May 7, 2009

A wound heals....

OK a little philisophical (a calm patient attitude about life)here but, this came to me again this morning...

If you get a cut on your skin, you do not have to do anything but keep it clean and in a few days to a few weeks the skin will be good as new, possibly a scar to show for wear and tear, but you will barely be able to tell that you had an injury there later in life. Your body works to heal itself. It creates new cells all the time....

I believe if I give my body the ability to heal itself, by creating the correct conditions, my body can cure or heal itself of anything else that has gone wrong, such as the Lupus.

I DO NOT want to mask the symptoms I have this is my body saying something is wrong...I want to heal the problems my body has not MASK them.

If you break your ankle and take pain medicationss you can be walking on it, but is that what your body needs at that time?... or does your ankle need rest and then exercise later to strengthen it.

The trick is figuring out the puzzle what does my body need?

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