June 21, 2011

STRESS: How much do you have, and how do you handle it?

Read on for stress testing and dealing with stress, but first here's my life  in a nutshell lately...

The doctor says my daughter has either strep throat, mononucleosis or the most horrible cold ever...waiting on tests to come back for strep then in a week if she isn't better we'll do the mono test, I don't know why they hold off on that? I asked 2 doctors (Sunday took my daughter to a walk in clinic then yesterday went to her regular doctor) to do the mono test right away and they both said to wait...I don't get it....she has 3 New York State Regents tests this week and I don't know if she'll be able to take them....we thought maybe they'd be given again in August but now if she doesn't take them she will have to wait til next June??? I have to talk to her counsellor.....doctors, counsellors, caretaking of bedridden child, seeing her sick and suffering and sad everyday and not her springing back as usual, talk about stress for me.

On top of that I'm still fighting with my husband and having a poor relationship and now we've stopped marriage counselling because we can't afford it, not that it was helping much.... : (

Oh there's lots more stress going on here too but I won't keep complaining.... those things are the top stressors...

Well, the topic I had written down for today is stress and relationships and health, I need this info too!
Stress can make you sick, also you can decide how you react to the stresses in your life.

http://www.tescodiets.com/diet-tools/calculate-your-stress-level/24030/ Calculate your stress

http://www.depressioncenter.org/MDOCC/pdf/SM%20Activity-Stress%20Management.pdf  How to deal with stress

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