January 9, 2012

Steve Nenninger ND Lecture this Saturday!

This is a incredible life changing lecture. I am reposting Dr. Nenninger's email to me....

Talk is this coming Saturday at 11am, doors open at 10am so come as early as you want and make yourself comfortable.
Out of respect for everyone's time we will start promptly at 11am. Talk done by 11:45 followed by Q&A, Please know that you may get up and down as often as you wish, please let us know if you need to be by the door and we will take care of you.
I am really excited about the talk. It is the time of year I really get to reflect on the many cases treated this year, what I have learned and how that can help you and your loved ones.
I am also a bit nervous because I am getting so much help this year and being filmed. The producer will probably ask existing patients if you want to give a testimonial. Please feel free to do so or not, I just wanted to let you know.
If you have advice to offer, are with a store, are a doctor, etc and want to wear some kind of name tag that would be great. Feel free to do the same if you know you have a topic you want help with.
Do you know that this is probably the biggest event of it's kind in the country? An event really focused on you want what you can do for you and your family. And it is right here in little old Port Jeff!!
Frequent questions:
Yes, will will do the test for hidden food allergies this year at the talk for those that are coming for that. This is the only time each year this test is available on its own without a consultation. In this case the talk is the consultation. The test is $295. To clarify one person's confusion from last year it is not a free test :)
We will do blood typing if you need to know your blood type after the talk. This test is $45
Ok, back to work on the talk slides!!
Here are some of the doctors, store and businesses that help promote the talk and natural medicine in general. They may or may not come to the talk.
Innovative Nutrition in Setauket
St. James Nutrition in St. James
Cornecopia Natural Foods and Nutrition in Sayville
Naturally Free Foods in Smithtown - Christine
Dark Horse Resturant in Riverhead
Tiger Lily Cafe ~ Port Jefferson
Feels Good Food in Stony Brook - Nicole Lawrence
Ms. MichelleĆ¢€™s Urban Gourmet - Bayport
Amy Deaver - Gluten Free Long Island Website.
Dr. Kristi Harrington - Acupuncture Port Jefferson
Dr. Len Fazio - Holistic Dentistry Port Jefferson
Dr. Doni Wilson - President NYANP - Women's Health
Dr. Roseanne Nenninger - Children's Health
Dr. Len Vignatore - Nutritionist
Dr. Leon Kelmpner - Orthodontics
Dr. Michelle Iona - Acupuncture
( These are people I know with a sincere interest in natural medicine, that won't roll their eyes if you ask questions. )
Sound View Heating & Air Conditioning (631) 209-1744
if we left you off the supporters list please let us know!
Ps. Thanks for the Port Jefferson Village Center for providing such an amazing venue, and to present and past Mayor Garant for her vision in creating the village center.

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