November 28, 2011

Healing Scriptures

Hope you all had a Happy Thankgiving and a pleasant weekend!

This post is dedicated to Rosa, who fought with me that God makes certain people sick for them to suffer and that for some there is no hope of getting well....this is for her....

God wants you to be well! He will show you how to get well if you will follow His lead. He led me along step by step and He will do the same for anyone else! Read the Healing Scriptures link below.

I definitely feel I got sick for a reason. It was a learning experience. Getting sick helped me learn to be healthier and to help my family, friends and everyone I meet to be healthier as well! I learned:

1) I shouldn't treat my body like garbage and just throw in unhealthy food
2) I need to exercise
3) I need to have healthy relationships/less stress
4) I need to say "No" if I am too tired
5) I need to take time to care for myself first then I will have more to give to others
6) I needed to research how to be and stay well naturally/holistically

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