March 30, 2012

Natural Air Freshening Ideas

Someone had asked why chemicals in air fresheners are so bad. The short answer is if you are knowingly breathing chemicals "on purpose" it is a BAD idea! There are so many chemicals in life that we can't avoid. Your liver already has enough to do we don't need to knowingly give it more hard work.

Here are some ideas to keep your home smelling fresh and clean and "delicious" naturally...Always pick your own favorite scents...

1) Open your windows as much as possible, in the colder weather turn your heat down and open windows for 1 hour for fresh air to come in then close and turn heat back up to desired temperature. A great thing to do before bed for clean, fresh sleeping air.

2) Cook your favorite smelling foods(skip the bread unless it's gluten free of course) cookies, cake, soup, spaghetti sauce, pot roast, apple pie, apple butter, chili. Whatever you love the smell of.

3) Your favorite smelling dehydrator recipe, dehydrate spicy/cheesy kale chips, strawberries, etc.

4) Your favorite essential oils, (make sure the essential oils are pure oil and not synthetic or have artificial additives) on lamp rings, on the inside of toilet paper rolls, a couple of drops mixed with water in a spray bottle and spray like air freshener,

5) Simmer any of the following on the stove (make sure you watch the water level or put the cooking timer on)
cinnamon sticks/bark
citrus peels

6) Sandalwood blocks place in closets drawers etc. (Cedar is a nice smell too but I heard it aggravates breathing/lungs in people and animals)

7) Natural candles, beeswax smells great, soy candles, (don't do paraffin candles- they're more toxic!) Watch candles or get the flameless variety.

8) Cut flowers, flowering plants, or even air cleaning leafy plants

9) Fresh Eucalyptus

March 26, 2012

I appreciate your comments!

Eastport, Long Island

I appreciate all of your life has been way too busy these days but I promise to answer very shortly!

March 23, 2012

Free Viewing of "Hungry for Change"

Photo by Carly K.

Please take a peak at this! It is a great documentary! (Just remember to supplement your B12 no matter what you eat get tested for deficiencies!) ((and D3 too)) (just finished listening to David Rainoshek's B12 webinar GREAT INFORMATION!)

March 22, 2012

Nerve Damage, Facial Palsy and Gluten Connection Found

My daughter's GF Vegan blueberry pecan muffins - used a Babycakes base recipe

Please subscribe to this newsletter. I have received so much information from this doctor and his research contacts. Having this information really is a gift. It also gives you the knowledge to help others that are struggling with their health! Please pass it on!

March 19, 2012

Life's a Little Busy Again...

Bike shopping over the weekend - my old bike finally broke  :( 

Hi and Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend and St Patty's Day!

Just a quick note to say we've been trying to sell our house and deciding where to move. Life altering things. I have to keep on top of my son's school work...he was slipping a little and not doing homework which was bringing his grades down needlessly...

My daughter was getting frustrated about some "chicken skin" (tiny raised pimples on her arms and legs) and decided to try to add more raw foods in her diet and less boxed treats from the stores (even though we buy organic and gluten free/ vegan, they are still processed foods). I've been pulling out some recipes and trying to make more raw yummies...this takes time as well...

Well, I will be posting soon as I get interesting and helpful health info and have the time. Just letting you all know what's up, since you're used to my regular posts. So I have been a busy bee lately!

March 13, 2012

Ever Feel Like You're Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall?

To beat one's head against the wall and To bang one's head against a brick wall
Fig. to waste one's time trying hard to accomplish something that is completely hopeless. You're wasting your time trying to figure this puzzle out. You're just beating your head against the wall. You're banging your head against a brick wall trying to get that dog to behave properly.
See also: against, beat, head, wall
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

If you try to talk about anything to a person that has a closed mind it will be like you are beating your head against a brick wall.

A person should aim to be an "open minded skeptic" in the words of Andrew Weil MD. In other words you DO NOT have to believe everything you read or hear. But if something intrigues you, research it for yourself from a variety of sources, and then come to your own conclusion.

In religion or lack thereof, if you are trying to convince an Atheist that there is a God or a priest that there is no will feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall.

When I have a client for Dog Training that hires me for my wisdom and doesn't want to listen to my advice even though their way of solving a dog training dilemma is just NOT working...

When teaching that what you eat (including finding out and avoiding your food allergies) can make or break your health. to someone who just wants to eat what they want for example a diabetic who eats lots of cake, cookies and bread because they deserve it...and of course it is killing them slowly...or sometimes quickly  ( it is especially frustrating if it is a relative that has serious health issues and won't listen...)

When I went to my conventional doctor (my rheumy) and I told her I had found a holistic doctor and was going to alter my diet...and she said "Changing your diet will not solve anything, eat what you want" Again, so glad I didn't listen to her! Taking the foods I was allergic intolerant to made a WORLD of difference in how I felt. I feel so much better.

I am tired of banging my head against a brick wall...if someone doesn't want the advice sometimes you need to just walk away and say a prayer or just wish them the best...if they are meant to know information they WILL find it.

March 12, 2012

What Do You Need to Change in Your Life to be Happier?

Me petting some goat friends at Yaphank farm - photo by Carly K.

This is something I struggle with from time to time...I feel I am not living to my true potential or up to my true and complete happiness. I have relationship issues, can't seem to find a job that is a "fit" for me, sometimes am still overly tired (I am still anemic, and I still have a few other deficiencies as well) and sometimes still don't feel as good as I believe I should.

I definitely feel if  my life would just fall into place or I could put it all into place my immune system and my health would soar even higher.

While looking on the internet I found the following blog, if you need help "tweaking" your life click below.

March 7, 2012

Have Lupus? Things You Can Do to Feel Better!

Photo by Carly K.

I find that going back through these lists every now and then helps remind me of things I should be doing or things I should be changing or things that may have slipped my on the link below. Also feel free to comment below or email me at if you'd like to add anything that has helped you feel better!

March 6, 2012

An Interview with Dr. O'Bryan on Gluten, Migraine Headaches and Nerve Damage

Photo by Carly K.

From The Gluten Free Society, more great information. Please listen to the interview, click the first link below.  Celiac Disease blood testing can be wrong and give false negatives (test can say you don't have Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity when you do!) More info on Dr. OBryan more info on Dr. Osborne