January 27, 2012

Do you have Lupus? Get tested for Celiac Disease.

Click on the 2 links below for more on the connection between gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease and Lupus. If you have been tested and/or are already gluten free take the time today to share that with another person that you know with Lupus (or another autoimmune disease).



First off, the blood testing won't be accurate unless you are on a regular diet and haven't gone completely gluten free.

Also know that just because you are tested for Celiac Disease and it comes back negative doesn't rule Celiac Disease out totally. There are many cirumstances of false negatives.(and some false positives and inconclusive tests as well)  Dr. Peter Greene MD (Celiac Specialist) says that a patient may have 9 negatives in Celiac Disease testing, then the 10th test the doctor manages to get the proper spot of the intestine where the Celiac Disease damage (villi damage) shows up.
If you are tested for Celiac Disease and are negative...I would try the gluten free diet for a month to a few months to see if you feel any better. Also testing for other food allergies as well can be immensely helpful.


  1. My mom had lupus and suffered severe intestinal problems and had several surgeries eventually getting her small intestine removed. I believe she was celiac and had no idea.... it's so sad to me that she could have felt so MUCH better if she had been tested and removed wheat and gluten from her diet. More people need to know this!!

    1. imperfectlyblue,

      This is exactly why I started this blog, to raise awareness. Sorry to hear about your mom, but now you have the knowledge to help the rest of your family/friends and others!