December 18, 2012

New Book Find.. "The Virgin Diet"

Another book to add to my collection. Having trouble believing what is posted on this blog? Read JJ Virgin's book "The Virgin Diet". I found it at my local library. She says you can feel better and lose weight by eliminating the top (fi) food intolerant foods from your diet. Sound familiar?

November 21, 2012

Consuming Wheat Contributes to Autoimmune Diseases

 Did you know there is a robust signal in the biomedical research that wheat consumption contributes to a broad range of autoimmune diseases, including Graves, autoimmune liver disease, type 1 diabetes, Lupus etc. Read on for more information, click below. (from the Gluten Free Society and me too!)

November 6, 2012

Dairy Free Calcium Rich Foods

Weight loss or gain from gluten? You can have either!

               My kitty, Marlin, resting on the bag of produce from the farmer's market.
                                   Cats love veggies too (at least to sleep on).

From the Gluten Free Society....

October 26, 2012

Foods that Heal the Kidneys

Folks with Lupus need to treat their kidneys with tender loving care!

October 25, 2012

Questions Anyone?

I have been experiencing a little writer's block these days...anyone have any questions? Comments? Things you would like me to research/post? Feel free to comment below or email me at Thanks and hope you're having a great day!

October 6, 2012

Long Island Health Food Stores

Photo by Carly K.
Here is a list of Long Island Health Food Stores from LI Holistic Health (also I would like to add Rita's Real Foods in Bayport, Live Island Cafe in Huntington, Organically Yours in Northport, 
 It's Only Natural Food and Wellness Store in Bellport, Halsey's Green Thumb Farmer Market in Water Mill has many grocery items as well as, gluten free items, raw nuts, dried fruits, beans, rice, pasta, chips, cheeses and check out any other farmer's markets too) It's great to keep a list of Health Food Stores where you live or where you travel so you always have food options whether you are raw, macrobiotic, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, paleo, or whatever diet you personally follow.

When you travel look on-line for health food stores in the location you will be travelling. Also don't forget if you are travelling during the warmer months you can look to your local farmer's markets as well!

October 4, 2012

Real Life Exercise - Get Moving!

Garbanzo bean salad
This is one thing I struggle with constantly...exercise...or how to work it into my life/daily routine.

Examples of "real life" exercise- walking or biking to the store to get groceries or to do other errands, having a regular garage door (no remote) getting up to change the TV channel (no remote), gardening, farming, going pumpkin picking , apple picking, snorkeling, walking your dog, cleaning your house, dancing, lifting your children, lifting the groceries/packages from the store or anything heavy,  walking (on hills as well), raking leaves, mowing the lawn, or taking the stairs whenever possible (including the stairs in your home) , parking your car out further from the store, shopping/walking at the mall, washing your car, doing the laundry/carrying the laundry/detergent, playing with your dog, going camping, shoveling snow or dirt, putting up holiday decorations and lights, taking out the garbage, walking to your mailbox to get the mail,  painting the walls of your house, and of course vigorous sex as well! If your not in the best shape/not too healthy, ask your doctor and start out slow but remember EVERY extra expenditure, no matter how small, is worth it!

The above is real life exercise as opposed to working out at the gym lifting weights, the treadmill, the stationary bike, exercise classes not that the gym is's just the more you can incorporate exercise that's "real" the more exercise you get without even thinking about it and any exercise is really good for your health!

I have way too many sitting hobbies that I enjoy, such as reading, researching, crafting, knitting, piano, guitar, flute, cooking, computer, TV (I watch almost all educational TV) , driving, painting, scrapbooking, card-making, candle making, and much more...

Driving in the car is done way too much in all of our lives, try to walk or bike to your destination if possible.

I do love biking especially to see new sights, so even though I pack my bike in my van sometimes,  in order to drive my car to a new location, it still gets me an exciting and new scenery bike ride. Try to find what you love...

Think about what you enjoyed as a kid or what have you always wanted to try? Soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, ice skating, roller skating, photography, swimming, hiking, farming, a adventurous vacation, rock climbing etc. The sky's the limit.

September 27, 2012

Magnesium Grocery List from Doctor Oz

We all need magnesium for healthy body function. It can also lessen muscle/nerve pain and help with alleviating constipation. Here is a list of foods to buy and consume for adding magnesium to your diet. Skip the wheat bread if gluten free. I posted a list I like even better than Dr. Oz's list below. World's Healthiest and Magnesium Rich

September 21, 2012

Liver and Gall Bladder Issues and Celiac Disease

                                            Photo by Carly K (that is MY hand though!)

Have I convinced you yet? Sign up for this doctor's/organization's e-newsletter. You get so much great information!

September 19, 2012

September 13, 2012

How to avoid getting "glutened" by Gluten Free Society

                                          Made by and photo by Carly K.

Please sign up for Gluten Free Society's newsletters. They are VERY informative! This one is how to stay safe from gluten cross contamination especially while travelling. Click below to get the information!

September 12, 2012

What does David Wolfe, raw food guru, eat?

Photo by Carly K.
Say and think what you want about David Wolfe, but he is a health researcher extraordinaire. He does the research for his own health and shares it with others...same thing I'm trying to do! What does he eat? Listen to the interview on the link below...

September 7, 2012

Gluten and Calcium Deficiency (and osteoporosis)

                                                                Photo by Carly K.

Gluten and Calcium Deficiency (and osteoporosis) from the Gluten Free Society for the information click the link below.

 Always check for Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, AND Osteporosis when you have Celiac Disease and/or gluten sensitivity. If you can, the best thing is to check ALL of your vitamin/mineral levels. Spectrum Labs and Metametrix both have tests to do so. When you have digestive issues, nutrients just aren't absorbed through the intestines properly and consequently deficiencies arise!

September 6, 2012

Seizures HAVE a cause!

Just wanted to remind people that seizures can be, and often are, part of another health issue. Find the root cause and you may be able to lessen the seizures or halt them completely. I found out that both Lupus and Celiac Disease have seizures listed as a "symptom". Autism also has seizures listed as a symptom. I tried to search the internet for other diseases that would have seizures in their symptom list and I couldn't find a list like that. If you know any other diseases that can cause seizures please comment below or send me an email at . Thanks for your help!

If you have seizures check into a ketogenic diet. Get tested for Celiac Disease. Try a gluten free diet. Get tested for other food allergies as well, and if any are found avoid those foods as well. I have a feeling that just avoiding grains and grain products would help lessen seizures in all people. Isn't it worth a shot of eating just meats/fish/beans and veggies/fruits for a short while and see if you get better/lessen or eliminate seizures....

I did have a grand mal seizure just before my Lupus diagnosis. Was on medication for 2 years, then the doctors weaned me off. Then doctors ran tests and said that the cause of the seizure was of unknown origen...but then later on, I was the one that found out I had Lupus AND gluten intolerance issues (Celiac Disease?) and most likely THAT was the "cause" of my seizure of "unknown cause".

I have never had another seizure....

September 4, 2012

Settling in at our new home...and Healthy Back to School Tips

                                             Kylie and Woody photo by Carly K.

Thanks for your patience as we settled into our new home. Thought I could keep up with a quick post a day but it didn't happen often...well, today the kids are back in school and I'm off to a new start.

Here are some Healthy Back to School Tips from Integrative Nutrition. Have a great day!

August 25, 2012

Gluten Is Bad for Us All ! (Every Human)

Photo by Carly K.
A very interesting article that tries to prove that gluten is bad for us all as human beings. Read on and open your mind...I know myself and many others feel better when they avoid gluten! Lupus or NOT!

August 20, 2012

Bug Sprays..Just Say No!

The moral of the story is:  if it kills bugs it's not good for humans either! There are more natural ways to go. Sad to say that it looks like the previous owners of the house we moved to, were fans of Raid and other bug killers.

For gardening a small amount of soap and oil mixed with water sprayed on plants will kill the bugs and not harm the plants...use after rain and whenever you see bugs/eggs on plants.

Lavender is one of the most incredible bug deterrents. Heard recently that lavender will deter bedbugs too.

Garlic is incredible too. We would make a strong garlic "tea" and put it in a sprayer to spray for bugs.

Grow some of the herbs in your garden and it gets even cheaper to make these herbal bug deterrents.

August 15, 2012

Green Up Your Home

One of the things I disagree with is use of the CFL (Compact Florescent Lightbulbs). CFL's have mercury inside and I don't think anyone inventing these bulbs was really thinking about this one...where do CFL's go when they "die" or break? Did you know you are supposed to take them to a recycling collection unit that handles toxic wastes? Did you know that if a CFL breaks in your home you should contact an environmental company that removes mercury. I'll stick to incandescent or LED if you have the money...LED's can be VERY expensive.

The rest of this article looks good and I will incorporate more things into our "new" home (it was built in the 1950's but it is new to us....

August 13, 2012

Got carpet?

                                                                  Photo by Carly K.

If you have carpet in your house, if you can, remove it. Carpet is a toxic soup of chemicals. The carpet chemicals can outgas and we breathe them in...ewww! There are other rug options made from natural materials, such as sisal, wool, silk, jute....etc. Make sure the backings and other "ingredients" are natural and non toxic and "green" as well.

You can recycle carpet. Check for collection and recycling companies in your area. Some companies will remove the carpet from your home and recycle it.... for a large price tag of course. If you remove it personally, make sure that if you would like to recycle the carpet,  you ask the company what size you will need to cut it and roll it into for collection.

Some natural rug companies:

Carpet Recyling (keeps rug out of landfills and they can recycle it into other products too)

July 31, 2012

Lupus Hope Will have a Short Glitch and then We'll be Back

We'll be moving this weekend...then hopefully by next week/weekend I'll do more posts. Can't wait to get back to "juicy" posts. Full of fresh and new researched healing information! I may try to sneak in a couple of posts between now and when my internet gets disconnected....

Fruits and Veggies and the nutrients within...

Skip the wheat if allergic/intolerant or a Celiac...

from Jay Kordich

July 24, 2012

Has Montel Williams Found the Fountain of Youth?.. today on the Dr. Oz show

                                                              Photo by Carly K.

Click on the link below to see the full episode. It is also on the Dr. Oz show today,
Tuesday July 24th, 2012.

July 20, 2012

Fred Pescatore MD (Holistic)

Photo by Carly K.

Fred Pescatore MD is located in Manhattan NY.

He has a very informative e-newsletter. Here is the link to his website. Please join!

He's also on FaceBook. Quick and easy healthy and holistic tips.!/DrFredPescatore

July 13, 2012

We Will Be Moving Soon...

We're just about coming into the home stretch of moving into our next home. Please be patient with me...I'm just sooo busy right now. Once we move I will be sharing many tips on making your home as toxin free as possible for the least money spent. Also how to be as self sufficient as possible and going back to old fashioned living in modern times. I am really looking forward to those posts! My goal is to keep myself and my family (and you all too) as healthy as possible in your home.

Eat Food that Can Go Bad...!/pages/Rawforbeauty/222272341214778

July 10, 2012

Venus Williams announces she's a Raw Vegan

Venus Williams and her decision to be a raw vegan following an autoimmune diagnosis.

Little Nuggets of Wisdom....

Being that I am in the process of moving, and my kids are off for the summer from's way too busy of a time for me lately. I don't have the luxury or the endurance to pack and entertain the kids AND do research for my blog articles right now. One item is going to have to get cut back a wee bit.

 I think what I will try to do on this blog, is give little "nuggets of wisdom"...I find them each day...everywhere I look and I will share them here. I will post them, you can meditate on them if you choose...or research the items for yourself. Hope you enjoy this! Hang on for the ride!

June 30, 2012

Check out Dr. Doni;s views Bug Repellent, Sunsceen and More!

Check out Dr. Doni's Newsletter (Donielle Wilson ND) sign up for yourself!

Dr. Doni on Live Radio This Weekend: 77 WABC - AM 770

Tune in to 770 AM at 7 am on Sunday, July 1st - Click for online listening.
Wow that's early! - Listen later here.

Citronella plant we found at the Port Jefferson Farmer's Market

What to do about Bug Repellent and Sun Screen?

As we get ready to send our precious kids and selves out into the summer sun and outdoors, it's important to find products that protect without being toxic. Read this article online.
Keep in mind that anything that you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body. Chemicals and hormone-disrupting substances in lotions and sprays will be able to get into your blood and throw your immune and endocrine (hormone) systems off track.
To read more about the dangers of bug repellents and pesticides, here is a recent article in the Huff Post Green
Even many "natural" sunscreens contain chemicals and potentially hundreds of undeclared ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and damage healthy cells.
Of course it is important to prevent sunburns and insect bites, so we do need good solutions for summertime play.
Simple Strategies for Fun in the Sun:
1. Wear a hat, shirt, loose pants, and/or sunglasses.
2. Keep your "time in the sun" to under 15 minutes at a time, and early or late in the day.
3. Use plants that are natural bug repellents (Citronella).
4. Check for ticks after spending time outdoors.
My tips for finding products you can trust:
  1. Avoid the ingredients listed at including parabens, chemical sunscreens (oxybenzone, benzophenone-3, and octyl methoxycinnamate), synthetic fragrance and propylene glycol.
  2. Choose sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Here is a great example by Caribbean Solutions.
  3. Look for bug repellents that are chemical-free. I found a couple options that I'm excited to try: garlic-based product for yard and Buzz Away Extreme repellent
I'd love to hear of products that you find and recommend.
Have a wonderful time this summer knowing you are protected from the sun, insects and the products you use.
Warmest regards,

Dr. Doni is on the Board of Advisors for Easy Eats Magazine
Dr. Doni

What is Dr. Doni eating on the 4th of July?

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