2009 (A Repost)

A look back at the beginning of this blog and how I chose the path of Natural Healing...

Nutritional Kinesiology

I went to the Chiropractor/Nutritionist/Kinesiologist and was very impressed from the start. The idea behind nutritional kinesiology is that each food you put in your body either gives you strength or makes you weak.

What this doctor did was to have you lie on your back and put a small piece of food in your mouth. Then she tested 3 sets of muscle groups, left arm held up and pushed down, right arm held in to your body pulled out, and right leg held up and pushed down. If the food makes you strong, you will be able to hold your arm/leg up against the doctor's pressure. If the food makes you weak, your arm/leg will "flap like a chicken wing". I know it sounds hokey, but in the hands of an accomplished doctor this type of allergy/intolerance testing REALLY works!

When I went I told the doctor "I can't believe this will work." She said "Many people don't believe in kinesiology until I tell people what foods to avoid, they avoid the foods, and feel tons better!"

I left the office that day with very little left to eat... I tested the most allergic foods first, I tested allergic/intolerant(weak) to bananas, wheat, dairy ,tomatoes, yeast, eggs. I still needed to test other foods at the next visit. I was very confused as to what I would eat now. I was shell shocked when I left her office that day...

January 24, 2012

Dog Food Recalls, Dog Nutrition Seminars...and Lupus?

March 11, 2009  (This is a repost)

More on how my life was shifted toward Holistic Medicine.

Dog Food Recalls, Dog Nutrition Seminars, and Lupus?

After reading "The Lupus Recovery Diet" trying the diet and failing at it, another opportunity presented itself. I am a professional dog trainer, with 25 years experience behind me. I love all animals especially dogs. I have 3 German Shorthaired Pointers that are very special to me.

The last dog food recalls really threw me. I had been feeding one of the canned foods that was recalled, along with dry food also that was not recalled. This was the third or fourth time that a major dog food recall had happened in my lifetime. My dogs, were fine thank God, but I decided, I vowed, I would not trust the dog food industry again.

I heard there was a dog nutrition seminar at the local dog training facility. I went and learned all I could about a proper home-made diet for my dogs. The dog trainer/dog nutritionist also taught about chinese medicine, holistic medicine and kinesiology(muscle/energy testing).

I have had problems with my back most of my life, and asked the dog trainer hosting the event if she knew of a good chiropractor. She gave me the name of her chiropractor and she said by the way she also does nutritional kinesiology.....VERY COOL!!! What is nutritional kinesiology? I will tell you in my next post.............

January 23, 2012

Oprah, Autism and Jenny McCarthy..... and Lupus?

March 11, 2009 (This is a repost)


****This is the story from the beginning of this blog and what happened to change my path to Holistic Medicine. ****

Oprah, Autism and Jenny McCarthy...and Lupus?

I turned on Oprah one day and the show's guest was Jenny McCarthy. She was talking about how she had "cured" her son, Evan, of autism. She used a recovery diet, along with other things. I was riveted to the television. Could this be done?Curing autism? Well I watched the entire show and liked what I heard.

I decided to look in my local library to see if there was a book about a lupus recovery diet too. Imagine my surprise when the title "The Lupus Recovery Diet" by Jill Harrington popped up. I requested the book immediately and proceeded to study it. I tried the diet for a short time but it is really difficult. There are many foods that you need to cut out of your diet. I tried the diet and failed...but the story doesn't end there..... (Please see tomorrow's post for the continuation of the story)

January 20, 2012

Neurological Symptoms of Celiac Disease from Gluten Free Club

I received this email from Angie at http://www.glutenfreeclub.com
Please read the email as well as the link below from her resident doctor. Watch for strange neurological symptoms as well as pain they could be symptoms of Celiac Disease and/or gluten exposure (can be from cross contamination and you wouldn't be aware that you ingested gluten)

Are you experiencing any weird symptoms?


Sudden uncoordinated muscle movement? Slurred or awkward speech? Problems with walking, and/or repetitive or uncontrolled eye movements?

We tend to think about Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity as primarily problems with our guts. But recent research has shown what many of us have known for a long time-CD and GS are not just a problem for our digestive systems, all of our body systems can be affected until we get gluten free.
Read more from our resident doctor, Dr. Zora Grandpre: 


January 19, 2012

Add Veggies to EVERYTHING!

Raw, Roasted, Steamed, Sauteed have the veggies as YOU choose! But ADD those veggies! Veggies are our friends!

Fruit Smoothies/ Smoothies - add some greens, a couple of leaves or more to taste of kale, collards, lettuce to your favorite fruit smoothie.

Or make a "V8" type smoothie with red peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots,  beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach etc.

Juice your veggies

Sandwiches - use you favorite GF bread, wrap, or even use a lettuce or collard leaf as the "wrap"

Tuna Salad or Salmon Salad or Sardine Salad- serve over a salad or chop tiny diced or minced veggies into the salmon salad (or fish of choice salad)

Hummus - dip sliced veggies in the hummus or put the hummus on a salad as dressing you can thin it out a little with vinegar olive oil or lemon juice

Dinner-  have 2 or three veggie sides with dinner

Pasta Salad/ Pasta- add veggies til 50% pasta and 50% veggies

Or just have one big delicious salad and include all the veggies of the rainbow with a delicious healthy dressing like  guacamole, and you have an all veggie treat!

January 18, 2012

Healthier Without Wheat - by Dr. Stephen Wangen

Yet another book telling about 500+ reasons why we shouldn't eat wheat. "Healthier Without Wheat" is a fact filled, disease packed, intense book. It covers Wheat Allergies, Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac  Gluten Intolerance as well.

I am always amazed at how many diseases, symptoms, and other ways to feel generally poorly have been linked to the consumption of wheat. There are many books that I have read that give approximately the same information. Dr. Wangen refers to himself as "The Gluten Free Doctor".

I also read the message again in this book that if you have ANY autoimmune disease (Yes Lupus is autoimmune!) Test for Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Intolerance!

Again I found this book at my local library. If you are interested in reading this book or any of the others that I recommend check your local library, then if you LOVE the book and it's information you can purchase it if you can afford it. Save that money to eat organic!


January 17, 2012

Good - Better - Best Food and Lifestyle Choices for Nutrition and Health

I'm feeling somewhat better. Still stuffy head....still very tired....but my headache has gone (had a whopper when I had the flu) I can breathe through my nose, not perfectly, but well enough! The things we take for granted...

On to today's topic: Good - Better - Best Choices

When you are choosing a food to eat think would there be a better choice that would still satisfy my appetite?

For instance you are wanting/craving potato chips/salty snacks...for a few days now and you want to give in to temptation.

Obviously potato chips in a bag from the store would be the worst choice (fried in the cheapest oil and  foods fried at high temperatures have acrylamide which can be a cancer causing agent, fried foods are generally bad for our health, so are overly salted foods)

A slightly better choice would be homemade potato chips, you know what is going to go in them (organic potatoes and organic extra virgin olive oil - low smoke point- or organic virgin coconut oil-higher smoke point) and what oil and what temperature you will fry or bake them, how much salt you will put on and what type of salt.

An even better choice if you are looking for potatoes and salt maybe baked potatoes would satisfy you.

Best Choices- Or are you looking for crunchy and salty would salted raw nuts satisfy you? Would salted kale chips satisfy you? Would salted or a salty dip for flax crackers satisfy you? Maybe a great flavorful guacamole dip with a crunchy flax cracker would satisfy you.

Really try to deconstruct what you and your body are asking for then choose the healthiest choice available!

PS If you really just want those potato chips...and NOTHING else will do then just have a small portion (a handful or two) as long as it is not a habitual thing...

Think about this as much as possible when you are picking your foods throughout your day...is there a possible better choice for my health, nutrition and longevity?

Also do this when you are picking your activities, exercise possibilities and even the friends you will share your life with...make sure they are all good for you or try to see how you can make them better or even BEST choices!

January 9, 2012

Steve Nenninger ND Lecture this Saturday!

This is a incredible life changing lecture. I am reposting Dr. Nenninger's email to me....

Talk is this coming Saturday at 11am, doors open at 10am so come as early as you want and make yourself comfortable.
Out of respect for everyone's time we will start promptly at 11am. Talk done by 11:45 followed by Q&A, Please know that you may get up and down as often as you wish, please let us know if you need to be by the door and we will take care of you.
I am really excited about the talk. It is the time of year I really get to reflect on the many cases treated this year, what I have learned and how that can help you and your loved ones.
I am also a bit nervous because I am getting so much help this year and being filmed. The producer will probably ask existing patients if you want to give a testimonial. Please feel free to do so or not, I just wanted to let you know.
If you have advice to offer, are with a store, are a doctor, etc and want to wear some kind of name tag that would be great. Feel free to do the same if you know you have a topic you want help with.
Do you know that this is probably the biggest event of it's kind in the country? An event really focused on you want what you can do for you and your family. And it is right here in little old Port Jeff!!
Frequent questions:
Yes, will will do the test for hidden food allergies this year at the talk for those that are coming for that. This is the only time each year this test is available on its own without a consultation. In this case the talk is the consultation. The test is $295. To clarify one person's confusion from last year it is not a free test :)
We will do blood typing if you need to know your blood type after the talk. This test is $45
Ok, back to work on the talk slides!!
Here are some of the doctors, store and businesses that help promote the talk and natural medicine in general. They may or may not come to the talk.
Innovative Nutrition in Setauket
St. James Nutrition in St. James
Cornecopia Natural Foods and Nutrition in Sayville
Naturally Free Foods in Smithtown - Christine
Dark Horse Resturant in Riverhead
Tiger Lily Cafe ~ Port Jefferson
Feels Good Food in Stony Brook - Nicole Lawrence
Ms. MichelleĆ¢€™s Urban Gourmet - Bayport
Amy Deaver - Gluten Free Long Island Website.
Dr. Kristi Harrington - Acupuncture Port Jefferson
Dr. Len Fazio - Holistic Dentistry Port Jefferson
Dr. Doni Wilson - President NYANP - Women's Health
Dr. Roseanne Nenninger - Children's Health
Dr. Len Vignatore - Nutritionist
Dr. Leon Kelmpner - Orthodontics
Dr. Michelle Iona - Acupuncture
( These are people I know with a sincere interest in natural medicine, that won't roll their eyes if you ask questions. )
Sound View Heating & Air Conditioning (631) 209-1744
if we left you off the supporters list please let us know!
Ps. Thanks for the Port Jefferson Village Center for providing such an amazing venue, and to present and past Mayor Garant for her vision in creating the village center.

Love and Other Drugs - Movie

Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKtrLiQTSM8

I recommend watching this movie (I borrowed it from my local library- another way to save money!)
I watched this movie last night and it stirred many emotions.
The female lead has Parkinson's Disease. She doesn't want to get entangled in a relationship, she wants to prove she can live and survive on her own.

The male lead is a male "casanova" for lack of a better word and goes from girl to girl having sex with no real relationships. The 2 meet and begin having a "no strings attached" sexual relationship. Then he falls for the girl and he falls hard.

My first feeling was "Oh to have a guy like that. Wanting to care for you no matter what, loving you no matter what, treating you so wonderfully and making you so happy! Loving you for who you are, sick or not.

Also I was jealous of her being so happy today that you wouldn't care if she died tomorrow because you had the best days/were the happiest ever!

Then knowing that as good as you feel today you could go down hill and not feel well...should you let someone into your life is it fair to them to have to know that they will care for you most likely more than you can care for them.

This movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions, but the moral is if you find the right "prince charming" (and they are out there- though you have to look hard), you could have a wonderful and caring and loving relationship for the rest of your life.

Remembered another one...when the "boyfriend" decided that he was going to find a "cure" for her Parkinson's all he did was stress her out by trying to travel from this hospital to that hospital and try this and that. Not that that was an all BAD thing but the problem was it was unbalanced. It was all or nothing. You need to live a happy and productive life (as productive and happy as your condition allows at present) AND still seek out health and holistic doctors, so that your health and energy increases and then you can have an even more happy and productive life.

Everyday should not be doctor day...just as everyday should not be have only fun day...and maybe sometimes going to a great holistic doctor can be fun and empowering too...

Of course the drug rep part was eye opening as well and something that I don't like or approve of. Drugs or only caring about making money off of drugs and not caring about the side effects is kind of disgusting...Sell Sell Sell, Money Money Money many times the LAST thing the companies think about is what are the side effects...are the drugs hurting people. Too many times I have heard that the company and the government knew the drug was hurting and even killing people adn didn't take it off the market right away because they were afraid they would lose cash...

as Suzy Orman says "people first, then money, then things"

Also wished the Parkinson's patients tried to go gluten free (and test for food allergies) and see if it helped them feel better when avoiding those foods...it's always worth a  try....but hey, it's Hollywood....

January 6, 2012

Holistic Doctor List (preliminary)

The following  holistic doctors and nutritionists, and combinations thereof, that practice nutrition and lifestyle changes and use little to no pharmaceutical drugs or surgery to treat illnesses.I have now attached their websites. Please take a look!

***I am getting a preliminary copy up for now and I will add practitioners and practitioner information as I go along.***

Mark Hyman MD UltraWellness  Massachusetts (has associates that practice at his healing center - he has a very limited practice personally)

Sherry Rogers MD Upstate New York (doesn't see patients any longer but does phone consults on Cardio Ion results) http://www.healthywealthyandwiseshow.com/RogersSherry.htm

Steve Nenninger ND (Naturopathic Doctor) Port Jefferson NY, other locations as well?

Donielle Wilson ND (Naturopathic Doctor) Port Jefferson NY, also CT, Manhattan NY

Fred Pescatore MD Manhattan NY

Christine Gizoni (Chiropractor/Nutritionist) Sayville NY

Joel Fuhrman MD New Jersey

Peter Osborne (Chiropractor/Nutritionist) Sugar Land TX

Joseph Mercola MD Illinois www.mercola.com

Brenda Watson CNC  (nutrition) www.brendawatson.com 

John LaPuma MD     www.drjohnlapuma.com  Santa Barbara CA

Neal Barnard MD www.nealbarnard.org  Washington DC

John McDougall MD www.drmcdougall.com  Santa Rosa CA

Gabriel Cousins MD  www.treeoflifecenterus.com Patagonia AZ

Dr. Brian Clement - Hippocrates Health Institute www.hippocratesinst.org  West Palm Beach, FL

Chris Reading MD(regret to say he passed away- but still research his works!)

January 5, 2012

Saving Money

Action Shot of My Dogs Playing (photo by Carly)

We all know the steps we need to take to get healthy sometimes can be expensive. Whether it's choosing organic food, purchasing supplements, or a holistic doctor or trying acupuncture or a chiropractor that aren't covered under your insurance plan (if you are lucky enough to have a medical insurance plan)
Here are some ideas to save money to put into your "feeling better" Lupus plan

Take the time each week to:

1) Turn off electricity/unplug/fuses (all during the day or even just at night- make sure the fridge and the heat stay on though!)

2) Look up cheapest gasoline on the internet

3) Look up frugal or money saving tips on line or in library books

4) Cooking and freezing cheaper meals

5) Homemade gifts

6) Homemade cards for b-days, holidays, thanks, etc

7) Library for videos/CD's/books

8) Home haircuts

9) Lowest cable TV package or the extreme no cable and just watch netflix on computer

10) Lowest land line/cell phone package or pick one or the other

11) Coupons on line or newpapers

12) Buying clubs like Costco and BJ's and Sam's (make sure you check the price -  is it really a savings?)

13) Library craft/exercise/dance and computer classes

14) Library shows/ high school plays

15) Town organized hikes/nature programs/support groups

16) Parks that are free or low cost rather than a gym membership

17) Buy bulk and store or freeze foods and household supplies

18) Join a food co-op buying plan

Any other ideas? Please comment below or email me at lonedoggy@netzero.com and I will share the ideas for you. Thank you!

January 3, 2012

Some Healthy and Easy Dinner Ideas from Martha

I signed up for "What's for Dinner Tonight" a few months ago from Martha Stewart.com. Each day you get a dinner idea in your email in-box.

Now it is not always super healthy or vegan and sometimes you need to swap some ingredients out. For this recipe for example you could use tempeh or mushrooms or another meat substitute as the "meat" in this meal. I do like the ease of having an idea for dinner when I am just not sure what to make. Click on the link below.


Martha also has a Whole Living website with many extra healthy and delicious recipes. Check it out as well.

January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Bear Mountain State Park NY

My husband started back at work today...the kids go back to school tomorrow... then I am free to blog at will again.(well barring any other unforeseen events)

Hope everyone had a great holiday and has a Happy New Year!

 Here we are again in the throws of New Year's resolutions. Let's talk about real easy lifestyle changes, not resolutions that don't last. Stay close for up to the minute great advice for a healthier  and stress free 2012.Let's go for it together!