August 13, 2012

Got carpet?

                                                                  Photo by Carly K.

If you have carpet in your house, if you can, remove it. Carpet is a toxic soup of chemicals. The carpet chemicals can outgas and we breathe them in...ewww! There are other rug options made from natural materials, such as sisal, wool, silk, jute....etc. Make sure the backings and other "ingredients" are natural and non toxic and "green" as well.

You can recycle carpet. Check for collection and recycling companies in your area. Some companies will remove the carpet from your home and recycle it.... for a large price tag of course. If you remove it personally, make sure that if you would like to recycle the carpet,  you ask the company what size you will need to cut it and roll it into for collection.

Some natural rug companies:

Carpet Recyling (keeps rug out of landfills and they can recycle it into other products too)

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