April 26, 2013

The Immune Program recommended by Mark Hyman MD

Please check out The Immune Program recommended by Mark Hyman MD for all sufferers of autoimmune diseases...can you say Lupus?....


April 24, 2013

Coumadin and Leafy Greens/Green Smoothies Do not Mix Well

If you are on Coumadin or any other pharmaceutical blood thinner (Warfarin or other) DO NOT suddenly try green smoothies. ALSO NEVER stop taking blood thinners without a doctor's knowledge and agreement that it is relatively safe and only under medical supervision.

If you are on blood thinners the Vitamin K in the green leafy veggies will counteract/work against the coumadin. The best world is to have the same approximate amount of leafy greens a day.

There are also foods not to eat/over indulge in because of bleeding risk as well.

This is one reason I am glad I have not had to take blood thinners.

Green leafy veggies are the health food power houses for your body, for healthy blood vessels and bones.

Coumadin/Warfarin Diets




Foods high in salicylates/blood thinning capability


April 16, 2013

Foods to Eat for Sun Protection from the Inside Out

I have heard that the foods you eat can help your body thwart more of the UV rays it may be exposed to, (remember flourescent bulbs indoors produce UV rays too!) . Here are 2 great articles on the subject. Eat your watermelon and tomatoes (if  tolerated) and any other high lycopene foods for natural sun protection from the inside, out!

***MAKE SURE that you cover up with UV rated clothes/hats or use sun screen if you have Lupus, don't rely ONLY on foods you eat for sun protection***



Sunscreen or Not?- It's that time of the year again! -A repost

This festival is coming up again this weekend 2013...this is a repost of sunscreen info. Please read.

Went to a festival at an organic farm this past weekend and the sun "surprised" me I asked my husband to get my umbrella from the car even though I had a hat, my arms were bare...

Today it is 58 degrees in NY...chilly and cloudy....
This is the time we should all be careful about the sun, springtime. Most people with Lupus have sun sensitivity. I, myself, can feel achey and feverish and extremely tired after sun exposure. I can even end up getting Discoid Lupus sores.(haven't had them in a long time now)

Even though the weather is not quite hot the spring sun is still VERY strong! Don't be fooled. Now when I say I protect myself, I would rather use clothing, hats, umbrellas and good old tree shade. Most times I go out in the early morning or the early evening. The sun is the hottest/strongest between 10:00am -3:00 pm so stay in at those times or protect yourself very well!

There are so many toxic chemicals in sunscreens be VERY cautious of what you put on your skin!
Please read my past posts, linked below, there are also some great articles from others as well.




April 12, 2013

More people that were helped by a diet change and their blogs/contacts...and a list of doctors that believe in nutrition and holistic healing


Some people I know/have met, for folks to get in touch with to help you on your healing journey. Will add a couple more, so check back!

People Who Feel Better With a Diet and Lifestyle Change (have or have had Lupus)

www.lupusgirlgoesraw.com  (she let her blog expire but her name is Lisa LaMendola- Google her)

http://www.inspire4health.com/   http://www.margaret-romero.com/   Margaret Romero NP-C

www.lupushopehealingplan.blogspot.com (Me - Toni Kaste NC)

http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Stacey_Becker  ( Stacey Becker- she has great articles)

www.eaturveggies.com  Elisa Rodriguez RD, LDN

http://lupusandhumor.blogspot.com/ Carla Ulbrich

Met another woman named Karen in Montana (she doesn't have a blog or other information out to contact her- sorry)

Just found this story- above-- I haven't met Gina Yashere....but interesting article...

Doctors Who Can Help (These are holistic doctors that believe in food allergies,intolerances, diet change, getting rid of heavy metals, de-toxing and lifestyle changes such as stress reduction)

http://drhyman.com/ Mark Hyman MD

http://www.drfuhrman.com/ Joel Fuhrman MD

http://fredpescatore.com/drpescatore Fred Pescatore MD

http://web.me.com/stevenenninger/SteveNenninger/Home.html Steve Nenninger ND

April 11, 2013

Books to Read on Healing Lupus - All Holistic

                                           Photo and creature by Carly Kaste

Please read, read, read ! Knowledge is power. These books are some of the tools that I found my healing information that I post on my blog. There is NEVER one way to heal!