June 16, 2011

Is it Possible to Make A GFCFEF "Funny Bone"?

OK I admit I have a baking "devil" in my head at times.

I can and have made gluten free, casein/dairy free, egg free "Funny Bones" (we ate them without taking pictures :(  so sad....)

Is this using my cooking powers for good or evil??? They were delicious but they are not really good to eat when trying to heal Lupus or anything else for that matter.

I will post the idea on http://www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com/ the actual recipe will be posted asap.

The baking "devil" has gotten me to gain a few more pounds than I'd  like right now and with a family it is so hard to go back to a raw food diet with everyone eating yummies like coffee cakes, muffins, baked ziti, mexican lasagna.

I was doing so well with my weight and keeping it off then the end of winter got me...also the new cookbook "Babycakes Covers the Classics" she has recipes for GFCGEF donuts and waffles and much more !

Oh no am I going over to the dark side???

I still juice and eat lots of salads and veggies and fruits but I am sad at the semi "junk foods" I am including....

Please say a prayer for me! I need to reboot and get out of a semi rut and some bad habits.


  1. To my husband tdkaste,

    You KNOW it tastes great too! Silly! Thanks for the pat on the back though!