January 14, 2011

What Foods are You Drawn to? Poll Results

What foods are you drawn to (feel like you "have to" eat) the most? (We could also substitute the word
"addicted" to here) Someone once told me if you get your loved one to go out late at night in the snow to get you a certain food you just "must have" or worse if put on YOUR coat to go out late at night, in the snow yourself to get what you are craving...you probably have an addiction and possibly an allergy/intolerance to that food (I will post more on that to explain it further)....don't despair! you CAN beat those cravings and not have them anymore!

26 votes -  voters could pick multiple answers

1) bread  11 - 40%
2) cheese 14 - 51%
3) ice cream  2  - 7%  (did this have to do with it being winter???)
4) anything with sugar  8 -  20%
5) cookies  4 -  14%
6) pretzels  1 - 3%
7)potato chips  9  - 33%
8) doritoes  4  - 14%
9) fast food  5 -  18%
10)milk shakes  0  - 0%

Bread and cheese won! I will put up some dairy free/gluten free bread and cheese craving satisfying recipes first. I will work on posting recipes for other craving substitutions as well, very shortly.

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