June 10, 2011

A Nugget of Wisdom on Food and Energy

Little nugget of wisdom for today...

If you put the energy into your food, your food will put energy back into you!

I know sometimes you are too tired to cook/prepare...me too...but if you put the time in and prepare and enjoy those healthier foods you BUILD your energy and you WILL have more energy next time to cook/prepare or do anything else you want to in life. Too tired?... grab an organic apple and chew, grab a carrot and chew, grab a tub o organic raspberries/strawberries and eat up. How much energy would this really cost you? a trip to the store? (better yet have them at home ready for snacking).

If you are really sick or in a place where you really can't get out of bed...please have a friend or family member cook/prepare for you (make sure it is raw foods or macrobiotic foods, salads, soups, smoothies, juices, real HOMEMADE foods with lots of added LOVE inside to nourish you.)

If you can afford to, buy a salad from a salad bar, get a prepared fruit salad...think about the other expensive items you buy that are no good for you: gourmet chocolate, gourmet ice cream, gourmet cookies, lattes  etc. take that money and spend it at the salad bar or your local health food store or at your local farmer's market.

You and your body are WORTH  healthy foods, you may not know what your purpose on this earth is right now...but believe me there is a purpose for you and when it becomes aware to you what you should be doing, you want to be strong and healthy to accomplish your dreams,passion, and goals.

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