January 25, 2012

Nutritional Kinesiology

March 12, 2009 (A Repost)

A look back at the beginning of this blog and how I chose the path of Natural Healing...

Nutritional Kinesiology

I went to the Chiropractor/Nutritionist/Kinesiologist and was very impressed from the start. The idea behind nutritional kinesiology is that each food you put in your body either gives you strength or makes you weak.

What this doctor did was to have you lie on your back and put a small piece of food in your mouth. Then she tested 3 sets of muscle groups, left arm held up and pushed down, right arm held in to your body pulled out, and right leg held up and pushed down. If the food makes you strong, you will be able to hold your arm/leg up against the doctor's pressure. If the food makes you weak, your arm/leg will "flap like a chicken wing". I know it sounds hokey, but in the hands of an accomplished doctor this type of allergy/intolerance testing REALLY works!

When I went I told the doctor "I can't believe this will work." She said "Many people don't believe in kinesiology until I tell people what foods to avoid, they avoid the foods, and feel tons better!"

I left the office that day with very little left to eat... I tested the most allergic foods first, I tested allergic/intolerant(weak) to bananas, wheat, dairy ,tomatoes, yeast, eggs. I still needed to test other foods at the next visit. I was very confused as to what I would eat now. I was shell shocked when I left her office that day...

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