May 27, 2009

Old symptoms/problems of the past...

I was just speaking to someone via email and I realized I don't have my old symptoms on this blog, so here goes...(I like to let people see how I have helped myself and also to let my doctors know my story)

Red Face(gone)
Acid Reflux (gone)
Numbness in my arms/hands (gone)
Double Vision/blurry vision (gone)
"unexplained" Grand Mal Seizure (2 years on Tegretol, then was weaned off) (gone)
Migraines(plus felt like a knife in my neck too with the migraine pain/eye aura too)(gone)
Sinus pain and pressure(but no dripping,discharge) (gone)
Dark spots in my field of vision(couldn't see there, like when someone takes a flash photo of you)(gone)
Dizziness( to the point I had to lay down and not move) (gone)
Bloody Noses with heavy clots at the end (some light bloody noses still)
Restless Leg Syndrome(gone)
"Panic attacks" may have been allergy related (read Theron Randolph book(s)) (gone)
Sometimes feel like I'm off balance "lean to the right"(still can walk, don't fall) (just lately returned spring 2009)
Lose my balance a lot(I stumble, but don't fall) (still sometimes/but happened all my life)
When driving if I looked down,to change radio station, and back up at the road felt dizzy, disoriented like my eyes would not focus quickly (gone)
Cervical pre-cancer cells(had a cervical conization to remove them)(gone and hope it stays that way)
Mass in breast(after many health changes and stepped up (every 4-6 months) mammos the doctor said the mass "resolved itself". ie: it went away (gone)
A doctor scared me in TX and said that he thought I had MS(Multiple Sclerosis) I was tested and found not to have that.
I have had many EEG's to check for seizure activity all were normal since the one seizure that I had
I had MRI's to check for weakened blood vessels all were normal (my mom had a blood vessel burst in her brain and she died from it, the doctor said it is worth checking me as it can be hereditary)
Also had MRI's to check for MS, all normal
Discoid Lupus(sores on scalp and face from sun exposure)(still get some occasionally but they usually heal quickly)
Joint pain all over my body(now usually just my shoulders/neck)
Antiphospholipid Antibodies(still have)
Cardiolipin Antibodies(still have)
Double-stranded DNA(still have)
Positive ANA (still have)

Most of these symptoms are long gone and I attribute it to taking care of myself and finding out my allergies and avoiding those foods and lessening stress(as much as possible) and my
"Power Eating"(eating almost everyday for nutrition...OK I still eat my chocolate, and an ocassional goody here or there)

May 26, 2009

Gerson Therapy

"The Gerson Therapy" is another book that I have on my Books on Healing list but I haven't spoken about it too much.
Well I know it's not the recommended juicer by the Gerson Therapy but I purchased a "Jack LaLanne Juicer" to juice veggies and fruits to help me more with nutrition.
The Gerson Therapy says that you need to detoxify and get more nutrients in your body to heal, they have cured stage four cancers, so curing Lupus is a walk in the park...
The protocol is to drink 13 glasses of juice a day and do coffee enemas (2 times a day???)). Well
I am not gung ho with this. I will drink extra juices but I am not following their protocol, I will not do the enemas. I have been on a special diet for a year and a half now and I feel as if I have slowly detoxed and added nutrition over that time. I have left many of my bad symptoms behind and eased the symptoms that still linger...I WILL however add fresh homemade juice to my "Power Eating" regimen!

New Holistic/MD and Book Reviews

I will see a new doctor, she is an MD and Holistic too, on June 3rd. I had to wait 6 months to see her. I hope she is good.

I am excited and I am getting all my questions together for the new doctor...

Just a couple of notes for book reviews"

"Lupus Recovery Diet" by Jill Harrington and the "MS Recovery Diet" by Ann Sawyer I LOVE these books and believe they work to help people feel or be more well!

"I Don't Have Lupus Anymore" by Stacy Becker the book is OK I like the tips at the end of the book better than the whole book itself....she was cured by an Indian Medicine Woman ???? I do believe her but it's not like we can all run out and do this.....not one of my favorites, but her articles and the tips at the end of the book are worth the price of the book.

I read "The Lupus Novice" by ? I took it out from the library. I enjoyed that book and although she flip flopped too fast through many holistic tries/protocols for healing her Lupus, the book is well written entertaining and full of many alternate therapies. I would recommend this book.

Some new symptoms...

I had my 3 day bloody nose, each night at about 2-3am I got a bloody nose 3 days in a row(about a month ago). Not lasting too long or too heavy(I used to get heavy nose bleeds with pretty big clotting at the end.) The nose bleeds stopped for almost a year and then returned a few days and now seem to be gone again????
Some days I have heart palpitations(they haven't bothered me lately). They seem to bother me for a few days and then they go away for days/weeks at a time.
Also I have a little pinching in my right calf, want to get that checked by the doctor(APS?)
I have stiff joints some days, especially my neck and shoulders. Some days I feel extremely fatigued.
I have a pinkish spot on my scalp, looks like the start of a Lupus sore. I have had them heal rather quickly lately I am hoping this one heals soon...I do wear hats most times when I am in the sun, especially when I am in the sun for more than a few minutes.
I haven't gotten back to the chiropractor in many months because of low funds...
Since the "RareFoods Diet" I haven't had any more red face episodes at all!!!
No more rashes, itchiness on my fore arms/waist also.
One other odd symptom that seems to have returned in the last month or so is feeling slightly off balance that I seem to lean to the right side. I feel like I am more comfortable at the ride side of the side walk(I almost feel as if it is a panic attack thing, but it may be physical/allergies)
Because rice came up a little high on my IgG test I stopped taking the "Inflamex"

May 23, 2009

Power Eating

My dad passed away a couple weeks ago, and although that was a super sad thing, it kind of was bittersweet because at least I got to see family I normally don't see. My family is all spread out...
I was talking to my brother Mike and explaining my Lupus and what I have done to help it. I said my whole family(except my son) needed to go gluten free, and my daughter and I need to be gluten free and dairy free and my son just needs to be dairy free.
I explained to my brother that it was easy to lose weight this way because we don't eat much bread(only GF) and never any cheese(only my husband can eat dairy), not much junk food and lots of treats that we eat are homemade.

He said what do you eat? AndI explained that we eat chicken taco salad(without cheese) and meat and fish and tons of veggies and fruits, and VERY LITTLE junk food. Especially for me because I have Lupus, I eat almost all for nutrition. I used to eat for taste, for fun...but now I eat what is nutritious and what will help my body cleanse and get enough nutrients to heal.
Mike said, "Oh, it's like Power Eating" and the lightbulb went off...yes, I LOVE that way of thinking of it...Power Eating.... that's what I do. I used to think that what I put in my mouth didn't have much consequence, but now I have seen and learned that it is one of THE MOST important and useful tools we have in our arsenal to wipe out disease! Eat for your health!

May 18, 2009

A beautiful song with a message......

This song is so beautiful, it just made my day today. I have to get ready for my Gluten Free classes tonight and tomorrow, so see you soon!

Enjoy the song!

May 17, 2009

A new book worthy of reading...

The book is titled "Food That Helps Win the Battle Against Fibromyalgia" by Deirdre Rawlings N.D., Ph.D. Happy Reading!!!

May 7, 2009

A wound heals....

OK a little philisophical (a calm patient attitude about life)here but, this came to me again this morning...

If you get a cut on your skin, you do not have to do anything but keep it clean and in a few days to a few weeks the skin will be good as new, possibly a scar to show for wear and tear, but you will barely be able to tell that you had an injury there later in life. Your body works to heal itself. It creates new cells all the time....

I believe if I give my body the ability to heal itself, by creating the correct conditions, my body can cure or heal itself of anything else that has gone wrong, such as the Lupus.

I DO NOT want to mask the symptoms I have this is my body saying something is wrong...I want to heal the problems my body has not MASK them.

If you break your ankle and take pain medicationss you can be walking on it, but is that what your body needs at that time?... or does your ankle need rest and then exercise later to strengthen it.

The trick is figuring out the puzzle what does my body need?