November 23, 2011

You or someone you love has Lupus? What next...

I get letters occasionally that ask for specifics of what to do to help someone that has Lupus or has been diagnosed with Lupus. Feel free to contact me. I would love to talk to you or help you in any way that I can.

First thing though...I am NOT a doctor....I am a Nutrition Consultant and a person that has Lupus and a blogger that researches diet and holistic healing with reference to Lupus (and other diseases) ....but I do have some things that I can recommend through my experience and the research and reading that I've done for the past 6 years.

1) Get tested for Celiac Disease through your regular doctor or even better a gastroenterologist.

2) Find a great holistic doctor

3) Get an IgG food allergy test, or an ALCAT test

4) Avoid any food allergens that you are found to have

5) If all the food allergy tests come back negative...I seriously doubt it...try an elimination diet (only try the elimination diet AFTER you are tested for Celiac Disease- though you can try an elimination diet after the Celiac test and before the IgG or ALCAT test)

When you are finished with the above steps, then gradually do as many of the action items on the following 2 links that you can (go slow don't get overwhelmed)

I need to combine these 2 lists into one but I haven't yet....please look at both....

So you have Lupus What do you do next?

General Health Tips for Everyone

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