June 6, 2011

Bear With Me One More Day...

Bear with we one more day...I should be back to regular postings again soon. I went camping in Montauk Thursday, came home for one of my kids to go to a party, shuttling back and forth.... thought my daughter had a regents review class but she decided not to go...So angry that I forgot my camera as the campground in Montauk was one of the prettiest EVER! I'm definitely going back again! Then my mom in law was in town visiting, and that threw things off a little and I have been getting ready for my Raw Foods Class tonight. Lots of preparation!

Here is a little nugget of wisdom that I will share with my raw foods class participants tonight.

****A Raw Foods Diet is a kind of natural "elimination diet" because it takes out the dairy, eggs, bread, meat, processed foods in boxes and other foods that can be an issue. At first on a raw foods diet, you may get a few days to a week of "withdrawal" (headaches/aches and pains/tiredness) but then there is a great chance that you will feel better than ever because you eliminated foods you are intolerant/sensitive to.****

(My advice, as always, if you change your diet have regular bloodtests done to make sure you are getting all your nutrients. great to do a baseline test before you switch diets as well..A Cardio Ion blood panel by Metametrix tests for nutrients as well as CBC and other blood test info.)

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