June 15, 2011

University of Maryland Study on Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

Found this excerpt in "Outside" magazine, the article was titled "Are You Too Sensitive?"
The University of Maryland Study link is posted below

"A study published in March by the University of Maryland's Center fior Celiac Research suggests that approximately 20 million people who don't test positively for celiac disease or it's less potent cousin wheat allergy (which affects roughtly 500,000 people), suffer from gluten sensitivty. Symptoms can range from fatigue to depression to joint and abdominal pain."

The magazine published this article in it's July issue, the magazine is an outdoor/athlete magazine and they made the point that if you have issues with gluten and try loading up on pasta for carbs before a run this would ruin your athletic performance instead of helping it. Always get tested for celiac disease before going gluten free the test will not be reliable if you are not presently eating gluten.



  1. I just read the same Outside Magazine article and published a post on my site. I don't have Lupus or Celiac but have had ongoing inflamed joints over the last 4-5 years. Have been experimenting with food as medicine and have been making great progress.
    "knowledge is Power" for sure. What I have learned on this journey is that we must become our own expert.

  2. Hi Kat,

    I am so happy to hear of your success. Keep on experimenting and feel better! I heard a great one lately "knowledge is not power it is the implementing of that knowledge that creates power" LOVE IT!