June 29, 2011

Canola Oil : Just say NO!

A person in my raw food class recently asked about canola oil. I didn't have a lot of time to explain all the intricasies of why not to use this product but 2 things came to mind immediately. There is no such thing as a "Canola" so why is it called canola oil? There is olive oil , sesame seed oil, avocado oil...canola is made from a rape seed plant. Why don't they call it rape seed oil? (by the way VERY different from grapeseed oil which is fine to use). Why don't they call it rape seed oil because the rape seed plant is toxic! Even bugs won't eat it, and the number of processes that it has to go through to become canola oil is horrible. You don't want to eat it. Read on with Mike Adams' article...

PS I think any oil would kill bugs...but they use canola and soy bean because they're the cheapest. A holistic remedy that worked for my cats was put olive oil in their ears for mites. It worked too...killed the mites! I still won't eat canola oil or soy bean oil ( they can be GMO too--- another problem)

http://www.naturalnews.com/032853_canola_oil_pesticides.html article

http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=AEE77E1636E97778AB05E6F31D6B1C27 video

June 27, 2011

Cass Ingram on Wild Oregano Oil


***In this video they talk about oregano "juice", not oil. Oil is much stronger and you only need to take  1-3 drops of the oregano oil*****

Cytomegalo Virus and Other Viruses and Double Stranded DNA

Many people with Lupus have Double Stranded DNA Antibodies.... my thoughts keep going toward a connection to Cytomegalo Virus and other viruses that have double stranded DNA as well.

 Could  the bodies" immune system with Lupus "get confused" if it has cytomegalo virus or another double stranded dna virus, and fight the virus(double stranded DNA) and then mistake the  rest of our bodies DNA for a virus as well??? Read on for more info...I'm still researching this one....



http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1065341/ anti double stranded dna antibodies


http://www.cambridgebiologists.org/hiv/pdf/1_virus_lifecycles_plus_exercises.pdf double stranded dna virus life cycle

What Skin Care Products are Safer and Greener?

I asked a question of Ann Marie Gianni on the best shampoo, she hasn't created one yet for her line, (sad face) but her staff pointed me to this site. Just thought I'd pass it on! Remember that whatever you put on your skin and scalp is absorbed into your body so choose products wisely!

http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/  Body Care Products Ratings

http://www.annmariegianni.com/ Ann Marie's Skin Care

June 26, 2011

Read the Labels on Sunscreen!

Me doing my "Michael Jackson" as my kids call it
Michael Jackson was always famous about carrying an umbrella to shade himself.(heard after he passed that he may have had Lupus and  definitely had Vitiligo)
I don't always go to this extreme, but this day I really wanted to see a sandcastle contest at 11:00am-12:00 pm and the sun is VERY strong at that time, and Lupus makes me very sun sensitive. I get extremely tired and achy and feel feverish from a short time in the sun uncovered, this can last up to 24 hours after exposure I also get discoid Lupus sores on my face and scalp if I go out uncovered. See below for more suggestions.

Should you use sunscreen? If you have Lupus there is a very high chance you are sun sensitive and that being in the sun for even a few minutes can cause a Lupus flare and/or cutaneous lupus sores to appear.

I have shied away from sunscreens because I read the labels. What do I do for sun protection?
I eat foods that supply natural protection. I stay out of the sun between 10am and 3-4 pm. And I use UV safe clothes to protect my skin (long sleeve shirts/pants and hats). I very rarely go out in the sun in the middle of the day...one day however I so wanted to see a sandcastle contest and I carried a personal umbrella had sunglasses a hat and a long sleeved shirt for protection AND I didn't stay too long took a look at all the "castles" took pictures and  left promptly. I will try to find the pictures my daughter took that day to post above asap.

Here is an article from Mike Adams on the dangers of sunscreen.


http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/robyn-recommendations/sunscreen/ sunscreen recommendations from Green Smoothie Girl

June 24, 2011

Weeds in Your Garden? Skip the "Roundup" Weed Killer

Don't use Roundup. Pull the weeds the old fashioned way or use a weed wacker. Roundup is found to cause birth defects!


Adding Extra Protein to Your Salads

I've been eating more salads since it's been warmer here in NY. Sometimes I just am extra hungry and want an extra hit of protein in my salads. Here are some ideas for raw foods and cooked foods to add to salads for extra protein.

Raw Foods

Nut pate
Flax crackers/flax seeds
Raw hummus
Sprouted beans/seeds
Raw nut butters (nut butter dressing)
sunflower or pumpkin or other seeds

Cooked Foods

Fish - salmon or sardines or other low toxin fish
Cooked beans (marinate them for extra flavor)
Re-fried beans/(taco salad add salsa/guacamole/refied beans and corn or raw or regular corn chips)
Also all those listed in the raw section above

June 23, 2011

My daughter's is doing better!

A quick update...My daughter is finally springing back, it must've just been the most awful cold/virus ever!

She was in bed and not getting up for 5 days with a fever for 3 of those days, strep was ruled out, mono was ruled out and thank goodness she is getting back to normal has a lot of mucus in her head/nose, but she is up and saying she's bored YEAH! (Well yeah and boo- now I get to keep her busy for the summer...)

She took her 3 regents tests with the help of the principal ....he had her take one test at our home and the other 2 at school. Glad everything worked out in the end.

Oh My Gosh They "Got To" Andrew Weil - HFCS article!

Dr. Andrew Weil got "bought"? Bribed? In this article Dr. Weil says that  High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Sugar are processed the same by the body? That they are equally as detrimental to your health? I have been researching this and I know Dr. Weil does not support GMO foods. Well HFCS is made with genetically modified corn (Genetically Modified Organism GMO)...but there is lots more to the story! HFCS is also much more toxic to the liver. Forgive me but in this article Andrew Weil is "going soft" on his war against HFCS. HFCS is cheap because it's junk!

HFCS and liver damage

Real Raw sugar is from nature HFCS is man made chemical crud. Should we eat lots of real raw sugar? No. But it is definitely not in the same catagory as HFCS!


A different story from Andrew Weil in 2008??? 2010???


Interesting info on HFCS

Mercury in HFCS

Causes Weight Gain

Most of the world's corn is now GMO and that is what is used to make HFCS. The farmer's get subsidies to grow GMO corn that has a gene inside the corn to produce pesticides. This is why GMO corn is cheaper. This corn produces pesticies read the article below and also has a gene to allow it to be sprayed with tons of Round Up and never die, but instead grow like a weed!
Some info on GMO corn



Dangers of Round Up

That is why HFCS is so CHEAP to use!!!!

Here is Mark Hyman on the subject (hope he doesn't get fined or hurt for speaking his mind- I applaud him for STILL speaking the truth!!!)


June 22, 2011

Lifestyle Choices Can Affect Your Health Too, It's Not Just All About What You Eat!

I submitted "General Health Tips for Everyone" (click the link below) for my extra credit assignment included in my Nutrition Consultant course. Check it out and follow the plan as much as you can it will help you to be healthier! What you eat is VERY important but what you do (exercise, being passionate about your job, enjoying life, etc,), and what you think (positive, instead of negative thoughts) and
your  beliefs (do you believe Lupus can be reversed?, do you believe you can accomplish anything and do you have great self esteem?) matter too.

General Health Tips for Everyone

Also visit the rest of my Lupus Hope Healing Plan Blog it has just the facts of my new and old symptoms, how I was diagnosed, and tells what I have done and what I would try in the future to try to heal my Lupus, click on the link below

Lupus Hope Healing Plan

June 21, 2011

STRESS: How much do you have, and how do you handle it?

Read on for stress testing and dealing with stress, but first here's my life  in a nutshell lately...

The doctor says my daughter has either strep throat, mononucleosis or the most horrible cold ever...waiting on tests to come back for strep then in a week if she isn't better we'll do the mono test, I don't know why they hold off on that? I asked 2 doctors (Sunday took my daughter to a walk in clinic then yesterday went to her regular doctor) to do the mono test right away and they both said to wait...I don't get it....she has 3 New York State Regents tests this week and I don't know if she'll be able to take them....we thought maybe they'd be given again in August but now if she doesn't take them she will have to wait til next June??? I have to talk to her counsellor.....doctors, counsellors, caretaking of bedridden child, seeing her sick and suffering and sad everyday and not her springing back as usual, talk about stress for me.

On top of that I'm still fighting with my husband and having a poor relationship and now we've stopped marriage counselling because we can't afford it, not that it was helping much.... : (

Oh there's lots more stress going on here too but I won't keep complaining.... those things are the top stressors...

Well, the topic I had written down for today is stress and relationships and health, I need this info too!
Stress can make you sick, also you can decide how you react to the stresses in your life.

http://www.tescodiets.com/diet-tools/calculate-your-stress-level/24030/ Calculate your stress

http://www.depressioncenter.org/MDOCC/pdf/SM%20Activity-Stress%20Management.pdf  How to deal with stress

June 17, 2011

Is it OK to Crave Sweets? Yes...and No....

We all want sweet foods.... humans are in fact programmed from birth to like the sweet taste.

Does that mean we should eat donuts, cupcakes and candy all the time? NO!

 Japanese foods, Thai foods, and some raw foods, macrobiotic foods and lots of chefs know the secret of satisfying taste buds.

You need to learn about the 5 tastes and to use and balance them all at once in a meal

Some controversy exists in what are the real five tastes here are some contenders...

Sweet, salty, bitter, sour, pungent , spicy ( also umami???) that's 7 tastes???


Fat and sweet, or fat and salty together can create satisfying food tastes as well.

Examples of ingredients to add for the five flavors in raw foods:

Sweet Flavors - dates, raisins, stevia powder or leaf, fresh or frozen or dried fruits, sun dried tomato, palm or date sugar, raw honey, agave (if used), carrots, red bell peppers, coconut

Sour Flavor - lemon. lime, orange, grapefruit, juice and zest, plum

Spicy Flavor - garlic, onion, jalapeno, red hot pepper, cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, onion

Salty Flavor - celery, fresh or dried tomato, seaweeds, sea salt

Bitter - raw cacao, dandelion greens, frisee lettuce, endive, citrus pith (cooked foods coffee, bitter melon)


5 Flavors in Thai food

Some of the ingredients used to achieve these 5 tastes can be:

Sweet - cane or coconut palm sugar

Sour - lime, tamarind, raw mango, sour pineapple or other sour fruits

Salty - sea salt or fish sauce

Bitter - bitter melon (ma-rah) or raw leaves from various plants and trees (either wild or cultivated)

Hot - chili peppers, fresh or dried; peppercorns, fresh (not available in the USA), pickled or dried

Any five of these flavors can occur in any one dish - a dish can be predominantly one or an artful blend of all five. For example, sweetened tamarind juice is served as a beverage over ice and seasoned with a pinch of salt- it is sweet, sour and salty - aroy (delicious)!

So if making a raw spaghetti sauce you could add

Fresh tomatoes and sea salt- salty
Dates and or sundried tomatoes - sweet
Lemon juice - sour
red pepper and garlic - spicy
touch of Bragg's Aminos (soy) - umami
olive oil - fat

Blend up and enjoy over zucchini "noodles". This would end up being very satsifying because of the 5 tastes  all being met.

*** NOTE  if you crave super sweet or any other foods uncontrollably,  for example you couldn't imagine  going without those foods for a day or 2 or 3 (ice cream, cheese, chocolate candy, bread pasta etc.) check for food allergies. Often we crave what we are allergic to. Research it yourself if you'd like, allergists and immunologists often ask their patients what are your favorite foods,  foods you can't live without? Then the allergists/immunologists tell those patients to take those foods out of their diet for a kind of elimination diet to see if they feel better without those foods.Most often those foods are the allergy/sensitivity culprits***


June 16, 2011

Is it Possible to Make A GFCFEF "Funny Bone"?

OK I admit I have a baking "devil" in my head at times.

I can and have made gluten free, casein/dairy free, egg free "Funny Bones" (we ate them without taking pictures :(  so sad....)

Is this using my cooking powers for good or evil??? They were delicious but they are not really good to eat when trying to heal Lupus or anything else for that matter.

I will post the idea on http://www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com/ the actual recipe will be posted asap.

The baking "devil" has gotten me to gain a few more pounds than I'd  like right now and with a family it is so hard to go back to a raw food diet with everyone eating yummies like coffee cakes, muffins, baked ziti, mexican lasagna.

I was doing so well with my weight and keeping it off then the end of winter got me...also the new cookbook "Babycakes Covers the Classics" she has recipes for GFCGEF donuts and waffles and much more !

Oh no am I going over to the dark side???

I still juice and eat lots of salads and veggies and fruits but I am sad at the semi "junk foods" I am including....

Please say a prayer for me! I need to reboot and get out of a semi rut and some bad habits.

June 15, 2011

University of Maryland Study on Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

Found this excerpt in "Outside" magazine, the article was titled "Are You Too Sensitive?"
The University of Maryland Study link is posted below

"A study published in March by the University of Maryland's Center fior Celiac Research suggests that approximately 20 million people who don't test positively for celiac disease or it's less potent cousin wheat allergy (which affects roughtly 500,000 people), suffer from gluten sensitivty. Symptoms can range from fatigue to depression to joint and abdominal pain."

The magazine published this article in it's July issue, the magazine is an outdoor/athlete magazine and they made the point that if you have issues with gluten and try loading up on pasta for carbs before a run this would ruin your athletic performance instead of helping it. Always get tested for celiac disease before going gluten free the test will not be reliable if you are not presently eating gluten.


June 14, 2011

One of the Best Books Yet on Gluten Issues!

Click Link Below to Look Inside Book

The book is titled "Gluten Toxicity:  The Mysterious Symptoms of Celiac Disease, Dematitis Herpetiformis and Non- Celiac Gluten Intolerance" by Shelly L. Stuart, R.N., B.Sc.N.

THE MOST informative book so far! I couldn't believe some of the links to diseases, disorders and just plain health issues that are described in this book. A definite MUST read.

Read some of the books on gluten and digestion, like this one (there are many others as well) and you will see the connection of how gluten (and other food intolerances/allergies) can wreak havoc in your body and cause many of your Lupus symptoms.

Want to read more books on the subject? Check

June 13, 2011

Poll Results: Would You Change Your Diet to Lessen Lupus or other Disease Symptoms?

There were 10 votes on this poll.

If you could definitely be healthier and feel better (and possibly leave diseases and health problems behind) how likely would you be to change to a healthier diet, including giving up some favorite foods?

a) maybe would change  0   0%

b) very likely to change  10  100%

c) never would change  0   0%

Poll Results: Do You Believe that Changing Your Diet Can Lessen Joint Pains and More?

This poll had 18 votes. I am sure glad 18 of you answered favorably...but I apologize, I forgot to put a choice for those of you to vote, that think that changing your diet wouldn't help any symptoms...oops! my mistake....

Do you believe that changing your diet, by taking out foods that you are sensitive/intolerant /allergic to could reduce your

a) joint pains   18   100%

b) sinus pain/issues   14   77%

c) headaches/migraines   14   77%

d) brain fog   15   83%

Is There a Dietary Change in Your Future?

Enjoy the re-post/quiz!

A Dietary Change in your future???

I teach healthy eating, nutrition and health classes, this is a test I thought of to give my students...if you want to take it...go ahead...it would shed light on your most difficult obstacles. Good Luck!

Also look up Wayne Dyer's book "Excuses be Gone" he has a TV program that is a seminar about the book on PBS in the past. I watched it and it was great...we all have excuses not to make a change for the better and Wayne Dyer shows us how silly all of our "excuses" are....

1) If you could definitely be healthier and feel better (and even possibly leave diseases/health problems behind) how likely would you be to change to a healthier diet?

least likely 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 most likely

2)If you answered least likely or undecided(middle of the road) what are your biggest obstacles:

a) You feel that you deserve your favorite unhealthy foods as a "reward" because you are sick or in pain.

b) Too costly to buy healthy food

c) Too time consuming to make healthy foods
d) You are "addicted" to your unhealthy foods and just can't do it!

e) Would be too difficult for your family because everyone would have to have different dinners/meals

f) Don't know where to shop for healthy foods

g) No support to stay on your eating plan

h) Don't have healthy recipes

i) Too hard to go out to eat, or, too hard to go to a friend's house/party to eat

3) Why wouldn't you try Alternative Medicine/Holistic Medicine

a) Had a bad personal experience with it
b) A friend told you of a bad experience

c) Just don't trust "those" kind of doctors

d) Trust my real medications more

e) Want immediate relief from real medications

June 10, 2011

A Nugget of Wisdom on Food and Energy

Little nugget of wisdom for today...

If you put the energy into your food, your food will put energy back into you!

I know sometimes you are too tired to cook/prepare...me too...but if you put the time in and prepare and enjoy those healthier foods you BUILD your energy and you WILL have more energy next time to cook/prepare or do anything else you want to in life. Too tired?... grab an organic apple and chew, grab a carrot and chew, grab a tub o organic raspberries/strawberries and eat up. How much energy would this really cost you? a trip to the store? (better yet have them at home ready for snacking).

If you are really sick or in a place where you really can't get out of bed...please have a friend or family member cook/prepare for you (make sure it is raw foods or macrobiotic foods, salads, soups, smoothies, juices, real HOMEMADE foods with lots of added LOVE inside to nourish you.)

If you can afford to, buy a salad from a salad bar, get a prepared fruit salad...think about the other expensive items you buy that are no good for you: gourmet chocolate, gourmet ice cream, gourmet cookies, lattes  etc. take that money and spend it at the salad bar or your local health food store or at your local farmer's market.

You and your body are WORTH  healthy foods, you may not know what your purpose on this earth is right now...but believe me there is a purpose for you and when it becomes aware to you what you should be doing, you want to be strong and healthy to accomplish your dreams,passion, and goals.

June 9, 2011

Natural and Artificial Flavorings on Ingredient Labels..DON"T BUY!


If these flavors were so "natural" it would list pomegranate extract/concentrate,as above in the ingredients and it would list the actual names of the "fruit" flavors...

The link below is an excerpt from a book "Why Do McDonald's French Fries Smell So Good" is just creepy, I found it while doing my college nutrition course work on "can you tell healthy foods by their smell?"

Well it looks like they work REAL hard to get the super unhealthy foods to smell good to us too...and what are the chemists working in the labs really putting in these processed foods....natural flavors my rearend! If you see natural OR artificial flavorings run the other way Do Not Buy!

Watch out for the seemingly healthy items in the organic aisle or your local health food store too : (

Click the link to read on.....SCARY!

http://www.rense.com/general7/whyy.htm  Why Do McDonald's French Fries Smell So Good?

Read this person's post on Natural Flavors if they're so natural why don't they just say a natural food ingredient like almond extract or orange peel?

http://www.effortlesseating.com/2010/02/how-natural-are-natural-flavors/ How Natural are Natural Flavors?

http://nutrition.mcdonalds.com/nutritionexchange/ingredientslist.pdf  McDonald's ingredient list for the nitty gritty click on the link and scroll down  a bit to see all the "chemicals" in the buns, beef patties, french fries, shakes, salad dressings, sauces, etc.

June 8, 2011

Cold/Winter and Lupus/Raynauds


I know I know this is a REALLY weird day to talk about winter...it's supposed to be 95 degrees here in NY today...but something has been on my mind and I need to figure out if I want to spend another cold winter here in NY...if I want to move I need to plan NOW!

I decided to write this post because I really have seemed to dislike the winters in NY the past few years. Actually the dislike has turned to dread/uneasiness and even fear/hatred. It is a strange gut feeling that winter is just not "good" for me. Does this have anything to do with Lupus? Hashimoto's? I'm not sure....
Does it have to do with Seasonal  Affective Disorder or lack of Vitamin D from the sun? Getting out of the house less? Too much snow and cabin fever/feeling trapped in the house?
http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/natural-medicine/home-remedies/home-remedies-for-seasonal-affective-disorder.htm Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

At one point in my life I did try living in an extremely warm and humid climate (the Houston TX area), but it seemed to bother me as well...maybe the humidity???

I had seen something in Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for Lupus a long while ago, that said although Lupus patients are usually fraught with rashes/inflammation and sores many think it is a "hot" disease when in fact in Chinese Medicine it is considered a "cold" disease. It is also a damp disease. So the herbs to treat Lupus would be the cold and damp herbs, this should balance the body to not run so cold and damp and run on an even in between keel. What if a person lived in a hot, dry climate like Arizona, would that also help the disease heal/ the body to balance? In other words would more cold and dampness in the way of weather bother the Lupus patient's body/symptoms even more? Just curiosity....

I also heard Jamie Oliver recently say that in the winter 3x more people die! I was thinking is that true? What's up with that? See the link below on Can Winter Be Bad for Your Health?

Also can the climate you live in affect your disease? Just something I was pondering...I know I really think summer is better for raw cooling foods and winter is better for warming cooked foods this is kind of common sense. Can you eat raw foods in the winter? Sure, but use your blender and make slightly warm soups ( 105-110 degress). Use your dehydrator and make enchiladas, pizzas and such.

For Raynaud's I would think common sense would tell us thin the blood, clean the blood, and make sure all organs have support that produce and clean and tonify the blood and then relax the blood vessels why are they spasming?...see the link below on Chinese Medicine Advice for Raynaud's Relief. Please ask your doctor before you try anything new on your own.... but also remember if your doctor doesn't want you to try something that feels right to you, find a doctor that really listens and really has a proven track record with alternative treatments.

PS- If I had listened to my Rheumatolgist I would have never changed my diet and by changing my diet felt incredibly better! My Rheumy said to my face "Changing your diet won't help your Lupus, you can eat whatever you like" I am sure glad I didn't listen to her and listened to my Holistic Chiropractor/Nutritionist instead!!!!!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8442413.stm  Can Winter be Bad for Your Health?

http://www.itmonline.org/journal/arts/raynauds.htm Chinese Medicine Advice for Raynaud's Relief

June 7, 2011

A Mom With a Failure to Thrive Diagnosis for Their Child (Hint Food Allergies!)

Just a note to say my Raw Food Class went awesomely last night! Thanks to all who wished me well!
Here is a very cool video from Green Smoothie Girl and a mom who changed her child's diet after the child was diagnosed with failure to thrive. Check for food allergies in children who fail to thrive.
*****PS Also check for Celiac Disease in cases of failure to thrive!******

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMiwGx3bZKE Video Link (sorry couldn't get the embed code right to post video)
http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/blog/2011/06/06/ashley-and-hazel-an-inspiring-story/ blog

June 6, 2011

Bear With Me One More Day...

Bear with we one more day...I should be back to regular postings again soon. I went camping in Montauk Thursday, came home for one of my kids to go to a party, shuttling back and forth.... thought my daughter had a regents review class but she decided not to go...So angry that I forgot my camera as the campground in Montauk was one of the prettiest EVER! I'm definitely going back again! Then my mom in law was in town visiting, and that threw things off a little and I have been getting ready for my Raw Foods Class tonight. Lots of preparation!

Here is a little nugget of wisdom that I will share with my raw foods class participants tonight.

****A Raw Foods Diet is a kind of natural "elimination diet" because it takes out the dairy, eggs, bread, meat, processed foods in boxes and other foods that can be an issue. At first on a raw foods diet, you may get a few days to a week of "withdrawal" (headaches/aches and pains/tiredness) but then there is a great chance that you will feel better than ever because you eliminated foods you are intolerant/sensitive to.****

(My advice, as always, if you change your diet have regular bloodtests done to make sure you are getting all your nutrients. great to do a baseline test before you switch diets as well..A Cardio Ion blood panel by Metametrix tests for nutrients as well as CBC and other blood test info.)

June 1, 2011

ElectroSensitivities and In the News...Cell Phones May Cause Cancer

Cell Phones and EMF's Video from Renegade Health

I had already been working on this blog post before the news hit yesterday that the World Health Organization (WHO) said that cell phones may cause cancer.

I had been lucky enough to go to a lecture about EMF's and Grounding by Stephen Sinatra MD about a month ago, and his advice was, if you use a cell phone at least keep it away from your body (not in your pocket---constantly on) turn it off more often and NEVER place it up to your ear...use texting functions or the speaker phone option so you can use it like a walkie talkie. I know lots of you are addicted to your cell phones...please put them down...they should be used for emergencies (your car breaks down, you are lost, etc) only or your or your children's/family's safety when they are apart from us. I am happy to say in this instance I never got into talking a lot on the phone and I definitely don't use my cell phone very often at all.
Grounding or Earthing (can help with lessening or eliminating the body's reaction to EMF's  http://www.earthinginstitute.net/

While I am on this subject Stephen Sinatra MD also said that Cordless phones at home and businesses are even worse than cell phones for emitting harmful EMF's and his advice to the group at the lecture was to go home throw your cordless phone out and get a corded phone...which we promptly did here at our home. You can test EMF's with an EMF smog detector like in the video from Renegade Health above.

Here is a link to Stephen Sinatra MD's site and a video of him talking about EMF /WIFI dangers.

http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs193/en/ World Health Organization (WHO) saying they will study EMF's by 2012

World Health Finds Cell Phones May Cause Cancer http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/05/31/who.cell.phones/

Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD and others believe that EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) negatively affect your health. I saw Dr Sinatra give a lecture on this subject at Gurney's Inn in Montauk NY. Dr. Sinatra's son almost died from what he believes was EMF "poisoning".

http://www.electrosensitivity.org/ Video

http://www.electrosensitivity.org/symptoms.htm#Symptoms Symptoms

http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/ Orgonite EMF protecting pendants? Do these work? I need to research more.