November 3, 2011

Nuts and Tater Chips

May I offer some helpful advice, and when I say it you may think why didn't I think of that!

Nuts should be bought in a shell, they are fresher that way.  The shell is a nut's natural protective coating. If you take the time to shell and eat each one you will eat a smaller serving of nuts (a serving size is a small handful). On the other hand, it would lots easier to shovel the nuts in your mouth by multiple handfuls if bought in a bag, shelled from grocery store (Also forget the salt! and the roasting,  these take the nuts from being a healthy snack to being an unhealthy snack) a quick bake in the oven at 300 degress for 3-5 minutes will release their aromatic oils and make the nuts taste great.

Also try this recipe for tasty, healthier nuts

"Tater Chips"( Potato chips) should be cooked yourself if you really want them. Imagine if you had to slice each potato very thin (even with a mandoline this takes time) and then fry them in oil til just right. What would your serving size be? OR would you just be too lazy to make them at all...don't buy potato chips in a bag from grocery store. This should be illegal, it is just too tempting to eat more than you should.

That is my 2 cents worth!

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