January 10, 2011

Mom-in Law Coumadin and Doesn't eat Veggies/Healthiest Foods?

My mother in law came to stay during Christmas week. It was great to see her...but for the second time in 2 years that she came to visit us she got pneumonia! She spent 1/2 her visit last year and this year in the hospital!

She has heart issues and high blood pressure and is on approx 5 different medications....this makes my husband and I crazy. We don't want to see her on so many meds with so many side effects...

We would love for her to go to a holistic doctor , get off some or all of the meds if possible and change her diet, but she is firmly entrenched that the processed foods she eats are OK....we tried to feed her like we eat when she visits,  and she was uncomfortable eating "different" foods than she was used to. Then when she got sick we asked her what could we buy from the store for her (she already eats like a bird and I wanted to make sure she ate SOMETHING......).

She asked us to buy Lipton powdered soup in a box(MSG, tons of salt, fake ingredients), english muffins, and peanut butter (used ours no salt/sugar added nothing but ground peanuts) Lorna Doone (trans fats, sugar, fake ingredients)cookies and pasteurized orange juice (less vitamins), she turned down all veggies that we offered her...she is on coumadin and rather than eat a small amount/constant amount of greens/veggies she shuns them altogether (even the OK to eat veggies)....

I don't think she would be able to be sure what foods are good for her to eat or even if she knew she wouldn't choose those foods regularly. Sadly, she is too "into" the processed foods at the grocery store....

If you are on medications and wish to stop taking them never do this alone, make sure you have the help/supervision of a doctor (these types of doctors can help: holistic MD, functional medicine, naturopath, traditional chinese medicine)

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