January 31, 2011

Understanding Your IgG Food Allergens by Steve Nenninger ND

A very well written and educational booklet on how and why IgG allergens can affect you. A must read. One of those print it out...pull up a comfy chair...pour a green smoothie or a cup o' tea... and keep learning!


January 26, 2011

I'm Still Here

Sorry for the lack of posting...life has just been too busy...this week my kids have mid terms and are home most of the day...or all day when they don't have any tests that day....

I have so many ideas for posts...just have to get to sit and write them.

I am working on an research article to debate if animal foods are necessary for human consumption. Not  meat per se, but what about raw milk and eggs from well cared for animals at small farms. Or even what if you had a farm yourself??? What about fishing from the lake or sea...what if you live in Alaska and there are no raw foods....???

I love animals and my first hope is that the animals have a happy life and are well cared for....but do we as humans, or maybe certain humans, need animal foods to close a nutrition gap....that is what I am working on now....I am doing tons of research..hope to have it posted soon!

January 17, 2011


I have heard cravings are your body's way of letting you know you need the food or the vitamins/ minerals in the food. I have also heard that craving foods can mean that you are addicted to them/have food allergies/intolerances.

I think you have to put this in perspective...if you are craving greens (kale, collards etc) or lemons, maybe your body needs a nutrient or various nutrients in those foods.

If you are craving cake/bread/potato chips what are you craving exactly??? Sometimes you actually crave these foods (your body needs salt or extra calories) and sometimes you are "craving" ( just wanting) them to satisfy a void in your life or boredom or loneliness or stress eating. Soemtimes eating a certain food can just become a bad habit... you just eat it because it's there and you ALWAYS have eaten it...

Sometimes you are craving wheat or dairy or eggs because your body has an allergy/intolerance to it, it makes you feel good for a time (like an addict on drugs) but then you crash again and crave the foods again. This becomes a vicious cycle (check the links below for more info on craving foods you're intolerant to and also the opioid like feelings created by eating wheat/gluten/dairy and soy).



http://www.askdrsears.com/html/4/t041800.asp (check out #6 at the bottom of the article)


I will say the first bite of a potato chip from a bag tastes delicious...but eating the WHOLE BAG...by the end your taste buds aren't even enjoying them anymore.

Fat and salt and fat and sugar does tend to attract everyone, a creamy texture or a crunch tends to get lots of people too.

Do you eat mindlessly? Or do you REALLY enjoy the foods you are eating?

I have gotten into a couple of craving traps myself these days....one is Mocha Fudge Almond Soy
"ice cream" the other is potato chips.

I will try to add more interesting healthy foods into my day to "crowd out" the not so nutritious foods..and add more veggies and fruits. I like trying the intricate chef created macrobiotic or raw food dinners or desserts they are the most healthy AND the most tasty and have interesting textures and flavors.

Tried a great recipe for raw eggplant bacon strips over the weekend ...I'll post the recipe soon.

January 14, 2011

"Your Health" with Dr. Richard Becker and Cindy Becker

I found a TV show the other day when I was flipping around the channels. (Thank you God...seems He just keeps giving me more information and resources all the time!) Here is the link to the couple's web site. The link/icon on the webite to the show says coming soon...I think that means "coming soon" to their website because it is already on TV.  I found the show on Verizon Fios TV on ALN (American Life Network) (I also found it on Family Net  but less airings). The Beckers teach about holistic health, holistic health research, lastest holistic health news, supplements and what they are good for (which they sell...not crazy about people who profit by selling supplements....but give them a chance) I think they have their hearts in the right place. The first episode I saw was about Celiac Disease and it was the BEST show/information I had ever seen on the subject! I ordered that episode to share with others. Check it out if you can find it!

http://www.bioinnovations.net/ The Beckers website

http://www.americanlifetv.com/  ALN Network

http://www.familynet.com/ Family Net(work)

What Foods are You Drawn to? Poll Results

What foods are you drawn to (feel like you "have to" eat) the most? (We could also substitute the word
"addicted" to here) Someone once told me if you get your loved one to go out late at night in the snow to get you a certain food you just "must have" or worse if put on YOUR coat to go out late at night, in the snow yourself to get what you are craving...you probably have an addiction and possibly an allergy/intolerance to that food (I will post more on that to explain it further)....don't despair! you CAN beat those cravings and not have them anymore!

26 votes -  voters could pick multiple answers

1) bread  11 - 40%
2) cheese 14 - 51%
3) ice cream  2  - 7%  (did this have to do with it being winter???)
4) anything with sugar  8 -  20%
5) cookies  4 -  14%
6) pretzels  1 - 3%
7)potato chips  9  - 33%
8) doritoes  4  - 14%
9) fast food  5 -  18%
10)milk shakes  0  - 0%

Bread and cheese won! I will put up some dairy free/gluten free bread and cheese craving satisfying recipes first. I will work on posting recipes for other craving substitutions as well, very shortly.

Tooth Sensitivity to Hot and Cold is NOT Normal by Kevin Gianni


January 12, 2011

Dr. K Newsletter : Gluten Intolerance isn't Black and White

I need to check into the lab mentioned in this newsletter and I want to know the rest of the 24 most gluten cross reactive foods! Click on the links to the Dr. K's newsletter at the bottom of this post to see what he has to say about gluten intolerance and testing in his newsletter.

 There is also a link below for Cyrex Labs if you would like to contact them for more info.
24 Most Gluten Cross Reactive Foods (That Cyrex Labs Test For)

 ANTIBODY ARRAY 4 - Gluten-Associated Sensitivity & Cross-Reactive Foods

Gluten-Associated Sensitivity & Cross-Reactive Foods

■Cow’s Milk IgG + IgA Combined

■Alpha-Casein & Beta-Casein IgG + IgA Combined

■Casomorphin IgG + IgA Combined

■Milk Butyrophilin IgG + IgA Combined

■American Cheese IgG + IgA Combined

■Chocolate IgG + IgA Combined

■Sesame IgG + IgA Combined

■Hemp IgG + IgA Combined

■Rye IgG + IgA Combined

■Barley IgG + IgA Combined

■Polish Wheat IgG + IgA Combined

■Buckwheat IgG + IgA Combined

■Sorghum IgG + IgA Combined

■Millet IgG + IgA Combined

■Spelt IgG + IgA Combined

■Amaranth IgG + IgA Combined

■Quinoa IgG + IgA Combined

■Yeast IgG + IgA Combined

■Tapioca IgG + IgA Combined

■Oats IgG + IgA Combined

■Coffee IgG + IgA Combined

■Corn IgG + IgA Combined

■Rice IgG + IgA Combined

■Potato IgG + IgA Combined



January 10, 2011

Mom-in Law Coumadin and Doesn't eat Veggies/Healthiest Foods?

My mother in law came to stay during Christmas week. It was great to see her...but for the second time in 2 years that she came to visit us she got pneumonia! She spent 1/2 her visit last year and this year in the hospital!

She has heart issues and high blood pressure and is on approx 5 different medications....this makes my husband and I crazy. We don't want to see her on so many meds with so many side effects...

We would love for her to go to a holistic doctor , get off some or all of the meds if possible and change her diet, but she is firmly entrenched that the processed foods she eats are OK....we tried to feed her like we eat when she visits,  and she was uncomfortable eating "different" foods than she was used to. Then when she got sick we asked her what could we buy from the store for her (she already eats like a bird and I wanted to make sure she ate SOMETHING......).

She asked us to buy Lipton powdered soup in a box(MSG, tons of salt, fake ingredients), english muffins, and peanut butter (used ours no salt/sugar added nothing but ground peanuts) Lorna Doone (trans fats, sugar, fake ingredients)cookies and pasteurized orange juice (less vitamins), she turned down all veggies that we offered her...she is on coumadin and rather than eat a small amount/constant amount of greens/veggies she shuns them altogether (even the OK to eat veggies)....

I don't think she would be able to be sure what foods are good for her to eat or even if she knew she wouldn't choose those foods regularly. Sadly, she is too "into" the processed foods at the grocery store....

If you are on medications and wish to stop taking them never do this alone, make sure you have the help/supervision of a doctor (these types of doctors can help: holistic MD, functional medicine, naturopath, traditional chinese medicine)

4 More Days Left to Vote on the Food Cravings Poll

Thank you to those who have already voted.... please vote if you haven't yet. This collection of information on what you all crave will help me to pick recipes for delicious tasting substitute foods to post for you when those cravings strike! If something you love/crave isn't on the poll tell me what you crave...comment on my blog or send me an email at lonedoggy@netzero.com .

January 5, 2011

Please Vote on my New Poll

What are your foods that you "can't live without"? Do you have cravings that prevent you from following a gluten free/dairy free/healthy diet? What foods "trip you up"?  Let me know and I'll try to come up with some great tasting substitutes! Have a great year, this is YOUR year to feel better!

Whoops forgot to add PASTA (not gluten free) as a choice on my poll....add a comment on my blog  if you can't live without pasta or email me at lonedoggy@netzero.com Also if you have any other foods that "get you" One I thought of that I used to crave and love is French Toast!

January 4, 2011

"Burzynski : The Movie"


Increasing your Immunity to Illness

Heard the flu in NY is pretty bad from my Naturopath!!! Beware and take care!

Some things I find effective for increasing my immunity....

1)Carlson's Cod Liver Oil or other Vit D supplementation
2) Eating Healthy - lots fruits and veggies and salmon/sardines, low animal protein, low saturated fat
3) Soups -  miso soup with shiitake mushrooms/ chicken/turkey/ veggies with lots of garlic and onions, seaweeds like wakame and dulse
4) Vit C - lemons, fresh or frozen berries/ red peppers or supplements
5) Fermented foods or probiotics
5) Echinacea or other immune boosting tea
6) Eating less or no sugar
7) Staying well hydrated and using a clean humidifier indoors (to combat the dry heat indoors)

Read the articles below for more...



"Get Real" with Wayne Dyer


January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

See the Heart Shadow? My daughter's cool picture...

Hope you all have a Happy New Year! Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing! If you have a question or a comment, you can comment on my blog or email me at lonedoggy@netzero.com

I'm trying to decide what to do in my life next...more nutrition school?(I'm almost finished with my Nutrition Counsellor course) more teaching healthy cooking? lecturing about nutrition and alternative medicine to heal disease?

One thing mucking up the plans is that I don't think I want to continue to live in NY. I would like to move somewhere warmer...really I would like to be a snow bird and go to the warmer weather in the winter and back to the cooler in the summer...can't really figure out how to "pull that off". I lived in a warmer climate before and absolutely hated the summer extreme heat too....

My motto for this year is "if it's working don't fix it....if it ain't working give it a major overhaul and change your perspective 180 degrees and do something different, switch it up, brainstorm. Go for it!"