November 1, 2011

Watch out for GMO corn - buy organic corn!

Our Carved Pumpkins from Yesterday

First off my body doesn't like corn anyway (makes my joints stiffen up- organic or not) and I've heard many others with Lupus don't tolerate corn well either.

Anything with corn in it that doesn't say organic or non GMO, is likely GMO. You may ask, "So? what's the big problem with that?"  The problem is they are splicing pesticide creating genes right into the corn plants. The corn produces it's own GMO pesticide. I know I don't want to eat pesticides! Here is an email from Kelloggs. Click below.

Watch out for GMO corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn chips, corn sugar, breakfast cereals, corn flakes etc. Corn is EVERYWHERE in processed foods. Just don't eat it!

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  1. I Too Was Diagnosed With Lupus A While Back. I Have Since Discovered A Link With Corn, Soy And Gluten In General. Eliminating Foods With These Items And Going Organic And Chemical Free Has Kept Me In Remission For Close To 12 Years Now! I Feel Sooooo Much Better! Why Is It That GMO Food Is Legal Here In The States? And Why Don't They Label It? I Don't Understand.