June 22, 2011

Lifestyle Choices Can Affect Your Health Too, It's Not Just All About What You Eat!

I submitted "General Health Tips for Everyone" (click the link below) for my extra credit assignment included in my Nutrition Consultant course. Check it out and follow the plan as much as you can it will help you to be healthier! What you eat is VERY important but what you do (exercise, being passionate about your job, enjoying life, etc,), and what you think (positive, instead of negative thoughts) and
your  beliefs (do you believe Lupus can be reversed?, do you believe you can accomplish anything and do you have great self esteem?) matter too.

General Health Tips for Everyone

Also visit the rest of my Lupus Hope Healing Plan Blog it has just the facts of my new and old symptoms, how I was diagnosed, and tells what I have done and what I would try in the future to try to heal my Lupus, click on the link below

Lupus Hope Healing Plan

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