January 24, 2012

Dog Food Recalls, Dog Nutrition Seminars...and Lupus?

March 11, 2009  (This is a repost)

More on how my life was shifted toward Holistic Medicine.

Dog Food Recalls, Dog Nutrition Seminars, and Lupus?

After reading "The Lupus Recovery Diet" trying the diet and failing at it, another opportunity presented itself. I am a professional dog trainer, with 25 years experience behind me. I love all animals especially dogs. I have 3 German Shorthaired Pointers that are very special to me.

The last dog food recalls really threw me. I had been feeding one of the canned foods that was recalled, along with dry food also that was not recalled. This was the third or fourth time that a major dog food recall had happened in my lifetime. My dogs, were fine thank God, but I decided, I vowed, I would not trust the dog food industry again.

I heard there was a dog nutrition seminar at the local dog training facility. I went and learned all I could about a proper home-made diet for my dogs. The dog trainer/dog nutritionist also taught about chinese medicine, holistic medicine and kinesiology(muscle/energy testing).

I have had problems with my back most of my life, and asked the dog trainer hosting the event if she knew of a good chiropractor. She gave me the name of her chiropractor and she said by the way she also does nutritional kinesiology.....VERY COOL!!! What is nutritional kinesiology? I will tell you in my next post.............

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