January 4, 2011

Increasing your Immunity to Illness

Heard the flu in NY is pretty bad from my Naturopath!!! Beware and take care!

Some things I find effective for increasing my immunity....

1)Carlson's Cod Liver Oil or other Vit D supplementation
2) Eating Healthy - lots fruits and veggies and salmon/sardines, low animal protein, low saturated fat
3) Soups -  miso soup with shiitake mushrooms/ chicken/turkey/ veggies with lots of garlic and onions, seaweeds like wakame and dulse
4) Vit C - lemons, fresh or frozen berries/ red peppers or supplements
5) Fermented foods or probiotics
5) Echinacea or other immune boosting tea
6) Eating less or no sugar
7) Staying well hydrated and using a clean humidifier indoors (to combat the dry heat indoors)

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